Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Unwelcome Houseguest…who likes peanut butter!

We are in southern Kentucky near the small community of Scottsville.

The Army Corp of Engineers have a very nice park on the Barren River Lake, Bailey’s Point Campground.


This is a large campground of approximately 200 sites but they are divided up into 6 loops so it appears much smaller. Many of the sites are on the water. Most sites are too small for a big rig, but there are a few that will accommodate something Lucy’s size.


As you can see, it is heavily treed providing nice shade but also hazardous during a storm, such as the one we had last week. We were fine and only had small branches and leaves fall on us, but there were many trees down in the campground.

Bailey's Point Storm Damage

Sometimes, it’s just plain dumb luck.


That brings me to our very unwelcomed visitor :(  Wish I could say he was as cute as Mickey here.

He arrived sometime on Sunday, uninvited and proceeded to make himself at home. Rick spied him out of the corner of his eye Sunday night while he was still up reading. I had already gone to bed. He set a trap, sure that by morning, everything would be fine.


Morning came, and the bait tray had been licked clean. The trap was still set. Mr. Mouse was still on the loose.

So, we pulled out 2 more traps. Baited all 3 with a generous dose of peanut butter and set them in areas we knew he was frequenting by the “droppings” he so kindly left us. There was no activity during the day, but in the evening, we caught a glimpse of him so figured it was only a matter of time now. Surely one of those traps would get him.

This morning, all 3 traps were clean as a whistle! Nothing tripped. We’ve tested the traps. They are very sensitive. This is one smart mouse. On top of everything, I discovered that he is chewing up a little cotton rug that I have in front of the sink in the bedroom. Apparently he is using it for nesting material! Now he’s done it. This is war.

Rick went shopping and came home with a new, improved mousetrap

better mousetrap

and some of these glue traps.


The original 3 traps along with the 2 new and improved models have been re-baited using a somewhat modified technique hoping to make him have to work harder for it.

We’re hoping one of them gets him by the time we go to bed tonight. If not, we’ll be forced to use the glue traps which I’d rather not have to do. But I will. Because he’s making me crazy. He’s gotta go.

If you have any great tips, please share! Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I feel your pain, guess it's your turn, so far no more after we caught the first one, looks like some serious trap there. Looks like another beautiful COE park, enjoy.

  2. a wonderful COE park....enjoyed it last Fall!!! Hey Faye...whats Dave magic ingredient :) Cheese worked better for us...forced to use a little more pressure to chow down maybe.

  3. We're seeing big field mice here at the COE. None that have invited themselves inside yet. We always use D-Con pellets...outside. .

  4. If the new traps don't work try an almond or a pecan as bait. They can't just lick those. It has worked for us every time.

  5. git im. . .git im. . they gotta go. . .we use peanut butter too. . .wonder how she's getting it off the trap? One of those hmmmmm's in life. . .good luck!

  6. Your COE park looks very nice and glad you were spared the wind damage. Sorry to hear about your uninvited guest too. Want to borrow our bug and mouse catcher?

  7. Wow that's some smart mouse but chewing up a rug to make a nest somewhere in Lucy really is war. Hope your troops are up to the challenge. Sorry for him or her but that was a really bad place to choose even with the peanut butter. Good Luck. We await a report.

  8. That park looks beautiful. Glad you lucked out with the wind storm!

    Hope you win the war with that clever mouse. We could lend you one of our cats. ;-)

  9. Hope one of the traps works this time. I don't like the sticky traps either. Nice campsite!

  10. You need to borrow Gidget our cat, she would take care of your mouse problem. Now that we have moved out of the house, a mouse moved into the kitchen but Bruce caught it in a trap. Too bad we aren't nearby. :)

  11. The sticky pads didn't do a thing for us. The traditional traps seem to work OK for us, but we also bought something like these electronic [battery operated] traps (http://www.amazon.com/Victor-Electronic-Rat-Trap-M240/dp/B000LNX06C/ref=pd_sim_lg_10?ie=UTF8&refRID=1P79Z6R7CM21RFY9G9N4 ... mice version) that work really well. In fact, we had one mouse caught in one of these before we even saw it or any evidence of it.

  12. We use the small bags of bait and leave them around the inside and outside compartments. Seems to keep them at bay.

  13. Did you get him? We have found the old-fashioned traps work best, but we have had the same experience, yet I can barely nudge them, and they pop. We also had a rat (by the size of the evidence left behind) for awhile, but I think the rat snake at our park might have gotten him. No evidence recently and happy for it to stay that way. I had to move anything that could be chewed on to an enclosed cabinet. Good luck!

  14. Oh, I forgot to mention that we were told to put out scented dryer sheets for both mice and rats, and that might have driven them away. Whatever it takes!

  15. Please everyone! If using DCon or any poison, stop! If mouse leaves your house or camper and gets eaten by a cat, dog or bird of prey, it will poison them and kill them also.


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