Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Is this your address on blogger? Probably. It is mine. After checking several of my blogging friends, I found it is theirs too. Even 2 of my very knowledgeable blogging friends, Rick and Erin.

This all started last week when my friends, Nancy and Bill, responded to a comment I left on their blog. I don’t mean that they responded in the comments section. They replied to the email that most of us get notifying us of a new comment. Unbeknownst to them (and me) it went into that “black hole” at Google never to be seen again. Neither of us would have known had we not communicated a few days later and the subject came up. 

Long story short, my email address used to be public when anyone clicked “reply” in the email making it easy to respond to any comment I left. Sometimes it’s more of a personal issue and you don’t want the whole world reading it. That was back in the Blogger profile days. A few months ago, after being prodded by Google, I decided to move my blog to my Google+ profile thereby  “simplifying” all things Google. Or so I thought.

Here is where Google gets way too frustrating. You can go to my Google+ profile and send me an email BUT they have, in their infinite wisdom, chosen to keep all email addresses private when commenting. Therefore, if you wish to reply to something I said, you need to go to my profile page and send me an email rather than just hitting “reply”. There is no way to change this on Google+.  You have to revert back to the Blogger profile, re-enter all your information and allow your email to be linked. Had I known all this prior to converting to my Google+ profile, I never would have done it.

Am I being too picky? Perhaps. Those of you that are still on the Blogger profile and have enabled it, can get replies easily to any comments you leave. Those of us on Google+ will forever be known as

As for me, I’m researching other blogging platforms. I think Google, in their quest to simplify, has inadvertently made it more difficult for some. Will I go? Who knows. I may just revert back to the Blogger profile until Google forces all of us to move to the G+ profile. That day will come.

Thanks for stopping by…and letting me rant.Turtle