Friday, April 25, 2014

Lucy Has That Twinkle In Her Eye Again :)

We have been hanging out in Montgomery, AL at one of our favorite parks, Gunter Hill COE park. It's one of our favorites because it's gorgeous, spacious and quiet.

Site 31

The perfect weather lately has just been icing on the cake :)  We stay in Catoma loop which sits on the Alabama river. We have a water view through the trees behind us.


All the sites are 50 amp FHU with long, level concrete pads. It's a big rig paradise :)


There is another more rustic loop but it is geared for smaller rigs, has 30 amp service, no sewer, dirt/gravel pads and is heavily wooded. You can’t go wrong booking a site in Catoma loop.

While we've been here, we've caught up on some things that have been on our list for awhile. One of those things was cataract surgery for Lucy :) Lucy's headlights had become cloudy.


We had tried various ways of cleaning them including toothpaste which I had read worked in some cases. Just not in this case :( 

I became convinced that the clouding was on the inside and couldn't be fixed. Rick was not so sure and wasn't ready to give up.

While we were out and about yesterday, we picked up this Turtle Wax product that claimed it could restore the sparkle in Lucy's eyes :)


This morning, after taping off both headlights, Rick began to operate. After applying compound, buffing with different pads and applying a sealant to the finished product, the operation was declared a success!

After LeftAfter Right

She's got that twinkle back in her eye :)

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  1. Cool. I used that on our truck- did not work quite as well as on Lucy but better than toothpaste. We stayed at a dump in Montgomery so thanks for posting this campground.

  2. Lucy looks beautiful! Gunter Hill is on my list. I remember when you stayed there before. Looks great!

  3. Wow love the park you're in. Have to bookmark that for sure. Lucy's eyes look good for another 100,000 miles!

  4. That is a great-looking campground. Maybe we'll get there one day. Good job on those headlights Rick. Stay safe as you travel north.

  5. Hi Rick & Gail,

    How's the cell phone reception at Gunter HIll? We rely on Verizon MiFi for computer use.

    Sounds like a good park for big rigs1
    Selene & Hank

    1. We found our Verizon signal to be slow this time. Slow but useable. The last time we were here, it worked fine but it was fall and all the leaves were off the trees. That may have been the difference.

  6. The campground and weather sound perfect!!

    Lucy looks so pretty with that new sparkle in her eyes. Do we now call Rick, Dr. Rick?!?!!!!

  7. We love Gunter Hill too for just those same reasons. Thanks for the recommendation on the headlight problem. We were just wondering what to do about that for both our girls. Lucy's eyes look great!!

  8. Hope to get a sight on the lake next time, any site in Catoma loop is great though. Have you tried the Cajun restaurant yet, Lucy's looking good.

    1. Not yet but hope to get there before we leave :)

  9. Gunter Hill is one of my favorites too.

  10. That sure is a nice looking campground.

    I've seen that headlight restorer on the shelf and wondered myself if it really worked. Sure looks like it does - thanks for the tip.

  11. Wow, Rick is a man of many talents! Had no idea he could perform cataract surgery. Lucy definitely has her twinkle back. :-)

  12. Mui used a similar product ... 3M, I believe, to buff the headlights of the toad. I had my doubts, but it worked! He also used the stuff to buff out a scratch on the face of my Swatch watch as it was made of a similar plastic cover ... figured couldn't hurt to try since I couldn't wear the watch as is. it did a great job on that too and now I have a like-new watch to wear.

  13. I wondered how well that headlight restored kit worked, now I know. Lucy can see clearly now, not that you want to drive at night... :c)


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