Saturday, November 23, 2013

All Good Things Must Come To An End

I’m talking about our 3 weeks in the Keys. You didn’t think I meant something else, did you? Nope.

Most full-timing couples re-evaluate things periodically. Do they still love this lifestyle? Do they want to continue? Do they want to settle down someplace again? Regrow roots? We know a few couples who have “hung up the keys” recently. There are others that decided, for one reason or another, to become part-timers.  We just completed our 3rd year of full-timing in October and, for us, this is still the lifestyle we want to live. We have totally enjoyed our travels and the friends we’ve made along the way and look forward to much more. We will be spending our first winter in Florida this year, something we’re already enjoying :) Our planned Spring/Summer travels will take us to Tennessee to visit the grandkids (the adult kids too), Indiana to visit family and friends and then into Michigan and the UP before coming down into Wisconsin to spend time with my family. We’ll figure out where we go from there later. Planning on the fly is one of the best perks of this lifestyle :)

We are slowing working our way to the Crystal River area of the state where we’ll stay until March 1st. We have a few maintenance items to take care of on the way. The Jeep just got 4 new tires, one tie rod and two front lower control arms. Hopefully, she will be good to go for awhile. Lucy is scheduled for a new windshield next week. One of the hazards of driving I-95 or any other place. It’s only a matter of time before you get a ding or, in our case, a crack from top to bottom. The following week, Lucy is having some of her other glass repaired. We have a few windows fogging and are going to try the repair offered at Suncoast Designers in Hudson, FL. instead of replacing the windows. I’ll report more on that later.

For now, we are taking some R&R and relaxing back at Port St. Lucie COE in Stuart, FL. We need to rest up from all our Keys fun :)

We celebrated Bill’s birthday. It was a BIG one Birthday cake


A cookout with all the fixin’s complete with a Lima Bean Cake that Tricia made. It was really a regular cake but had a lima bean on the frosting as a tribute to Bill’s least favorite vegetable :)

Lima Bean Cake

The guys cranked the old fashioned ice cream maker that Bruce and Laura brought along and Bill got to lick the beater :)


We did more kayaking and saw many iguanas and other “wildlife”.


We went back to Key West for a day so we could go to Mile 0 and only be 90 miles from Cuba…

Mile Zero

and 126 miles to the closest Wal-Mart :)

Our last week was spent in Key Largo where we relaxed, paddled, bicycled, fished and harvested coconuts. Life is good.Island with a palm tree

Put de lime in de coconut

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle



  1. We are only an 1 1/2 hour jaunt from Crystal River. Maybe we can meet up and do a paddle :-)

  2. We had the best time with you and the rest of the group! Here's to the next time!!

  3. I'd love to hang up the keys and settle Key West. Now if I can only buy that winning lottery ticket...

  4. Hello, you two! Glad you're enjoying your very southern stay.

    We had a window repaired at Suncoast last February and we were very impressed with the service and facilities. Hope you're as please as we were.

    Safe travels.
    Selene & Hank

  5. We are excited about heading to Florida this winter, with some time at Key West as well. Looking forward to lots of kayaking!

  6. Looks like some great memories made! Safe travels on your way to Crystal River.

  7. What did you make with all that fresh coconut? I would be thinking Pina Coladas! Be safe traveling and enjoy that new windshield too.

  8. I didn't remember that you two started out on the road the same month and year that we did. Happy Belated Anniversary. Sure looks like you had a wonderful but then good friends in a great place is hard to beat.

    1. make that wonderful TIME please. Can I blame it on my thumb brace???

  9. After over seven years on the road, I'm not ready to hang up the keys either. One thing I haven't done is spend the winter in Florida. Maybe I'll think about that. :)

  10. We sure enjoyed our time at Curry Hammock!! Looks like you guys really put the Lime in the Coconut;o)) Here's to more good times...see you tomorrow;o))

  11. Looks and sounds like you've really enjoyed your time in the Florida Keys - a place I've always wanted to visit.

    Your plans for the new year sound pretty exciting too. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Oh what fun we have had!! Miss you but know that we will get together soon and probably later too. Hope the repairs go well. Continue to enjoy Florida.

  13. Looks like you enjoyed a great time in the Keys. Have a great Thanksgiving

  14. Sounds like a great time in the Keys, still deciding what we are doing next year, with an October wedding in AZ that may influence our plans. Happy Anniversary and safe travels to Crystal River.

  15. We had so much fun with you guys! Those weeks just flew by. See you this winter for sure!!

  16. The Keys can definitely wear you out in a good way:)

  17. that did indeed look like a wonderful time in the Keys. . .definitely on the bucket list for us!

    we are now in our fifth year of full time travel. . .and our ninth year of full time RV living with no plans to hang up the keys. . .

    our spring/summer 2014 plans also include Michigan and Wisconsin. . .perhaps our paths will cross!

  18. Sounds like you're having a terrific time in Florida ... we're going to be in Texas this winter ... hope the weather warms up a bit before we get there ;-)


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