Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Family Time In Wisconsin

*WARNING* many pictures of my awesome family! :)

We just completed a wonderful week with family in Wisconsin. Rick and I arrived last Tuesday and parked Lucy close to the cabin our kids/grandkids had rented for the week.


It wasn’t long before our kids showed up and it grew from there Smile The property has a private pond for paddle boating, fishing and swimming. The kids loved it!  Pictured below are our 4 grandkids and my sister’s 4 grandkids getting reacquainted. They hadn’t seen each other in 6 years! They got along fabulously all week. We couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Sunset Pines

The cousins visited the cousins at their home in Wisconsin Rapids one day and the adults took that opportunity to go out to dinner at an adult establishment :) In Wisconsin, that’s a tavern :) I didn’t take many pictures of that excursion but the one I did try to take got photo bombed by my cousin Jane! Haha!


She and her husband and son had stopped by for a quick bite to eat. I convinced them to pose for a real picture after her photo bomb attempt :) We had a great time that night and I had the BEST steak sandwich I’ve ever eaten… at Behind Barr’s in Greenwood, Wisconsin! Seriously awesome!


On Saturday, we had a family reunion at sister Sheila’s house. There were only 3 children in my family, but those 3 had a total of 7 children (not counting 3 awesome step children who were not able to attend) producing 12 grandchildren. They all attended except for the eldest grandson Matt, who had to work. The day was cloudy and rainy but we made the best of it and celebrated in their huge garage most of the day :)

201407 Wisconsin1

We celebrated 2 birthdays also.

Landon turned 6


and “The Golden Child” turned 62 :)


Both cakes were created by my very talented niece-in-law, Kathy. She is amazing! She taught herself how to do cakes like this on Pinterest! P1030983

It was wonderful having everyone together and the event created many photo ops :)

Here’s my 2 girls, Nicole and Carrie


My mom and her 3 kids


Mom with her 3 kids and their spouses


Mom with her great-grandkids


Mom with her grandkids and great-grandkids


Not bad for only 3 kids, right?? :)

We had three 4 generation shots

Mom, me, my daughter Carrie and the great-grandkids Lily, Patrick, Maggie & Sabrina


Mom, brother Randy with sons Levi and Randy, great-grandkids Dominic, Zachary, Kari and Emma


Mom, sister Sheila with daughter, Jennifer and great-grandchildren Ethan, Katja, Mya and Landon.


Mom with her daughter-in-law, Ree.


And last but not least, the Outlaws :) Rick, sister-in-law, Ree and Brother-in-law Vern


We had a fantastic week and miss everyone already!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. This just looks wonderful. Such terrific memories for everyone. Your daughters are beautiful. So glad nearly everyone could come. I am in awe of those cakes. She taught herself on Pinterest? I hardly even know what that is.

  2. What a very special can just feel all the laughter;o))) What a great family and your Mom looked so happy having everyone together!!! Making memories is what it's all about....

  3. You guys looked like you had so much fun! Getting together with family, there's always a lot of laughter. That Lego cake is wonderful! She's really talented :)

  4. Fun stuff. Never been to Wisconsin. Your mom looks great- that is really wonderful.

  5. Looks like you had a GREAT week with family! Those cakes are awesome. Of course I especially liked that "PBR" cake! :)

  6. It just doesn't get any better and with the RV you can go back anytime. Great cakes!

  7. What a terrific family! Thanks for sharing!

  8. How wonderful to have such an awesome family reunion. . .just the best!

  9. I bet that wonderful week went waaay too fast! What a great time you had with a really lovely family. :c)

  10. So I'm really far behind in my blog reading, looks like you had a good time with lots of family-doesn't get better than that.


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