Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Motorhome Mod…New Kitchen Backsplash

We are spending the week in Cedar Point, NC right next to Emerald Isle Beach. This is one of our favorite spots and we’ve done some prime beach walking :)


But today, it was time for work!  Rick replaced our air conditioner shrouds with shiny new ones.


The old ones were threatening to take flight as we drove down the highway :)


They were much worse than this picture shows. There were cracks all over the place and one fell apart before Rick could throw it in the dumpster!

Here is the shiny new model. We had our choice of colors-black or white. The old shrouds were tan. That was not an option, so black seemed the better choice. Lucy has some black, but no white. They look fine and our fellow motorists are much safer now :)


While he was doing that, I replaced our kitchen backsplash. It turned out pretty darn good, if I do say so myself :)

Our backsplash has always been a thorn in my side. It was a mirror. Every tiny splatter found it’s way onto that glass and it looked horrible unless it was cleaned twice a day. I’m retired. Twice a day was too much work for me! :)


The mirror was glued to the wall so I wasn’t sure how much elbow grease I was going to need.  First I covered the entire surface with tape so if it shattered it would be contained.


I first tried dental floss and slid it behind the mirror hoping to gently work it free. I had to abort that plan immediately. The edges of the mirror, although finished, cut the floss in seconds. I ultimately ended up using a small pry bar and working in sections.


The mirror had a vinyl film on the back which helped hold the larger pieces together as they broke. I vacuumed up the small chips and glass dust as I went. It turned out that the mirror was attached by a strip of double sided foam tape on top and bottom with a glob of adhesive through the middle that resembled liquid nails. It was on there to last. It took awhile to get the entire mirror down but finally, at the end, the last section let go all in once piece.


After packaging up the pieces for a trip to the dumpster, I cleaned the excess adhesive and tape off the wall and gave the entire wall area a good cleaning.

I have always loved the look of glass tiles and really, really wanted to have them as our backsplash. Realistically, however, I knew I couldn’t afford to add the weight. They are heavy! Then I discovered a product called Smart Tiles.

Smart Tiles look like glass tiles but come in 10” x 10” sheets of self stick awesomeness. They are made of gel and mimic the look of glass fabulously! What do you think? Pretty cool, huh?


A little closer view


I left the small side mirror and tiled around it. I still get a bit of the extra light/spaciousness for which the mirrors were intended, but without having a huge expanse and not above the stove.


I am happy as a clam :)

I actually gave us back some CCC (cargo carrying capacity). The mirror I removed weighed 9½ pounds while the Smart Tiles came in at 1 ¾ pounds! How cool is that?

Now, all I need is a new kitchen window treatment :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Great idea! I think we will do the same! We have admired the glass look. Could you share where you purchased them?

    1. Nan, Home carries much of their line. I did not have any luck finding it in their stores, however. I found mine at Lowe's. They only had 2 styles but this was one of them and I'm very pleased :) Good luck if you try it...and let me know how it turned out.

  2. Nice work on the backsplash. It looks like you did a very professional job.

  3. Wow, fabulous new look. Only an idiot would put a mirror behind the stove.

  4. that is just fantastically awesome. . .I am checking at Lowe's 'cause I have the same disgusting mirror behind my cooktop. . .who thinks of these things? ? ?

  5. I agree with Coleen about a mirror in the kitchen. I hate cleaning all the mirrors we have but at least none in the kitchen. You did a GREAT job on that and it seems actually to lighten the space up. How did you get that adhesive off. That stuff is hateful!

    1. Sherry, it was virtually impossible to totally remove the adhesive. The double sided tape could be trimmed with a razor blade which worked great. The cement part was on so good that when the mirror was pulled away, it pulled the wallpaper off the plywood wall. It was surprising how thin the wallpaper was...more like a skin. So i just trimmed away the separated parts which had the cement on them. This product is nice and thick so it easily hides any imperfections (unless they are huge).

  6. Great job...looks fabulous!! Something nice about doing it yourself and having it turn out so well;o))

  7. Nice job on the tile, always wished I had it in the house, maybe now in the RV, something to look into.

  8. Love your backsplash overhaul! Looks like I have another thing to add to our reno list!

  9. The tile will be so much easier to keep clean. Great job Gail.

  10. Such a great idea! Didn't know about that product, Smart Tiles. We don't have mirror, but just the Keystone wallpaper backsplash. Our stovetop, however, lifts and folds, so nothing splashes anyway. Great job!

  11. Great job on the backsplash, it looks terrific. Same for the roof shrouds. It's funny how that plastic just goes brittle and cracks with time. Another thing to remember to check for me.

  12. Full time rving isn't all fun and games. Jobs well done!

  13. That backsplash came out beautifully. You should be on that "Rock My RV" TV show! :cD

  14. Beautiful! I see a project for us in the future!

  15. Wow, Wow! WOW! That is beautiful and the fact that you lightened your load and easy install. I'm looking to see if I can do that somewhere in our rig.

  16. Very nice job on the back splash - looks terrific!

  17. You did a great job on your blacksplash. Wanna come do mine?

    We also have mirror, but ours are several small beveled pieces of mirror. They might be a little easier to remove. I've looked at the blacksplash you used and wondered if they would look cheap once they were up. I'm glad to see they don't and actually look very nice. I guess that's what I'll go with....if I can only make up my mind on which color to use.

    Once concern I had with that blacksplash was how to trim it up? I couldn't see any trim pieces in the photos you showed. What did you do about the sides?

    Great job!

    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for the comment! This was the easiest stuff in the world to work with...scissors and/or razor knife. I used the used backing material to make templates around the tricky parts. As for trim, the short side wall that I left the mirror on had the slide trim on the end so it finished off nicely. On the left side of the big wall, next to the sofa, I bought a small piece of balsa wood at Michaels and painted it. Then I just attached it with double sided foam tape. It worked great, gave it a finished end and weighed nothing. It's been up over a week now and I am still in love with it :)

  18. You did a fine job on your RV remodeling project! Not only does it look fabulous, plus added more class...not to mention increase the resale value ;-). I have the same project on the list(plus around the bath&bedroom sinks), however I haven't figured out how to handle the wall seam issue. How did you handle that vertical seam cover, so you don't have a small hump? Also, can you tell how many squares you had to purchase to complete your project? Window covering; I was thinking of changing the blind out with a nice window shade - Lowes has some nice ones you can order. Would love to see what you come up with. Thanks for any feedback. Deb

    1. Thank you! I'm still happy with it too :) I used 12 tiles and had about 1/2-3/4 of one left. They do sell them in 6 packs a bit cheaper than the per each so that's what I did. On the left side seam, I bought a very light weight strip of balsa wood at Michaels, cut it to fit, painted it black and attached it to the wall using double sided foam tape. It works like a piece of molding and looks good.
      We reinstalled the wood valance on the kitchen window but still haven't decided on a window treatment :) I just know that something is going to jump out at me one of these days! I like your roller idea. I may look into that. Thanks!


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