Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Friends, Fun and Boats

Well, the holidays came and the holidays went and I missed blogging about any of it. We had a great Christmas and New Year! Our friends, Bruce and Laura, travelled south to spend 2 weeks with us and parked right next door. The guys fished, Laura and I walked and we did a few road trips.

Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail, a 110 mile trail around the lake. It is a great place to walk.20141222_104031

On Christmas day and New Years day, Mike and Terri joined us for some great visiting and pretty good food too! You’d think, with all the fun we were having, I’d have taken several photos, But NO! I had to steal this one from Mike and Terri and they aren’t even in it! Sorry guys! We really did enjoy having you join us!

Xmas 2014

For those of you that don’t know Mike and Terry, here’s a picture from last summer.


Besides all the socializing, we celebrated Laura’s birthday on New Years Eve. No one was going to be able to save room for dessert with all that food so we put her birthday candle in her burger. It seemed like a good idea but no one had any matches so it had to stay unlitBirthday cake It was the thought that counted, right Laura???


One of our December projects was to get our Sea Eagle registered so we could add a motor. First we bought a cart for easier transport.


Then we installed the transom, a part we had been carrying around with us for 5 years. It was still in the shipping box :)


Next we mounted our 2 HP Honda 4 stroke motor that we purchased last summer. Looking good Smile


Next, I got into the act and made everything nice and legal.


Then a funny thing happened. We have had our Sea Eagle for 5 years now and have really enjoyed it in several states, on many lakes and rivers. While sitting around talking about what we wanted to be able to do with it and throwing ideas around, we never did get it in the water.


Instead, it turned into this!  We became the proud new owners of an Old Town canoe!


The cart fits perfectly.


And with a side transom, the motor works perfectly. Here’s Rick and Bruce on it’s maiden voyage. An added bonus, the guys were able to fish out of it, which didn’t work well in the Sea Eagle.


One more trip to the local tax collector office to register this one and we’ll be all set.

Our new friend, G, is the proud new owner of our old Sea Eagle. He’s testing it out in the retention pond here at the park :)


We now have a lot more room in the basement and a new rooftop rack on the Jeep. We haven’t tried loading it yet…that might be a whole new story  :)

I’ll leave you with Rick’s latest “catch of the day” photo. We ate good last night!

Catch of the day 01122015

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