Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bye, Bye Diamond Shield!

Lucy, our Tiffin Allegro Bus Motorhome had a Diamond Shield protection on the front that had failed…quite awhile ago! There were a couple of spots on her at purchase time, but nothing like it was in its current state. Nasty, nasty nasty!

Diamond Shield Failure

I’m sharing close-ups to give you the full picture of how nasty she really was :) All those spots are mildew behind that Diamond Shield. We originally thought they were just bug stains but no matter how we tried to clean them, nothing worked. I had been itching to peel back this yucky film for a long time but whenever Rick caught me “trying” he had a coronary :)   He was afraid I’d start something I couldn’t finish.

Well, the time finally arrived! Here the generator drawer is done. See the difference?

Generator Panel Completed

With Rick on one side and me on the other, we rolled and pulled taking care that no paint came off in the process.

Peeling Diamond Shield off

We have several friends that removed theirs and it took them many, many man hours. We asked about removal while we were in for service at one time and got a quote of $1000. I have to tell you, had we spent $1000 to have this film removed, I probably would have just been happy to have it gone. BUT, it only took Rick and I an hour and a half to remove the film and, then about another 6 hours of Ricks time to remove the remnants of adhesive, wash her and put on 3 coats of wax.

It wouldn’t have taken him that long if we had removed the adhesive immediately after removing the film. We were tired having traveled that day and decided to wait until tomorrow. The adhesive dried out over night and it was much more difficult to remove than when it was soft and pliable.  Lesson learned! $1000 saved! We were very lucky though. Others we know, have spent 40-50+ hours to achieve these results. Had we had that experience, I think $1000 would have been well paid!

Bye, bye Allegro Bus! Unfortunately, our “Allegro Bus” lettering was on top of the Diamond Shield. It came off with it.

Bye-Bye Allegro Bus!

Hello Lucy!  Doesn’t she just sparkle???

The “Lucy” is just a simulation, but we are thinking of having it done.  

What do you think?


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  1. Oh my gosh, I do have to say that I never noticed that shield on the front! But what a difference! Lucy looks great!

  2. After 7 years in the sign business, I wish I had known of your project. You can remove what is basically high tack clear acrylic vinyl with a heat gun. The glue comes up too. It takes a lot of patience but once you get it going it comes right up and off..$1000 is a major rip..with a industrial heat gun you both could probably done it in an hour..Lucy looks good though..Nice Job!

    1. Ok, Mike, now that I know you have a sign background, I'm going to pick your brain this weekend :)

    2. We used WD40, but that doesn't work for everyone. It depends on how "far gone" your diamond shield is. It's best to remove it while the adhesive is still soft and WD40 it immediately. We saved a small area overnight because we were tired and the glue hardened and it was much harder to remove.

  3. Great job on the clean up, and yes Lucy should have her name showing.

  4. Lucy looks beautiful...great job!! I think she needs her name on the front and how about eye lashes over the headlights?!?! She'd look so cute;o))

  5. I think that's a great idea to have Lucy's name front and center. I'm wondering if George would let me paint "harvey" on Harvey. Lol.

  6. Looks good without the shield. We had one on our Meridian for six years and luckily was stil in good shape when we swapped it for the new one.

  7. With 7.5 hours of your time you just made $133 an hour to do it yourself. Pretty good pay I'd say. She looks great!

  8. I'm still trying to get my head around a MH wrapped up in Saran Wrap! Nice job on getting all that film off and it sure looks a lot better too.

    Looks like you've save yourselves a bundle of cash by doing it yourselves.

  9. So you two must be bored. The kitchen back splash and Lucy's nose. I'm sure you've probably been doing other little projects too. Yep... must be time to hit the road soon!

  10. Wow, Lucy looks so nice and shiny -- great job! And what a thrill to keep that bundle of money in your pocket.

    I vote to have Lucy's name put on the front.

  11. Amazing..Lucy was always beautiful, now she looks even better. Getting the Diamond Shield off can really make a difference. I can't imagine those other people spending 40-50 hours getting theirs off.. Their Shield must have been really bad.

  12. It's only a matter of time before we have to remove our Diamond shield. It, too is getting mold spots.

    What did you use to remove the adhesive?

    1. We used WD-40. It worked quite well and if you do it while the adhesive is soft, it works excellent :)


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