Saturday, April 5, 2014

Grayton Beach State Park, Santa Rosa Beach FL

We moved on to Grayton Beach State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, FL on Wednesday, March 26th. It was a short travel day of 123 miles. Perfect! Even better, we crossed into Central Daylight Time :) I suppose, because I was born and raised in the Central Time Zone, it feels like home to me :) I certainly find it easier to watch the news at 10 PM than at 11 PM.

Grayton Beach SP has 2 loops; an older, wooded W/E (water/electric) only loop and the newer FHU (Full hook-up) loop which is much more open. We were in the FHU loop. This is a beautiful park! Just a short walk (about ½ mile) and you’re on the beach. That was exactly where we headed once we finished setting up.


There weren’t too many people out , probably due to the windy conditions but the temp was pleasant.


We got in some beach walking while we were there and the crowds increased in direct proportion to the weather :)

Just ½ mile down the road in the other direction was Uptown Grayton, a cute little shopping center with something for everyone :)


No shopping center would be complete without a coffee shop, right? Bad Ass Coffee seems to be quite popular in Florida. We’ve seen several.


We did not feel like coffee the day we road our bikes through here though. We were on a mission :) We wanted to see how far we could ride our bikes fighting a headwind most of the way. After 3¼ miles, we came upon this sign…right on the bike trail!


How could we resist? An ice cream shop right on the bike path a couple blocks off the beach? Brilliant!


Cappuccino Crunch! Sorta like a coffee :) It gave us the strength to turn around and make our ride a 6½ mile round trip. Not great, but the winds got so strong, it was like pedaling up hill and going nowhere. I think we worked off that ice cream before we got home :)


We would most definitely put Grayton Beach SP on our return list. Only next time, we’d stay longer!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Grayton Beach was probably our favorite stop on the Pan Handle!! We rode our bikes the other direction towards the new town of Watercolor. They have a lot of cute shops and restaurants. About 4pm, we passed a wine bistro and everyone was sitting under the pretty umbrellas enjoying a glass of wine and some cheese!! Made us think of you...don'cha know:o))

  2. I love 30A...road up and down the whole route one time or another! So much to see and do right on a when there is access. Wish there was a link to every campground ON A bike trail. Don't you just love that white sand....

  3. We were in the old campground in Grayton and loved it too. But we didn't know about the ice cream on the bike ride. Have to go back now thanks to you. :-)

  4. bookmarked this one. . .don't blame you a bit. . .I would have headed straight to the beach also. . .what a great day!

  5. The beach, a bike ride and ice cream can't get much better than that.

  6. Looks like a great area! Glad you enjoyed it!!

  7. Great photos of that beautiful white sand beach...and the 2 cups of ice cream look pretty good too. Glad all is going well.

  8. Good for you biking all those miles, and getting an ice cream to boot! You guys have scored some nice campgrounds.

  9. We love the central time zone too and agree that it feels like home.

    Be careful on those bikes! :-)


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