Monday, September 9, 2013

Guess Who Came to Dinner :)

We were at the NC State Fairgrounds a great deal  this summer, so when we heard that friends, Howard and Linda Payne of were going to be presenting seminars at the North Carolina RV Show this month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to have a get together.

And, get together we did! :)

Some of us gathered at the Fairgrounds RV Park…Gin and Syl of Wandering Sylville, Ronnie and Cynthia of Eas-on Down the Road and Bruce and Laura (who haven’t decided on a blog yet)… for a fun weekend.

Saturday morning we headed over to the RV Show to say hi to Howard and Linda, do a little browsing and, of course, some horsing around :)


20130907_130600 (Medium)

We started the evening festivities with snacks and Happy Hour. Howard and Linda had an hour break between seminars so were able to join us for a bit before returning to do their last seminar of the day.

NC Fairgrounds Sept 2013 013 (Medium)

We were later joined by Hank and Selene Montgomery, John and Terri Shea, Gary Moore (minus Peggy who was doing Mom/Grandma duty…we missed you Peggy!) and, of course, Howard and Linda, for a potluck dinner.

201309 NC (Medium)

We ate (a lot!), drank and laughed until our sides hurt. It was a wonderful time and left us wanting more :) Howard and Linda left with a few new ideas for future get togethers :)

Those of us that are full-time RVers or plan to become full-time RVers know of Howard and Linda. They are an inspiration to many. If you would like more information on this lifestyle, I encourage you to visit their website: There is a wealth of information there. Rick and I discovered their site early on in our research and what we learned in the process was invaluable. We consider them friends and mentors. They are partially responsible for our decision to down-size, sell it all and travel the country. We would have still done it without them, but they made our research so much easier! We will be forever grateful to them :) It was one of the best decisions we have ever made!

20130907 (Medium)

Yup. Life is good :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Great post Gail. Haven't heard from you in ages. Wish we could have been there. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Really nice picture of Howard and Linda. We feel the same way about them. We were on our way to full timing. But their informaton speeded us up at least a year.

  2. Good to see you enjoying yourselves. We had decided to fulltime prior to reading anyone's experiences, Howard and Linda have shared such a wealth of information, so many questions were answered by them.

  3. We owe a lot to Howard and Linda. We're went on the road 2 yrs sooner with their help. What a great get together.

  4. It was a great time and idea. Thank you for coordinating! We had the best time!

  5. What fun!! Wish we could have joined in... but won't be long;o))

    H & L are really special people...nice photo...we all owe them many thanks!!

  6. Yes it was a fun weekend! Let's get together again soon.
    H&L's website is such a wealth of information. It gave us the confidence to take that joyous leap.

  7. It looked like such a fun day with all of them. There has been a lot of mini reunions all summer! We are looking forward to the CC reunion and H&L's Fall Rally as well!

  8. So sorry we missed the shindig. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Hope to see you in NC!

  9. Good food, good friends, good times.. Thank you so much Rick and Gail.

  10. Great post. Really good to see everyone together. Howard and Linda are looking great.

  11. Always lots of fun when dreamers get together. Looked like a fun time!!

  12. Howard was very patient with me as we made the determination that this life was actually do-able at our age. No regrets either, and will always be grateful to them for their encouragement. Sad we weren't in the area for the get together, but we hope to see many of you in Florida this winter.

  13. nothing better than a bunch of Rvers getting together...!!! Howard and Linda were very helpful when we were considering part time full time also..


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