Sunday, August 24, 2014

Grand Traverse Bay Pie Company and More Sleeping Bear Dunes

OK. I’m the first to admit that I’m not a cherry pie connoisseur. But, we are in cherry country! And, Sherry and David told us we HAVE to go to the Grand Traverse Bay Pie Company and try their pie. So…due to rain in the forecast on Friday, we scrapped our kayak paddle and chilled for the day. Until about 3:00 PM when we headed to the Grand Traverse Bay Pie Company for dessert before the night’s dinner :)

Best Cherry Pie Ever!

We each ordered a slice of the Cherry Crumb Pie, warmed and with whipped cream.

It was heaven. I have never had a piece of cherry pie that tasted remotely similar. Apologies to David, who I have heard makes a cherry pie to die for, but, having never experienced his pie, I have to say that the Grand Traverse Pie Company makes the best Cherry Pie I have ever had! Rick agrees :) We contemplated buying a whole pie and taking it home with us, but Rick was afraid he would eat it all before bedtime, so we passed. I’m pretty sure we’ll be back before we leave the area, however :)

Saturday, we decided to check out a little more of Sleeping Bear Dunes. We saw the dunes from afar on our paddle Thursday, but we thought we should get up close and personal :) Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore is west of Traverse City on the shores of Lake Michigan.


Our original plan was to bike the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail which currently runs from Empire to Glen Arbor following the dunes. That plan was scrapped when Rick discovered my rear bike tire was flat. He inflated and 30 minutes later it was flat again. I had just ridden it earlier in the week, bummer!

Instead, we drove to the Dune Climb area, midway on the trail, parked the Jeep there and took off on foot.


These dunes, although not as massive as the Great Sand Dunes in Colorado, are still huge.


We watched many climb the dune (approx 30 mins) and then run back down! They were having a great time! Many chose to continue on for another 3+ miles of sand hiking to get to Lake Michigan.  The trail goes over 9 hills through the dunes plateau to the lake. It is listed as a strenuous hike with no shade. It was 85 and sunny, so we opted for the paved, somewhat shaded hiking/bike trail instead :) The only sand I like to hike in is sand right on a beach :)


Apparently, bicycling is more popular than walking. We were the only walkers on the trail!


Dune formation info




When we got to the little village of Glen Haven, we took a break to enjoy the cool lake breezes and beautiful scenery. At this point, we were very warm and a dip in that water would have been refreshing :) It would have made for a very damp hike back to the Jeep though!


By the time we finished, we had clocked 5.7 miles. We were pooped.

We wanted to see the rest of the Leelanau Peninsula while we were there, so we continued on Dunes Hwy until it connected with Hwy 22 which took us to Northport, on the northern end of the peninsula. We stopped for a cold drink and then headed back down to Traverse City and Lucy.

We sure would have enjoyed another slice of that cherry pie when we got home. Maybe we should have bought a whole one after all :) Maybe next time :)

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  1. SO glad you got to taste that pie. Not only did we buy a whole one there but on our way to the UP we went through Petoski where there is another GTBPC and we stopped there and bought another pie. LOL. Yes we love cherry pie. Glad you could spend some time in Sleeping Bear. We really liked it there and did hike that 3+ mile trail up and over dunes to Lake Michigan. It was a doozy. I really liked it and am glad I did it but at your temperatures, good call to skip it.

  2. The dunes are nice, but the pie got my attention:)

  3. I'm about 1650 miles away in NJ. Do you think if I leave now I'll get there before you've finished the last of the cherry pie??? :cD

  4. Like the idea of Cherry Pie Appetizer ;o)) Actually, if you had just bought the whole pie, you could have had it for dinner and dessert as well!!!

  5. The cherry pie sounds wonderful! What a beautiful area!

  6. That area of Michigan looks so nice. The cherry pie dessert looks even better.

  7. I'm with everyone else - the dunes are nice but the "Cherry Crumb Pie, warmed and with whipped cream" was the best pic!

  8. I'm not a big pie person, but that sure looks and sounds good!

  9. Love me some cherry pie! I hope we'll have time to go through this area next month.

  10. The pie looks wonderful! You deserve another piece after all that walking around the dunes!

  11. Never liked Cherry pie in the south, but those are very different up there. That is a beautiful area, we stayed in Empire while there.


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