Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good-Bye Michigan! It Was So Great to See You :)

We finished up our Michigan summer with a few bike rides in Traverse City and a short excursion to Holland, MI, home of the tulips :)

You may remember that my bike had a flat tire the last time we attempted a trail ride. Rick took my bike into GT Cycle in Traverse City to have the flat tire repaired. While he was there, he had them tune it up and replace my cables and shifter. Then he had his bike tuned up, 2 new tires put on and a new shifter and seat :) His bike looks almost new :) Mine rides better than it ever has! We both highly recommend GT Cycle. If you’re in the area and need work done, they will do you right and at a very fair price. BTW, my flat tire was caused by a horseshoe nail…that will teach me not to ride my bike around the Fairgrounds right after an equestrian event :)

Traverse City has wonderful bike trails. You can ride along the lake front, across town, at the Mall, up the Leelanau Peninsula and a few other places :) Even on warm days, the lakefront trails keep you comfortable with cool breezes.

Traverse City Bike Trails

We both enjoyed our time here. There is much to do and much to see. Not to mentions awesome cherry pie to eat! :)

We left Traverse City on Labor Day Monday and headed further south in Michigan. In hindsight, we should have waited until Tuesday an avoided the traffic, rain…


and accidents! But whatcha gonna do?? Hindsight is always 20-20 :)


We arrived at Dutch Treat Camping in Zeeland MI mid-afternoon and chilled the rest of the day. We had only been on the road about 3.5 hours but it felt twice as long.

We had Tuesday and Wednesday to check out the area, so didn’t feel too bad just chillin’…besides, it just happened to be our wedding anniversary, so we were entitled, right? :)

We spent Tuesday doing a Costco run and laundry, but Wednesday was devoted to checking out the community of Holland, next door.


I had to borrow this picture from the Internet because we were definitely here at the wrong time of the year!

Holland was founded by Dutch Americans and it’s obvious in many places. Everything from authentic Dutch windmills…


To a wooden shoe factory!


They claim wooden shoes are comfortable…Really??


Any size you can imagine…I just can’t imagine wearing wooden shoes, period! :)


Then we paid a visit to Holland State Park. Beautiful beaches…


With beautiful Holland Harbor Lighthouse


But the best find of the day was a Jackpot!


The Holland Farmers Market! Yum!


Yup, we did good!


Guess what was for dinner??? :)

Today, we headed further south. We’ll be traveling daily for the next few days to arrive in North Carolina next week. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Glad to hear you got your bike fixed and serviced. Most people never get their bikes serviced and it really does make a huge difference in how they ride!!

    Looks like you found one of my favorite things...the farmers market:o)) You sure got some beautiful produce!!!

    Safe Travels and we'll see you in a few weeks:o)

  2. What a good time you had in Michigan. Be safe as you travel south.

  3. So many RVers are in the UP this summer, that it's now on our list of a place to spend a lot of time in :) Safe travels to NC!

  4. We'll be there in a couple days, but were planning on staying at Sleeping Bear Dunes. Where in Traverse City did you camp?

  5. We were in Marshall over Labor Day at Camp Turkeyville and decided to go to Battle Creek to shop. Wrong, it was bumper to bumper on the interstate. Lucky for us, we got back before the downpour. We're at Camp Michawana and escaped the bad storms last night. Hope you weren't in them.

  6. Wooden shoes are very comfortable but they are a little heavy. I bought some in Holland when I was 20 and wore them all the time. They are especially good in mud because they can be washed easily.

  7. Just getting caught up on some blog reading, looks like you've had a wonderful time in MI. Kayaking and cherry pie, life is good. Happy Belated Anniversary.

  8. Wow, I'm really behind! Holland looks like a neat town, but I'm with you -- don't think I could do wooden shoes.

    Happy belated anniversary!


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