Friday, June 5, 2015

Finally! A Post…and an Announcement!

It has become increasingly obvious to me, and probably more so to you, that I am not blogging often enough to make it worthwhile for anyone to follow these posts  :(  I am finding it difficult to sit down and work on a blog post when I’m having too much fun :) That doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen frequently  :) Yay!  :)

I have found it easier to just post to Facebook when something interesting/fun is going on. For that reason, I have added a “follow me” button on the upper left column of this blog. If you click on that, you will get my Facebook posts in your news feed. We will not be “friends” but anything I post regarding our travels etc. will hit your news feed. If we are already friends, you need do nothing  :)

I will still try to blog occasionally, but Facebook will become my primary means of communicating our travels. I hope you will understand and join me in our journey by clicking the “follow me” button.

Now, on to the blog post!

The month of April was filled with all things “grandchild”!


We enjoyed our time with the kids. When they were in school or otherwise occupied, we found other things to occupy our time.

We hit a couple wineries/craft distilleries but, the big thing was the Country Music Hall of Fame. Amazing place and I’m not even a Country Music fan :)




We spent several hours there one rainy afternoon before finding our way to Tootsies World Famous Orchid Lounge for an early dinner and a beer.


Tootsies is a Nashville icon having hosted famous Nashville artists such as Faron Young, Patsy Cline, Kris Kristofferson, and Loretta Lynn as well as many, many others.

From the Nashville area, we headed to Defeated Creek COE in Carthage TN. This is one park we will definitely try to return to! Beautiful!

While there, we met new friends Lisa and Tony with sons Tez and Rick.


We had a great time visiting. Tez was home temporarily, recuperating from minor surgery. He is a US Marine and we both thank him very much for his service to our country! Lisa and I had been long time Facebook friends that just met for the first time.

When we left Carthage we headed for the NC mountains. We were headed to the first ever RV-Dreams Reunion Rally in Marion, NC.

RV Dreams Reunion 2015

What a wonderful time we had!

When the rally was over, we headed to Virginia Beach, VA.


It was a perfect spot for some down time and recuperation after the Rally.


We got a bit more recuperation time than we wanted as it rained from the first night we were there throughout our entire stay :)

Oh well. C’est la vie! It’s all an adventure!

We are moving on to Delaware in a couple days. Another new area for us. Please join us by clicking the “follow” button on the left side of this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.Turtle



  1. Facebook is great, wish my folks would join...then I might not blog. I don't mind blogging when we are out traveling but when we are in one place for long lengths just can't find the gumption to write.

    Think the rain has been everywhere, since we left TX we've been dealing with it on and off.

    See you on FB.

  2. Oh dear, I just don't do facebook. Lots of folks are getting hacked there I heard. I'll miss your posts and your comments I guess. Looks like you were at First Landing. So sorry it rained all the time. I lived at the North End of Va Beach just a few blocks from where the Cape Henry trail dumps you out near the beach. It seems like it has done nothing but rain for a couple of weeks except where they need to have it of course. I'm pretty sick of the dreary. So sorry we missed the reunion. I'll bet it was great.

    1. Sherry, the reunion was great! But you had more important matters to tend to than the reunion! It's not everyday your only daughter gets married!
      I'll still try to stop by and catch your blog occasionally. I'm just not as good as you in multi-tasking. I finally had to decide to live life more and blog about it less! Hope you'll occasionally stop by FB too.

  3. Totally understand about the blogging. It takes way more time than I like to spend doing it. But I will post when the spirit moves me.

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails....

  4. Since we workamp so much, therefore sitting for months at a time, it's hard for me to come up with 'fodder' at times too. I certainly understand :) So glad we're FB friends so I know where you guys are!

  5. Glad I finally joined Facebook. Lately I don't seem to have as much time to read blogs and have found it easier to follow everyone on FB.

  6. I can see the place where it says click the button to follow you on Facebook, but there is no button to click on my screen. I moved my mouse all around that area and nothing. Bummer. : (

    Glad you made it an RV-Dreams Rally. We went to our first one in Kerrville, Texas in April 2012. It was a blast!!

    1. Susan, I'm sorry it's not working for you :( Are you on a laptop or a tablet? Or phone?
      Here is the direct link to my FB page:
      You will find a "follow" button at the top. Hope you come along!

  7. Love the idea of Facebook, I'll follow you there. It was great seeing you again at the rally, what a wonderful time.

  8. Makes me realize how much sacrifice the ones who blog daily for us are making. To allow us into their lives each day is amazing and from now on I shall be more grateful to all who sacrifice for us. Thanks for making me more aware of it.

    1. Joyce,
      I, too, have always been in awe of those bloggers that post daily or even several times a week! It's a very time intensive job, especially if there are pictures involved.
      I finally came to grips with my limitations and decided I could keep everyone much better informed if I did FB posts. I hope you will follow along.

  9. I'll have to have Marti keep up with you on FB, I don't even know how to use it... :cO

  10. We were so happy to meet you both! Thank you for the wonderful picture of us...We don't often have one with all four of us....Glad that you enjoyed your time at Defeated Creek's our favorite place...please do come back...See you on Facebook!...

  11. I'll miss reading your blog. I have enjoyed your information, photos and writing style. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, I have learned a lot from you. I'll follow you on FB. Safe Travels.


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