Thursday, June 5, 2014

May in Tennessee

We just wrapped up a 5 week visit with our daughter, S-I-L and 4 grandchildren in Tennessee. We had a great visit and it was hard to say good-bye but we’ll see them next month in Wisconsin where we’ll have another family gathering.

While we were there, we got to enjoy the girls dance recital…

dance recital

It was wonderful! They put on an awesome show!

201406 Tennessee

While Patrick couldn’t be coerced to join his sisters in dance, he did entertain us on his guitar and even played an original composition for us.


And, we were able to welcome the newest member to their family, Lily’s new pet hedgehog, Pip! He’s adorable :)


When we weren’t with the kids, we took some time to do a little exploring. Just  a few miles from our park was the small historical town of Lynnville, home of the Lynnville Railroad Museum :)

This was a pretty cool little museum for such a tiny little town.

Railroad Museum

We browsed all the memorabilia

Lynnville Railroad Museum

Then wandered through the railroad cars

201405 Tennessee

When we came out we looked across the street and saw Soda Pop Junction. I had read about this place and they professed to have Middle Tennessee’s Best Burger. We decided to find out :)


See that awesome classic car? Well, check out the cars parked just a few doors down!


It made me feel like I had gone back in time :)

The inside of Soda Pop Junction also gave me that feeling and rightly so. This place opened as an old-fashioned soda shop back in 1860!

Soda Pop Junction

I’m happy to say the burgers were excellent! Next time we go, I’m going to have to try one of those old-fashioned sodas :)

We also found our way to Milky Way Farms in nearby Pulaski, TN one day.


Frank Mars, founder of Mars Candy built this farm in 1930. At that time, the farm covered over 2800 acres. He raised Hereford Cattle and Thoroughbred horses. The land today is far less, estimated to be about 1000 acres.

We took a tour of the 25,000 sq. ft. manor house and rode through some of the grounds.

Manor House

Wow. There are 35 rooms including 21 bedrooms and 12 baths.

Manor House

How would you like to clean this dining room table? We were told by our tour guide (who happens to be the current owner) that the maids would put on clean socks and climb on the table and dust it with their feet. That works for me! :)

dining table

Frank Mars died in 1934. His wife Ethel continued the operation until her death in 1945. In 1940, Milky Way Farm’s horse, Gallahadion, won the Kentucky Derby.

This was a fascinating place with a lot of history just a few miles from our park. Sometimes the coolest things are right in our own backyard :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. oooo. . .I loved that Soda Fountain. . .yum!

  2. Your grandchildren are adorable!!! What fun to get to spend time with them and visit some really cool places:o)) The Soda Fountain really brought back memories!!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  3. Looks like it was a successful family time. Safe travels as you move north.

  4. You got a great visit with family and some new sites. Sounds like it is all good!

  5. The Soda Pop Junction looks like it should be on our list :-) I think you guys had a great time in May!

  6. You have 4 very creative and talented grandchildren. I know you enjoyed your time with them. Discovering all those historical hidden gems made your time there even more memorable too! We hope you have safe travels north to Wisconsin.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful month full of lots of family time. Looks like one of many train stations my dad would take us to on summer vacations.Safe travels north to WI

  8. For some reason, I've got a hankering for a root beer float and a candy bar. :)

  9. You found some awesome finds to tool through in your backyard. We're big suckers for all things retro and would love Soda Pop Junction. . . . not to mention those cars (drool). Of course spending time with your family was the best prize of all!

  10. Your grand daughters are lovely and I know you had a great time with them and they with you. I'm putting that Soda Pop Junction on my list. Hope they have malts. 1860? Really? It's been open for 150+ years. I don't think I've ever heard of any place that's been open that long. Amazing! And so are those cars. I'd love to know who owns them. What fun!

  11. Your granddaughters are beautiful and your grandson is handsome, looks like talented creative kids. Love the Nova Super Sport. That was Bruce's first car and mine too way back in the day. :) Love small towns like that.


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