Sunday, January 26, 2014

Friends, Sunscreens and The Freezer (No, not the weather)

Well, it’s been a month. How does that happen? I’d like to say we’ve been doing fun, interesting stuff and no time to blog, but for the most part, we’ve been hanging out at home waiting for the weather to improve!

January did have some great moments, many of which I forgot to capture on film. I guess that’s not a term I should be using these days. Very few things are captured on film anymore. Probably more appropriate would be to say I forgot to capture them on my mini SD card :)

Our friends, Nancy and Neil joined us for a few days and we had a great time catching up, sharing stories and sharing meals. While they were here, we decided to have a get-together at Crackers in Crystal River with a few other people in the area. In the end, we had a table for 24! Great fun!


We found a great bike trail very close to our park, the Withlacoochee Bay Trail. A recent expansion of this trail makes it 12.3 miles round trip with a beautiful treat at the end…the Gulf of Mexico. It’s in great shape and is a wonderful ride. The “new” area even gives you some hill work :)


One day, on our way to have lunch with Ronnie and Cynthia,  at Oakwood Smokehouse, we took a detour to Beasley Manufacturing in Center Hill, FL. Beasley’s carry a wide selection of outdoor fabrics and sunscreen fabrics. We were browsing their selections when I turned around and saw Sherry and David! They had the same idea we did that day but they were “really” shopping. They made our small purchase look pitiful :)


We bought a few yards of black sunscreen material that I fashioned into cockpit sunscreens. I’m thrilled with the result. I tried to take a picture of the finished product, but you really couldn’t see the screens. Which is the point, I guess. We are able to see out but no one is able to see in during daylight hours. They work just like our large windshield screen, only from the inside. For those of you with the MCD day shades, this is similar but without being on a roller. I attached these using magnets, an idea I got from our Magneshade windshield shade. Mine isn’t quite the workmanship of our Magneshade, but it’s perfect for what we need it to do and it looks great!

Last week, our dear friends Wanda and Darrell, who are freezing up in Indiana, called to tell us about a restaurant in Homosassa that they thought we should try. Wanda said the shrimp were outstanding, so yesterday we gave it a try. The place is called The Freezer. Apparently, that’s what it used to be. They added on a Tiki bar and called it a restaurant. No frills would be an understatement. We would have missed it if not for GPS. Pretty non-descript and the small sign was weathered and barely noticeable.


Once you get into the bar area, you go stand in line to place your order and get your drinks. You take your drinks and try to find a place to sit and wait for your food. You also may have to bus your own table, if you can find one :)  This place was full the entire time we were there (mid-afternoon). I cannot imagine what it must be like during “busy time”!


It was a unique experience and Wanda was right. Outstanding! The shrimp were perfectly seasoned and steamed and the beer was nice and cold :)


So, thank you, Wanda, for the tip. These pictures are for you :) Next trip, I want to try their clam chowder in a bread bowl. I hear that’s excellent also.

It’s hard to believe January is almost over. Here’s hoping February is a little kinder…to all! Thanks for stopping by. Turtle




  1. Kathy and I are are happy to have met you both even though with so many people there we really didn't get much of a chance to talk that day. Well there is always somewhere else down the road to do that.
    We are also hoping the weather warms up a bit more. That was the reason we had left early that day because we'd run out of propane the night before and had to find somewhere to fill it.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Well, good to hear from you and sorry your first Florida winter has been a bit COLD!! Nice to see you have been able to meet friends:o)) Sure hope it warms up by the time we see you in February!! Has Rick had a chance to do any fishing??

  3. Time does seem to go by with out realizing it, our 6 weeks is up here Tuesday, We are looking forward to Goose Island and are hoping to get one on the bay. Another cold spell predicted for Tuesday & Wednesday then some warmer temps, sure beats the VT weather though.

  4. Looks like we need to make a trip up to the freezer :)

  5. Yummm...that shrimp looks delicious. That's a nice view at the end of your bike ride too.

  6. Even if its been a bit cold you seem to be keeping busy and having a great time!

  7. That 'freezer' reminds me of Phil's here in Moss Landing.

  8. It was nice to see you at Cracker's. I think the weather will warm up nicely in a few days and Rick can put his shorts on again.

  9. Fun time at Crackers. We have heard that The Freezer has very good food...may have to try it. Here's hoping for blue skies, no rain and warm temps...and soon!!

  10. Did you need coats in the Freezer? And was the beer frozen? Just want to be sure before I put this place on my list...I've recently developed an allergy to cold winter weather! ;c)

  11. The Freezer looks like our kind of place. Glad you are enjoying the winter in spite of the weather!

  12. It's scary how quickly time flies by, isn't it? Sounds like you're still having a good time despite the weather. Hope it soon warms up for you!

  13. Just getting caught up after our 10 days of no internet. It was great seeing you at Beasleys. Next time we go, I'm going to do our cockpit windows too after your encouragement. WOW 24 for lunch, now that is a BIG group. You are quite an organizer. Looks like you've been having a great time even with the weather.


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