Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Guess Who’s Coming to Linner :)

From Urban Dictionary…Linner: The meal between lunch and dinner, just as brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch.

We rarely go out to dinner but love to enjoy Linner occasionally and today was such a day. After several emails back and forth, we settled on Tamara’s Café in Apalachicola at 3 PM.

Rick and I hadn’t yet explored Apalachicola so we arrived early.  Apalachicola is a small town at the mouth of the Apalachicola River and maybe, 30 miles from Ho-Hum RV Park. We drove around, walked around, checked out a few local establishments including the Apalachicola Sponge Co. who has a pretty cool spongeman sitting outside :)


We happened upon the Raney House and decided to take the tour.


David Raney made his fortune in cotton.

The Raney House

We learned that, prior to Florida becoming a state, it was split in half. West Florida with Pensacola as it’s capital and East Florida with St. Augustine as it’s capital. What we know as central and southern Florida was still swampland at that time. When they combined and eventually became a state, a central city, Tallahassee, became capital.

If we had more time, and there’s always a next time, I’d love to spend more time in this little town. It may be mostly touristy stuff but there is history here and you never know what you might find. :)

It was time to meet our Linner companions. It’s Sherry and David!


Tamara’s was a wonderful choice that we happened upon by accident. The food was absolutely wonderful! Sherry and David had the oyster poor boy sandwiches, Rick had the Creole Pasta and I had one of the daily specials of a Key West pork chop with rice and black beans. Everyone was happy with their choices.

Linner at Tamara's

Although we were all full when we finished, somehow we managed to drag ourselves next door to the Apalachicola Chocolate Co. where we all enjoyed a gelato for dessert.


Several hours and much good conversation later, we left them to do their grocery shopping and we returned to Lucy to ready her for a move to Grayton Beach State Park tomorrow. We totally enjoyed our visit and hope to meet again soon. Thanks, Sherry and David!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Why is it that every place we go, we wish we had more time to explore?

  2. How wonderful that you met up with Sherry and David. Aren't they just the best! I'm Jealous. Maybe someday they will come west do you think :)

  3. Four great people having a great day together! It doesn't get much better than that.

  4. Linner sounds like it could become my favorite meal!!

    Wish we known you were going to Apalachicola... we are camped at Torreya SP on the northern end of the Apalachicola River. With all the rain lately, the river is really flowing swiftly south. Could have launched the Sea Eagle from here in the morning and made it in time to meet all of you for linner;o))

    Enjoy Grayton Beach...one of our favorite spots on the Pan Handle!!

  5. How nice you got to have linner with Sherry & David, would love to meet them someday, looks like some good food and gelato. Safe travels

  6. So glad you were able to get together with them over a good meal. Apalachicola is a neat little town with it's shops to browse and people to watch. Safe travels.

  7. did not know that Florida had once been divided into East and West. . .interesting tidbit!

    We enjoyed meeting Sherry and David in Maine last summer, and reading their blog. . .their love of, and exploring of nature is always great. . .

    Glad you guys had a wonderful day. . .will need to explore that area when we finally make it to Florida for an extended stay. . .

  8. So glad that Sherry & David are making the rounds. That little town looks like a great place to explore. :-)

  9. We had a wonderful time with you two and absolutely intend to do it again. You are quick fingers Ms Gail to get this up so quickly and believe me your pictures put ours to shame. Maybe I'll get the blog up tonight and you can see how much your phone outranks David's camera. LOL

  10. Someday we'll have time to explore the Panhandle rather than bee-lining through it! Linner is a wonderful concept :-).

  11. Nice that you got to meet up with Sherry and David to enjoy what sounded like great meals.

    Nice town - thanks for the tour.

  12. Food and friends, nothing better, except maybe friends and food. ;c)

  13. Oh how sweet....Linner with the lovely Sherry and David! What a great meet up....love the chocolate company!!!


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