Monday, July 21, 2014

A Yooperland Jamboree and Big Eric’s Falls

Don’t have a heart attack! This is my 3rd post this week!! I promise. It won’t last :)

We took off on Saturday heading to Aura MI for the 38th Annual Aura Jamboree, a celebration of musicians from all over the country. It’s one big Jam-fest and it continues to grow annually.


We enjoyed listening to the musicians as we wandered the area. Everyone was having a very nice time. We should have brought our chairs :)

Aura Jamboree

Of course, we wanted to support the local community, so we each had a beer, a brat and an ice cream; then we left them to their celebration :)


We have driven by a memorial site in L’Anse MI called the Bishop Baraga Shrine (pronounced bear-uh-guh) several times. I was curious, (We are staying in Baraga) so I looked him up. Bishop Baraga left Slovenia for the upper Great Lakes and was known as the “snowshoe bishop”. He would trek miles and miles in the north country on snowshoes ministering to the Ojibwa (a branch of the Chippewa) Indians.20140719_142656

You can find more info about this interesting man here.


There are many, many waterfalls in the UP. No one seems to agree on just how many, however :)

One site said there were more than 150; another site site, 87.

On Monday, while we were out exploring, we found Big Eric’s Falls. It’s one of the smallest waterfalls around, but quite pretty, nonetheless.


We had directions from L’Anse but the further we drove, the more apparent it became that we were right in the middle of nowhere :) No cell signal, no GPS signal, heavy woods on both sides.


Finally the road came to an end and we turned right per our directions. We found the Falls a mile or so down the road under the bridge on the Huron River and right by Big Eric’s Campground, a primitive park and part of the Michigan State Park system.



The Falls are tiered going down the Huron River. Very pretty.

As it turned out, we were wrong about being out in the middle of nowhere :) That didn’t happen until we crossed the bridge over the river. Civilization basically stopped. The road became a logging trail, no signage and wilderness all around. Rick looked at me and said “This is why we have a Jeep!”


After 5-6 miles of this with no way of knowing what was down the road, he ended up turning around. I was not disappointed in that decision. It would have been a very bad place to break down or have a flat tire :)

Tomorrow is travel day. We are headed a little further east. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle



  1. Probably a smart decision to turn around. :) Love the waterfalls, very pretty. Sounds like you are really enjoying Michigan!

  2. Pretty falls, but we really wanted to know what was down that road;o))

    Be safe and keep having fun!!

  3. Looks like fun. I guess it that area even a preacher would need snowshoes:)

  4. The preacher was walking on [frozen] water.

  5. Beer, brats, and ice cream... sounds good to me. The falls are small but beautiful. We, too, want to know what's down that road!

  6. Sounds like two great finds. The music and the falls. I do love water falls. You did a fine job of finding them out there almost in the middle of nowhere. Anything with brats is where I want to be. Safe travels!

  7. We love waterfalls and your pics of these ones sure are beautiful.

  8. We both love waterfalls too, and one that's not highly visited seems the best :)

  9. We agree, riding around and enjoying the scenery is very nice. It looks like you and Rick are enjoying yourselves.

  10. You're having quite interesting adventures up there in the UP. How many waterfalls did you find? :c)

  11. Traveling through the woods always reminds me of traveling in East Texas. . .but there are no beautiful waterfalls there.. .great find!

    The Jamboree sounded wonderful too. . .gotta love festivals. . .especially festival food!


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