Sunday, June 15, 2014

Note to Self: Crank Down the Antenna Before Leaving the Campground

Mouse Update: I’d like to thank everyone who left comments and/or offered tips on Facebook regarding catching Mr. Mouse. I am happy to report we won the war…finally. In the end, we chose not to use the glue traps. I had read a few reviews that said they could get out of them and I had visions of Mr. Mouse getting sticky stuff all over our stuff. Every kind of bait we tried was successful. The problem was he could get it out without setting off the trap. So, I finally came up with a solution. I took a small piece of hotdog and using some thin florist wire, wired the hot dog to the bait tray. He’d at least have to tug to remove it. It worked like a charm. We celebrated. And we slept like babies that night :)


Recently, I read a remark about how it’s “always something” when you live a mobile lifestyle. I have to agree. Case in point: see what happens when you forget to crank down your antenna before leaving the campground which has a tree canopy covering the drive?


We heard the snap and we both knew immediately what we had done. Once we were on flat, clear ground again, Rick climbed on the roof and dismantled what was left so we didn’t do more damage having it fly off and hit someone.


We were traveling to Richmond IN to visit our friends Wanda and Darrell who kindly offered us their driveway for a few days. After the antenna mishap, we were sure ready for Happy Hour when we arrived! :)


But before Happy Hour, Rick and Darrell took off for the local RV dealership and purchased a new replacement antenna. He got the last one. Maybe we’re not the only absent minded travelers?

In the next couple days, he succeeded in replacing the antenna and installing a new amplified wall plate.



Now we’re back in business :)

Saturday, we drove to Morristown, IN to meet Rick’s sister Louise and her husband Glenn for lunch at the Kopper Kettle Restaurant.

Kopper Kettle

Our table was so large that I had to splice a picture together of the two of them :)

Louise and Glenn

Before we knew it, 3 hours had passed and it was time to go our separate ways. Thanks, you two, for meeting us. We had a great time and we’ll do it again next time we’re through :)

Our time here in Richmond is going by quickly. Wanda and I did some shopping and sight-seeing this afternoon while the guys stayed home and did whatever it is guys do :)

Tomorrow Wanda and I are making a run to Costco in Indianapolis and again, the guys will do their own thing. I heard something about washing cars…or something like that :) I promised we’d bring back one of those fabulous Costco roasted chickens for dinner.


The hard part will be driving back 80 miles and smelling that thing the whole way! YUM!

We leave here Wednesday morning and continue our trek north. Thank you in advance for your wonderful hospitality, Wanda and Darrell! I’m positive this is the best campground in the area :) We’ve had a great time.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there! Hope your day was wonderful.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. So sorry to hear about your antenna :-( We hang a red 'lock out/tag out' card from our crank when it's up. Seen lots of coaches with that antenna up. Glad it wasn't anything worse! Safe travels north!

    1. We have "recently" come up with a similar tagging method :) After almost 4 years on the road, I think we've gotten "too" comfortable and we missed something that was right in front of our nose!

  2. Gail, thanks for the hot dog suggestion - if and when we need it. The only thing that happened when we set out glue traps was that I would forget and end up having a dish towel or something stick to it. I have thrown them all away - I hope! We had the antenna mishap 3 years ago when we first started full-timing and pulled out from our house. You do know immediately what ya did! Glad it was not worse!

  3. Oh dear -- forgetting the antenna has always been a fear of ours. I'm afraid that mistake is so common that some campgrounds we've visited even have a sign on the way out reminding you to crank it down.

  4. If this is the first time you've forgotten in 4 years, I'd say you are pretty sharp. Bet you won't forget again and happy it didn't ruin what sounds like some wonderful times.

  5. This happened to us the very first time we left the driveway with the Cougar. Talk about feeling dumb :-). Worse than that though, was we once forgot to lower the sat dish. Thank goodness someone on the highway beeped us as soon as we got going and we were able to lower it before hitting anything. That would have been VERY BAD!

  6. Sorry about the Attenna;o(( We have one of those high def attennas and it doesn;t get put up and that is one thing we don't have to remember!!

  7. So sorry about your mishap. We did the same thing to our antenna last fall. Now we have a Jack...flush mounted antenna. Love not needing to remember to lower it prior to travel.

  8. Glad to hear you got a good night's sleep after getting rid of the mouse.
    Sorry to hear about the antenna though. We replaced ours with a Jack hi-def thingy that is stationary. When we had the Brave, I would hang the keys on the crank. No way to forget it then!
    Ain't it nice to visit friends and family while on the road.

  9. Glad your damage wasn't any worse. Even though we've been RVing for 6 years, we still use a departure checklist. It has saved our behinds many times including with the TV antenna. Our combined memory has never been very good, and it's going downhill from here!
    Safe travels!

  10. Glad to hear you finally caught Mighty Mouse!

    I've seen the odd RV driving down the highway with their antenna still up and wondered what would happen when they came to a low overpass - ouch! Glad you got yours all fixed up.

    I think I've only had our antenna extended about 2 times in the last 7 years so I've more or less forgotten about it.

  11. yaaa for catching your mouse. . .

    boo for forgetting about your antenna. . .

    we once heard of someone who was just going to move sites within the park, and forgot to unplug their electrical cord. . .so see. . .an antenna's not so bad. . .right?

    Happy travels North!

  12. Opps, sorry to hear about your antenna. Glad you were able to get a replacement and get that mouse too. Safe travels as you continue your travels north.

  13. Nice to spend time with friends. Bummer about the antenna.

  14. Glad you got rid our your mouse too, sorry about the antenna, I'm sure one of these days we'll do the same thing. Great to be able to catch up with old friends isn't it, shouldn't wish my life away but can't wait to get our wheels turning again in Oct.

  15. Just heard a great tip, recently. Use bag clips and put them on your steering wheel to remind you of things that are most likely forgotten. It beats strings, etc., because you can't drive with them on.

  16. Don' beat yourselves up, I've seen plenty of RVs traveling down the roads with their antennas up, as well as antennas lying by the side of the road near low hanging branches. ;c)

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