Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lucy Is Looking Spiffy In Her New MCD Shades!

Our site this winter at Lake Rousseau RV Park in Crystal River FL is under a huge Oak that is dripping with Spanish Moss. It keeps us well shaded and, in the summer, I’m sure that’s a wonderful thing. This winter, however, with the lack of sun most days it can get positively dreary.

Site 2

I can think of nothing that perks me up more than shopping and giving our home a facelift :)  I loved doing it when we lived in our house in NC and I still love it in Lucy.

We had talked of replacing her old, tired pleated day/night shades with MCD shades for at least a year. I researched the MCD brand as well as shades from another company looking for a good price on a good shade. I ordered samples from both and compared quality. Although the total cost would have been slightly less from the other company, the quality of the MCD shade material seemed to be superior. We decided to go with the MCD Gold Series shades.

We needed 8 shades; 3 in the bedroom and 5 in the living area. All windows were being done except for the bathroom, kitchen window and the cockpit. We decided to go with a single night shade in the bedroom but chose the dual day/night system for the living area.  I measured 3 times before pulling the trigger and placing my order. These shades are custom made to your specification and there is a no return policy if you measure incorrectly. Talk about pressure :) Not too sure what Rick’s reaction would have been if I’d messed that one up! Not to worry…they were perfect :)

It took approximately 2 weeks for them to arrive by FedEx last Wednesday afternoon. It was almost 5PM when they got here; much too late to start installing. Instead I just admired the box all evening and we got started in the morning :)

MCD Shades have arrived!

It took us 3 days to do the install. It can be done in one but we took our time. Thursday morning, we removed the bedroom valance boxes and the old shades, inspected the new shades and read the directions. It was then that we realized mounting screws were not included due to the various different setups in different RV’s. Off to Ace Hardware to purchase the necessary hardware. While Rick was gone doing that, I cleaned around the window frames and removed the fabric “drape” that was stapled on the valance box leaving only the suede microfiber cover. I had never liked the drape part and this was a good time to get rid of it. I may add some color again later but for now, the plain works fine.

Old Bedroom Night Shade

With cordless drill and new hardware in hand, Rick installed the first shade into the valance box. Our valance boxes are narrower than the ones made today so we had to be very careful of the placement of the shade. If it was too close to the window or too close to the valance front, it would rub and not operate smoothly. We tested the mounted shade by holding the valance in place and trying the shade. Success! We then removed the shade from the brackets, reinstalled the valance and attempted to snap the shade back into place. Uh-oh! Remember what I said about our boxes being narrower? Well, they are too narrow to get your fingers in there with the shade and be able to snap the shade in. There was only one thing we could do. We removed the valance again, installed the shade and then reinstalled the valance using new screw placement in the front of the valance rather than the original back screws. One final test to be sure and we were in business!

New Bedroom Nightshade closed

New Bedroom Nightshade open

The 2 remaining small shades on either side of the bed took less time now that we knew what we were doing a little better :) As with any installation in tight confined spaces with overhead cabinets, the day did result in a few knocked noggins and seeing stars. We chose to call it a day at this point and start fresh in the morning.

Image courtesy of

We completed 4 of the remaining 5 the next day. The installation might have gone faster, but I kept stopping to test, admire and take pictures :) Once the driver side was completed and we took a break, we knew the last one would wait until morning.

Old night shade on the left, new night shade on the right

Old Night Shade vs New Night Shade

Old day shades

Old Day Shades

New day shades

New Day Shades

New night shades

New Night Shades

Refreshed and having the experience of 7 behind us, #8 was installed in record time Saturday morning. It’s almost a shame there wasn’t more left to do. I think we could have whipped them out in no time flat!  We have not ruled out doing the cockpit, so maybe we’ll get a chance yet :)

We finished off the mod by giving Lucy new sofa pillows and a new area rug. She is looking good!


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