Friday, July 18, 2014

Crossing Into Michigan

On Tuesday, July 15, we left our family in Wisconsin and headed north towards Michigan. We didn’t go far. 43 miles later, we stopped at the charming city park in Dorchester, WI to enjoy 50 amp FHU and catch up on laundry :) As lovely as our site was during our family time, it was only 30 amp with no water and no dump station. We had to be very careful we didn’t overfill our tanks. There is no dump station (where we would fit) anywhere close.

On Thursday, July 17, we left Dorchester and drove 4 hours to Baraga, MI on the Copper Coast and the Keweenaw Bay area.


Our first choice was the city park in Houghton, MI but they were booked through the weekend. We ended up staying at the Ojibwa Casino in Baraga, about 30 miles south of Houghton, a first for us.


The casino park has no ambiance because it’s on the fringe of the parking lot :) BUT, it has 50 amp FHU, 90+ channels of Cable TV and blazing fast Wi-Fi. It was a no brainer for $20/night.

Friday we took off for Houghton to see what we missed by not being able to stay in their city park. It was a beautiful area. Each site had their own covered patio and all were waterfront.


The view was pretty nice too. If we come back to this area, I’ll reserve far in advance to get one of these sites.



We walked the boardwalk from the park to downtown where we picked up a couple things and stopped at 5th and Elm Coffeehouse for their Friday lunch special, fish tacos and chips. 20140718_130015

Unfortunately, I have to say they were just “OK”, nothing special :( The fish was supposed to be whitefish, but it was reminiscent of catfish to me, not one of my favorites.

Tomorrow we plan to find the Aura Jamboree in Aura, MI. It’s supposed to be THE big thing in this area each year. Musicians from all over congregate and make it one big Jamb. There’s supposed to be several different kinds of music represented but our next door neighbor here at the casino plays the banjo and says a lot of it is Bluegrass. He traveled here from Florida to participate. We’re looking forward to joining in the fun :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. So excited to see you in the UP. We just loved it there. We had grilled locally grown white fish in nearly every town we visited and loved it because it was tender and didn't have that fishy taste or smell. I wonder if what you have was really White Fish. Are you going on up to Copper Harbor? The Fort campground is quite nice although not FHU. But the weather is fantastic. I'm still grieving for it here in the 87 degrees today and 94 on Sunday of North Dakota. Enjoy it for me!

  2. I have bookmarked this post and added it to my Travel List for when we return. . .we hardly explored any of Lake Superior. . .so I will be back. . .what a great looking City Park. . .

  3. Your journey into Michigan looks great. We have never been to that state. We're wishing you safe travels.

  4. We smiled when we read about Banjo music!! Just the other day, we saw a T-shirt that really made us think of you.... "Paddle Faster, I Hear Banjo Music." :o))) Keep having fun!!!

  5. Enjoy your time in MI, the UP is a great area to spend time:)

  6. Haven't been to Michigan yet, but looking forward to being in that area some day. That park looks like a good find, hopefully you can get in it some day.

  7. Thank you for the city park in Houghton, MI. We plan to stay there in September if we can get reservations. The Casino will be our back-up plan. Nice to have someone "blaze the trail" so to speak. Hunting season may be in full swing, so hopefully there will be some campsites available.

  8. We were hoping to possibly make it to Michigan this year, but it doesn't look like we will... so we'll just "ride along" with you two and enjoy the tour. :) Casinos can be a great value, but you do have to be selective.


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