Friday, October 18, 2013

Beautiful, Enchanting Charleston

We have spent the last week in Charleston, SC. What a beautiful city! Having never been there before, after some exploration, I can honestly say that I could live there. Right down in the middle of it.  I doubt we could afford it, but it’s a really cool little city and one, I’m sure, we’ll come back to again.

We arrived at Oak Plantation Campground in Johns Island last Thursday. This is one of the nicest parks we have stayed in and is the closest park to downtown Charleston.

Oak Plantation

It just reeks of southern charm. Just look at that Spanish moss hanging from the trees. This house belongs to the owners. We settled into our nice spacious site and made ourselves comfortable :)


On Friday, we headed downtown to explore and see the sites. We found a convenient parking spot close to the harbor and set off on foot to see what we could see. The Waterfront Park was amazing.

Waterfront Park Area

They even dyed the fountain pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month! How cool is that?

Waterfront Park Fountain

We took in the City Market where they sell all kinds of beautiful things. Some were expensive and some were super expensive :) City MarketWe donated a little bit to the local economy when Rick bought a new baseball cap :)

Palmetto State Cap

We wandered up and down, in and out, much on cobblestone streets until our poor feet cried “Uncle” and we stopped at Henry’s for a refreshing afternoon brew. Henry’s just happened to be across the street from the Market and next door to the candy store :) Perfect location :)

Henry's and It's Sugar

We stayed close to home on Saturday as we had cleaning inside and out to do and we were waiting on our mail to be delivered from our mail service in SD. We were expecting something we had ordered a couple weeks earlier and were looking forward to installing it. Rick gave Lucy a good bath in preparation and then proceeded with the installation.  Before he could even get started, our neighbor, Manny, introduced himself and offered to help as that is what he did for a living.


So in Manny’s capable hands, “Lucy”was installed :)

Later that afternoon, our friends Ronnie and Cynthia arrived and joined us for Happy Hour and hot dogs and brats on the grill.

Ronnie and Cynthia had been here a few times before so they took us to Folly Beach on Sunday and then to Southend Brewery in downtown Charleston for dinner.

We took the Charleston Harbor Cruise on the Carolina Belle on Monday despite cool, cloudy weather.


It was a pleasant hour and a half tour all along the harbor passing Forts Johnson and Moultrie as well as Fort Sumpter (which was closed due to the government shutdown).

Harbor Tour

We finished off our day at the Water’s Edge Restaurant where we sat outside and watched the tide come in while enjoying half price appetizers during Happy Hour :)

Tuesday was another “close to home” day. Cynthia and I took a run to Costco in the afternoon and left the guys to fend for themselves. I heard Ronnie got to watch and supervise while Rick changed our water filters and replaced the anode rod in our hot water heater. Do you think it was about time???

Anode rod-not much left

We threw some burgers on the grill that night and just enjoyed the beautiful Fall-like weather.

On our last day here, Wednesday, we set out to walk the Arthur Ravenel Bridge, a beautiful cable-stayed bridge over the Cooper River connecting downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant. 

Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge

This bridge was completed and opened in 2005, one year ahead of schedule and under budget! How often do you hear of that happening? The bridge consists of 8 lanes of traffic and a bike/pedestrian lane separated by a concrete abutment.

It’s 2.5 miles from one end to the other; 5 miles round trip. We parked on the Mount Pleasant side of the bridge and started out. Ronnie and Cynthia weren’t sure if they were going to do the whole thing, but they wanted to at least make it to the halfway point where the views of the harbor and skyline were wonderful. Rick and I intended to complete the whole thing, so off we went!

Bridge Walk

Once we arrived at the end, we turned around and hiked back arriving back at the car in about 2 hours. It was a wonderful walk, one that appears to be very popular judging from the number of people out there. The only drawback was the noise and gas fumes. It was fairly breezy Wednesday so the fumes were not too bad but earplugs probably would have been a good idea :)

From there, we took our last tour of this beautiful city at Palmetto Carriage Works. We joined a few others on our carriage ride through the historic district directed by our guide Ron and made possible by our mule team, George and Thomas :)

Carriage Tour


We left Charleston Thursday morning and are continuing our trek south. We plan to wander some all over Florida this winter, but will be in the Crystal River area for the last half of Dec and all of Jan & Feb. Maybe we’ll see some of you down the road!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Good to see you're on the move, one of our favorite southern cities, took a historical home tour one time. Couldn't afford and wouldn't want the upkeep of one but they sure are beautiful. Dave will take the breweries but give me the cand store, always on the hunt for cherry sours. Safe travels south.

  2. Sure wish I was down where it appears to be nice and warm.

  3. You did all our favorite things... Charleston is a beautiful city!!! Next trip check out Shems Creek and Isle of Palms on the north side of the Charleston Harbor. My only complaint is the traffic congestion. We usually visit on Sunday Morning so we have it all to ourselves;o)) See you soon!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  4. I am looking so forward to Charleston. Looks like such a great place!

  5. We loved Charleston, too, although we didn't get to spend a week there! Definitely on the "go back to" list. Hope you found Justine's southern food EVER!

  6. We have always enjoyed your blog posts...however, this might be our favorite one yet. :+) This is such a great place to visit, but made even better when shared with special friends.

  7. We'll be staying at Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park the whole month of January before heading further south. We might get a chance to meet up for a visit. Kathy wants to go swim with the Manatees again. It was quite an experience and very worthwhile. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. I just love Charleston. We would love to come up to Crystal River to visit.

  9. Wish I had known you were here. We live in Mount Pleasant and are ramping up to become full-timers. Safe travels.

  10. Great photos of a beautiful looking city, thanks for the tour. Charlestown is probably the place I'd most like to visit in the south.

  11. Charleston is definitely on our list, and your pictures do a great job of capturing its charm that we're looking forward to seeing.

    What a nice neighbor you had to install Lucy's name for you! She looks fabulous!

  12. We enjoyed Charleston, too but be careful! That hat purchase is the first sign of a Charleston addiction. Before you know it, you'll be moving in to one of the little cottages down by the South Battery. You know you can afford it. :cD

    I think Rick replaced that anode a little too early. You could have easily gotten another 15 minutes out of it!

  13. Lucy's nose job looks good. Crystal River isn't far from Cedar Key where we will be staying this winter also. Maybe we can check in with each other some.

  14. Nice touch with "Lucy". We're in NC headed to SC. We loved Charleston last year when we stopped, going on by this year. We hope to see you soon!

  15. Been trying to e-mail you all day but your settings keep blocking us. Send an E-mail we can write to.

  16. awww. . .Lucy looks lovely. . .nice touch!

    We enjoyed Charleston very much and Fort Sumter as well. . .I was pleased to learn that no building in Charleston can be built higher than the church steeple. . .interesting factoid. . .pics are great! Good memories. . .

  17. Charleston is great! My sister lives close to there and we love it there. So many fun things to do. Safe travels

  18. Charleston is a great place! We are looking forward to going back on a day when there are no cruise ships in port:)

  19. Gail, Dick and I are planning a 1-2 month vacation during July/August 2014 and SC and FL are 2 of the states we hope to revisit. I am making notes based on friends' travels through various area. Please send me a private message on Facebook with the cost of Oak Plantation Campground, which is not listed on their website - 50 AMP for 40' MH. Thanks and look forward to reading more especially from the FL Keys, where we went scuba diving in the early to mid 1980s.


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