Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wrapping Up Our Time in Crystal River, Florida

We are currently back at Suncoast Designers In Hudson, FL having a couple of our recently repaired windows redone. There’s not a lot to do while we wait so it seemed a good time to recap February and the rest of our time in Crystal River.

Our time at Lake Rousseau RV Park in Crystal River is over. The park is right on the lake and while we were there, Rick caught several fish. Early in the winter, he invested in both a fresh and salt water out-of-state annual license. It was a good investment. It was cheap entertainment for him over the winter and some good eating :) When he wasn’t being entertained by fish, we were both entertained by our park mascot :) His/her most popular landing site was on top of any vehicle :)

Lake Rousseau RV Park

We even found a job we could apply to do in our spare time but I don’t think we’d qualify :) We think our friend Tricia would be perfect for it :)


We had few sunny days in February but we tried to take advantage when we did. One day we were lucky enough to paddle the beautiful Rainbow River with Nancy and Bill, Dan and Tricia, Gin and Syl and Dot and Charlie.

Rainbow River Paddle 1

What a beautiful place! Crystal clear water; absolutely breathtaking!

Rainbow River Paddle

The next day, most of us met up at the Cedar Key RV Resort for a quick picnic lunch and then we all headed into Cedar Key proper for a nice bike ride.

Cedar Key

Another day, Rick and I paddled the Crystal River to see all the Manatees. It was a beautiful day and it brought a lot of people out on the water. Even so, we managed to spend 4 hours out there just paddling around enjoying ourselves :) I do need to clarify that it was mostly Rick who was paddling around :) I was enjoying the ride…and taking pictures :)

Crystal River

The month ended on a wonderful note with a great visit from my sister Sheila and BIL, Vern. We didn’t do much exciting (rainy, cloudy, chilly weather again) but we sure enjoyed some good conversation, some good food and even a little good wine :)


Once we moved to Hudson over the weekend, we took in the Florida Strawberry Festival with Ronnie and Cynthia. This is an annual event in Plant City and it’s absolutely crazy! It is so popular that I’m pretty sure the entire state of Florida showed up for it last Sunday! :) We never even got into the main festival grounds. Traffic was unbelievable! We did, however, make it to Parksdale Farm Market, the largest family run strawberry and citrus market in the state of Florida. Their shortcakes are world famous and their strawberry shakes  were voted America’s best milkshake by the Food Network! :)

This was the line to get in the door :)


Once we made it close :)

Florida Strawberry Festival, Plant City

It was a great way to spend a Sunday and when we left, we no longer needed another meal that day :)

We finished up our window repairs this afternoon and will be headed to Cedar Key in the morning. We plan to spend a couple weeks visiting friends there before moving onto the Panhandle.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. So glad you enjoyed Crystal River :)....and you had lots of company!!! We head to Sebring on Tues for cockpit replacement on Wed morning early...take care!!!

  2. If you got the milk shake , you got the best part of the festival :)

  3. Glad your window repairs are complete and that's all behind you. Now on to the fun part..adventures and great times in Cedar Key.

  4. Good times!! Boy do you and your sister look alike! Good idea to wait a couple weeks to head to the pan handle...we'll try to warm it up a bit for you; o))

  5. Sounds like you had a great month, love Parkesdale, been there a few times to partake of their awesome strawberry shortcake. Enjoy Cedar Key.

  6. I love Parksdale. I'm so glad we went BEFORE the festival that's a lot of people. Enjoy the rest of the stay in the area. We're going to Ft.Lauderdale for five days back to Adelaide for three weeks then headed north and west. Safe travels.

  7. I wish we could have met up with you...it was a crazy winter here again. One of these years I'll have a calm winter! Maybe next year.....enjoy Cedar Key!

  8. Yum on Parkesdale. We make piggies out of ourselves when we go. We loved paddling with the manatees even though it was quite crowded. Welcome to CK!

  9. Ditto on Parkesdale. Yummy but it can get crowded.
    The weather has been a bust for so many folks. Hope we get some beautiful days soon!

  10. I've been buying their strawberries for years but have always been afraid of the crowds at the festival.But the milkshake sounds yummy!! Sounds like lots of kayaking and biking fun with friends and more to come. Say hi to them for us.

  11. Just what are the qualifications for a Pooper Scooper Inspector?

  12. Sorry your weather wasn't as warm and sunny as you had hoped, but it looks like you had some fun anyway. If you're back in the area, try paddling the Weeki Wachee river. It's one of the prettiest in Florida.

    We recently found out that as a Florida resident that's over 65,Al doesn't have to buy a fishing license.... We were happy about that.

    Safe travels.

  13. Caught your blog from Faye and Dave....fun stuff! Cant wait to read your take on Cedar Key...it's on my "go to list" on day!


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