Saturday, November 1, 2014

Savannah Southern Hospitality

We pulled into Hardeeville RV Park, just north of Savannah, on Monday afternoon. This is a nice Passport America park with full hook-up pull-thru sites, cable and Wi-Fi and no time limit on the discount. Although Hardeeville is in SC, just across the Georgia border, it’s only minutes to downtown Savannah from here.


We had never been to Savannah before and I had visions of stately plantation houses and “Gone With the Wind” artifacts all over. What I found was nothing of the sort :) The film was centered around the fictional plantation “Tara” but Tara was located about 20 miles south of Atlanta, not Savannah.  The Hollywood film set was dismantled and shipped to Georgia in 1959 with plans to re-assemble it in the Atlanta area as a tourist attraction. That never happened, as the Margaret Mitchell estate refused to license anything that sought to capitalize on the novel. What is left of the façade (there were no rooms, just the outside façade) is now on permanent display at the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum in Atlanta. Guess I’ll have to go there to get my “Gone With the Wind” fix :)


Even though Savannah is not full of stately plantations, it is full of old stately homes, streets lined with huge trees dripping with Spanish moss and beautiful wooded parks.


Note the third floor iron balcony of the house below. The balcony goes all the way around but there are no doors in which to access the balcony. You had to climb out the window if you wanted fresh air :) We were told this was because, way back when,  homeowners were taxed on the number of doors on their building! That has since changed and now they are taxed on everything, just like everyone else :)


An architectural touch you see all over the city are the iron dolphin downspouts, which are supposed to be good luck.


Located at Greene Square is what’s known as the Bachelor House, the smallest free standing house in the historic district. Isn’t it cute? It’s a little over 500 sq. feet and features 1 BR, 1 bath, kitchen and LR. Those of us that live in RV’s would find that downright spacious! :)


Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia and was planned with 24 squares (parks) which are within the historic district. Of those 24, 22 are still in existence.


One of the squares, Chippewa Square was the site of the “Forrest Gump” park bench scene where he talks about life being like a box of chocolates. Picture a park bench in front of this wall. That was Hollywood’s spin. In reality, there are many park benches but they are all inside the square, not out looking at the street.


Over 200 movies have been filmed in Savannah. It is also home to the famous Lucas Theater built in 1921. It went through a 14 year renovation between 1986 and 2000 and is now owned by the Savannah College of Art and Design. It is currently hosting the Savannah Film Festival which has been very successful for many years.


Another highlight of Savannah is the Colonial Park, a cemetery that closed to burials in 1853. Many prominent Georgians were laid to rest here as well as almost 700 Savannahians who died in the yellow fever epidemic of 1820. It was the original burial site of Major General Nathaniel Greene until his remains were reinterred in Johnson Square in 1901.



Savannah was the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girls Scouts of America.



And, of course, Savannah is known as one of the most haunted cities in the country and, being Halloween, we had a little fun seeing the Pirate House where a tipsy pirate filled us in on the history of the building.


I mustn’t forget City Hall! This one pretty much puts all other City Halls I’ve ever seen to shame :) That is pure 24K gold leaf covering that dome. It’s reminiscent of some of the Duamos we saw in Italy!


When we got tired of exploring Savannah we took a drive to Hilton Head Island to check out how the other 1% live :) Hilton Head is a combination of high end resorts, high end golf courses and high end shops and restaurants. If you are a golfer, I imagine you would be in 7th heaven here.

We just wanted to get to the beach. The beach is entirely public…all of it. The problem is, 99% of the beach access is private. Therefore, you must hunt for that 1%. We eventually came upon Islander Beach. The parking area and boardwalk to the beach were beautiful!





We enjoyed a nice long walk on the beach before heading back to Lucy.

Our time here is winding down. We awoke to 43º this morning and it hasn’t gotten much warmer than that all day. With the wind whipping, we chose not to stray far from home today and instead, decided to check out a famous local attraction, The Pink Pig BBQ. The Pink Pig has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Travel and Leisure and The Food Network.


We went for a late lunch and both of us ordered a chopped pork bbq plate which came with a dinner roll, homemade Cole Slaw and a bowl of Brunswick stew. Very budget friendly place :) $7.99 each. Can’t beat that and it was very good!


As you can imagine, the WHOLE place was PINK :) Doesn’t Rick look cute in pink? :)


That’s all I’ve got this time! Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Great blog! We love Savannah and hopefully we'll be back next spring.

  2. Glad to read you enjoyed Savannah and were able to find the beach in Hilton Head!! We aren't much warmer than you are here in St. Augustine...just hit 50 with 26mph winds;o(( Time to REALLY head south!!! Rick does look nice in pink, but it doesn't seem to make him happy;o))

  3. Gone With the Wind was my favorite book back in my teen years. I've always wanted to visit Savannah but never seem to be near there. Its on the list :-). Hope to catch up with you sometime this winter.

  4. We stayed at Hardeeville RV a couple of years ago. We liked it and thought it was a good deal for the price. We really liked Savannah and hope to get back there again someday. Many of your photos looked very familiar. Our high today here in south west Florida was in the mid 70's. ;-)

  5. We ate at that Pirate house in Savannah. Ambiance good, food not so good :) Glad you enjoyed the stay.

  6. Great blog Gail. I didn't know Juliette Low was from Savannah. The weather is rather brezzy here on the outer banks. ;+0

  7. We did a walking tour of Savannah last year, it really is a magical place, despite all the haunted places. ;c)

    I won't comment on Rick in pink, I need all the friends I can keep!

  8. Rick definitely looks great in pink. You did a terrific job on your Savannah tour. Great pictures! I had no idea the RV park was that close. Thanks for the tip.

  9. Every time we get close to Savannah the weather gets so humid, we change directions. We just need to do it. Great Blog.

  10. Love Savannah. We were there quite a few years ago but really enjoyed it.

  11. Great tour of Savannah and your pictures are awesome! Sure looks like a beautiful spot to visit.

  12. We love Savannah, saw lots of the drain pipes with dolphins and such. Think lots of us had some cold weather over the last few days.

  13. A few weeks ago, we enjoyed Savannah too. Very nicely done. We've stayed in Hardeeville too. Easier to get to the historic district from there than it was from Skidaway Island SP. Hilton Head actually has a WalMart tucked away in the trees so that you don't see it from the road.

  14. Loved your pictures and descriptions of Savannah, which is on my list of places to visit one day.

  15. we stayed in Hardeeville as well. . .loved Savannah. Did the hop on/hop off trolley tour. Next time will do the walking tour to get up close and personal.

    The Savannah Riverfront area was amazing as well. . .

  16. Nice tour! It has been sometime since we have been there.

  17. You should have stopped by and visit with us. We were directly across from the park office in an Allegro Bus. Small world, isn't it? We've been taking some of the same trips as you and agree on Hilton Head, not our kind of place. We did visit Beaufort and Huntington Beach SP and loved that area.

    I've been blogging about our visit on my blog.


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