Friday, November 7, 2014

Guess Where We Are?

This may be my shortest blog post yet! I’ll let the pictures do the talking (mostly).

We arrived at Disney and checked into Fort Wilderness on Wednesday afternoon.


We hopped on the free Disney transportation system and explored some of the resorts and had a fabulous dinner at Downtown Disney.

We caught the fireworks from the boat on our way home.


Thursday, we headed out to our intended destination, Epcot, for the Wine and Food Festival!



We grazed our way, along with friends Bruce and Laura, through the myriad of offerings all day long :) What fun! We ate plenty but no food pictures. I simply never remembered to take one :)


After 9 miles of walking, we finally called it a day and headed home to put our feet up.

It was a whirlwind visit, our first but not our last. Today, we leave for W.P. Franklin COE Park close to Fort Myers. See you there and thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Hope to go there whenever we get to FL, looks like you all had a good time.

  2. I need to have some of your campsite luck. I can't get a reservation at Fort Wilderness or at W.P.Franklin. What a great time you had! I guess it's my Disney for this year. SIGH......... I'll get my WPF from you too. Thanks for both!

  3. You're making me envious...our favorite campground ever! :c)

  4. How fun was that! Disney and wine and food to top it all off :)

  5. What a fun time at WDW with Bruce and Laura!!! Viewing the fireworks from the boat is really special :o)) Enjoy your time at W.P. Frankling!!

  6. Your trip to Disney looks wonderful! Friends, food and good wine, it all sounds good to me. Enjoy those warm temperatures in Florida too.

  7. It is true that it hard not to visit more than once:)

  8. Your pictures were all that was needed to see you had a great time at WDW. Love that place!

  9. Food, wine, and Disney -- yep, that pretty much adds up to a great time!!


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