Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Winding Up Our Vermont Stay

Hard to top Ben & Jerry’s but we did Winking smile

We explored the cute, touristy little town of Stowe one day.


Stowe VT is the ski capital of the East. Good thing we were here in the Spring/Summer! The traffic wasn’t too bad :)  We just randomly explored the area driving until we found something interesting :)

The Green Mountains feature Smuggler’s Notch, a very historical  pass through the mountains that is only open in the summer.


In 1807, President Thomas Jefferson passed an embargo act forbidding American trade with Great Britain and Canada. The locals weren’t too happy about that. Montreal was much closer than other American trading centers so they used the Notch to smuggle goods to Canada. Later, slaves used the Notch to escape to Canada. During the prohibition years, smuggling booze from Canada through the Notch was very common.

Somewhere in the Green Mountains, we happened upon the Trapp Family Lodge. If you were ever a Sound of Music fan, this would be the place for you :) The family toured the US in the 1940’s and settled in Stowe VT. The estate is spectacular and a very popular venue in this area.



Of course no trip to Vermont would be complete without a trip to Montpelier, the capital city.


Along with the mountains we found small lakes. Perfect size for Sea Eagling :) We did some padding one afternoon on Eden Lake.


We paddled all the way to the other end and back again. Took us all of about 1½ hours :)

That night we were invited to a delicious meal of smoked pulled pork butt made by our new friends Faye and Dave. It was fantastic!



Faye and Dave just sold their home and plan to join the full-timing world soon. We met the day we arrived and Faye confessed she read many of the same blogs I did and had one of her own. She finally decided to put herself “out there” and made it known that it was now public.  She also decided to quit lurking and start commenting on the blogs she reads. Guess she’s going to fit into this lifestyle just fine :) Click on the link and welcome them!

The following day, they took us on our very first river paddle. They have a canoe and we have the Sea Eagle. We left our Jeep at the put in spot and Dave left his truck at the take out. What a great paddle this was…not much paddling required actually.


All in all, it was about a 7-8 mile trip and took the majority of the afternoon. Fabulous way to spend a day. We topped it off with an ice cream cone at the camp store :)

Vermont is a place I could easily come back to. I think I’m going to miss it.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Very nice day with fellow RVrs! They must be nice, they have a Montana :) Very helpful to canoe/kayak with another couple so that you have a tag vehicle along.

  2. I think it was in the mid- lor ate-80s that we made a trip from Salt Lake City to the East Coast. We did a loop that included Vermont on the back end. Having always been Sound of Music fans, we stayed overnight at the Trapp Family Lodge. Several years later the Von Trapp Family Singers came to Utah on their tour -- the great grandchildren of Maria and Georg ... it was fun to hear them sing some of the tunes so familiar from the movie.

  3. I really loved Vermont too and I didn't even get up to these great places you two were. It's a definite return to for a longer time place for me. So nice to be able to do a river paddle and have a shuttle rather than having to paddle back which is what we always seem to do.

  4. Thanks for a nice tour of Vermont. We will miss it this year but making a list of places for the future!!

  5. Great post. Enjoyed your narration and pictures. :) Thanks.

  6. Those pictures brought back some great memories of Stowe and the capital:)

  7. I'm glad I found your blog. . .great pic of the Capital Building in Montpelier. . .we plan to be there within the next month to get our very own shot of it. . .now I hafta go read your past posts to see what else there is to do in Vermont that I don't know about yet. . .thanks!

    ReadyToGoFullTimeRVing Blog

  8. We've never been to Vermont! It's on our list and can't wait to get there someday. We continue to enjoy your blog and can't wait to read your posts when you arrive to Maine.

  9. When we drove thru Vermont, we really, really liked it. So glad we will be coming back in August! Safe travels

  10. Good thing you did all that paddling to work off that Ben and Jerry's... :c)

    VT is the summer. Too bad they get so much of that white stuff in the winter!

  11. Thank you Gail & Rick for welcoming so warmly into the full time ranks. We enjoyed our time with you and look forward to seeing you down the road. It's been rainy and stormy since you left, 2"-3" tonight expected, gave the lawyer POA in case we can't get in to Burlington tomorrow, the closing is set for 8:30 tomorrow morning :) Now just waiting word on Dave's winter leave of absence.

    Safe travels...

  12. We enjoyed our drive thru Vermont too. Beautiful place during the summer. I think we could spend a bit more time here again some day.

  13. Big Sound of Music fan here. Would love to see the lodge.

  14. Vermont looks like a great place to spend some time. If we ever get straight about spending hot summers traveling north and cold winters here in FL


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