Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Curry Hammock State Park in the Florida Keys

A year ago, a group of our friends all decided to go to the Florida Keys in November. Reservations in a state park in the Keys are very hard to come by but we we all got on our computers when the dates opened in the reservation system and within minutes of each other, all scored reservations at Curry Hammock State Park. Not only did we score reservations for the same time, we got sites all together! This was going to be so much fun :)

We all arrived at Curry Hammock on Monday, Oct 28. The weather couldn’t be better. It has been mid 80’s, sunny and breezy the entire time we’ve been here up until today. The water has been warm and we’ve done our fair share of floating in the water on our tubes and mattresses.

Curry Hammock State Park

We’ve enjoyed many sunrises and sunsets. Even an eclipse!

Sunrise Sunset

We walked and biked and

Walking and Biking

just sat around talking.

Part of the Group

One night, we went to the famous Sunset Grill for dinner and the sunset.


We had a great time in Key West on Halloween :)

Halloween in Key West

We even got a picture of Rick in front of “his” place :)

Rick's Place

We went deep sea fishing and caught some nice Snapper.

Deep Sea Fishing

Today it rained. It was a nice down day and gave us all a chance to catch-up on mundane normal things like cleaning, grocery shopping and blog writing :)

Oh wait! The rain has stopped and the game board is up in Bill and Nancy’s screen room next door :) Time to leave you with one more glimpse of paradise before I go out to join the group.

Off 7 Mile Bridge

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I just wrote Nancy today asking just HOW much fun you all were having. Thanks so much for these fabulous pictures so I can see what we are missing. Sure wish we could have come. I'm here dressed in polar fleece and you all are in shorts! Pretty sure I know who is having more fun.

  2. Looking like there's a Florida clan starting! :-) Beautiful weather there!

  3. What a great time! Great friends..great food..great weather..and Rick's Bar looks like a great place too. We've been thinking of ya'll.

  4. Great Post, Gail:o)) It sure has been a fun time. We even find fun on the rainy days!!

  5. I didn't know you folks like to play games!! Looks like you all had a great time. Wishing we could be there.

  6. It has been beautiful and fun here. That fishing trip was a bit rough though. Enjoying every day!

  7. What a wonderful, fabulous time you all are having. . .enjoy!

  8. Nice to see that not only does Rick have his own place, he offers the best drink prices in Key West. :-)

    Boy, that really does look like paradise. Enjoy every minute!

  9. Looks like paradise, hope we can get there next winter. Great weather, good food and great friends doesn't get much better than that, and then to have your own bar. Enjoy!!

  10. Looks like Paradise to me for sure. Great photos showing all the nice spots and scenery. I like that Rick's bar too - wish I owned it.

  11. It sure has been a great time and wonderful memories made!

  12. I loved the Keys when we were there. We camped over Christmas one year when the weather was perfect and the sunsets incredible. Glad you are enjoying your stay.

  13. Wow! We are having so much fun with the group it's hard to fit in time for reading blogs! Great friends, Great weather, Great fun! It doesn't get much better than this!


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