Monday, August 11, 2014

Exploring St Ignace and the Antique Wooden Boat Show

We left Sault Ste Marie last Thursday and made the trek to St Ignace, a quaint little village on the north end of the Mackinac Bridge. This will be our last stop in the UP as we meander into mainland Michigan next week. We settled in to Tiki RV Park, did some laundry and made a grocery run.

On Friday, we hiked into town to do a little exploring. St Ignace is Michigan’s second oldest city. The Anishinabeg, or Native people, were the first inhabitants.


Jesuit missionaries named the community after the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignacious Loyola. The Museum of Ojibwa Culture is a National Historical Landmark filled with hundreds of years of history. It is also the final resting place of explorer and Jesuit missionary, Father Marquette.

Ojibwa Museum

We loved the murals painted on the Fire Station doors.


We eventually ended up on the Huron Boardwalk through town, which is part of the North Country National Scenic Trail, a trail that covers 7 states and at over 4600 miles, is longer than the Appalachian Trail.


By the time we got back to Lucy, we had logged over 7 miles on our pedometer. We slept well that night :)

Saturday morning we took a drive north and east to the little town of Hessel, Michigan to take in the 37th Annual Antique Wooden Boat Show. As you can tell by the crowds of people, this was a very popular place to be :)

Crowds at boat show

All I can say is “wow”! These boats were unbelievably gorgeous!

Antique Wooden Boat Show

I saw Rick drooling more than once! Even the little dinghy, Squirt, was beautiful.

Antique Wooden Boat Show2

If you were so inclined, Mackinaw Watercraft was on hand to sell you a custom, one of a kind, kayak or canoe. If you just have to have one, click on the link above to go to their website. They are not cheap, but they sure are beautiful. I cannot imagine putting one in the water. Something this beautiful should be on display like any fine piece of art.

Beautiful inlays

We planned to visit Mackinac Island on Sunday, but chose to put that off for a few days.

We have extended our stay in St Ignace for another week. Our original plan was to move on to Petoskey today, but there is a festival going on there this week and we could not find a place to stay. That’s fine with us. We like it here at Tiki RV Park and can find plenty to do to keep us out of trouble :)

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  1. Those boats are amazing! They would be a lot of work to maintain. St Ignace sounds wonderful.

  2. Love the wooden boats. Such a pretty area to have to stay another week;o)) Have fun!!!

  3. Wow were those beautiful boats! We hiked portions of the North Country trail in the UP too. It's a really long trail. I would love to meet someone who has hiked it all like folks do the AT, through hikers.

  4. Love old wooden boats:) Always wanted to be stationed at the Coast Guard office there-never happened:(

  5. Those canoes are beautiful and so are the old boats.

  6. St Ignace sounds like a great place to explore. I agree with you, those handcrafted wooden boats are a work of art, just beautiful.

  7. What a beautiful spot and fantastic photos. Those early missionaries were amazing to have taken on such a dangerous assignment.

    Pretty nice old boats!

  8. We loved Tiki RV Park as well earlier this summer. . .

  9. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time in the UP, beautiful boats.

  10. Wooden boats are so amazing. The time it takes to build them, and the craftsmanship is beautiful too. We've seen a couple coming in to the lake this summer.

  11. Oh my! Those boats are gorgeous. And you're so right -- they're a piece of art.


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