Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vermont. The Green Mountain State and Home of Ben & Jerry’s!

Tuesday, we got an early start, for us, and headed out at 10:00 AM for Waterbury, a drive of about 26 miles. I had found that the Ben and Jerry’s Factory was in Waterbury and how could I resist??? The very first B&J was in Burlington VT, a short distance away. When they ran out of space, they acquired the Waterbury location.


B&J has a refreshing business ethic/plan and they’ve held to their mission statement for all these years. I won’t go into their politics here, but if you’re interested, a google search will get you all the info you could desire :)


It’s a great story starting with Ben and Jerry meeting in 1963, in 7th grade, and becoming fast friends. When they graduated, they pooled their money and paid $5 to Penn State for a correspondence course on how to make ice cream. The rest, as they say, is history. They are still best friends today.

We had to wait about 20 minutes for the next tour to begin so we wandered through the gift shop/tourist trap :) They did have some pretty cute things but it’s always easy to pass on more “stuff” when you live in a motorhome :)


Our tour was divided into 3 parts with the first being a film about the history of Ben and Jerry’s. After that we observed the ice cream making process from the mezzanine. No photos are allowed of this process. (They wanted to be certain we weren’t Haagen-Dazs spies :) Lastly, we were taken to the Flavoroom where we all enjoyed a sample of the Flavor of the Day. This day happened to be Triple Caramel Chunk. Yum! Samples are samples though, never quite enough. So we stopped in the Scoop Shop to get a couple cones and chose to try Coconut Seven Layer Bar. Double Yum!


This was a combination of Coconut Ice Cream with Coconut & Fudge Flakes, Walnuts and Swirls of Graham Cracker & Butterscotch. Awesome! Those of you that are fans of Jamaica Me Crazy at Brusters will have to try this and tell me if it’s comparable. I can’t imagine it being better…but never say never :)

With cone in hand, we wandered the grounds and found the best find of the day. The Flavor Graveyard! All retired or abandoned flavors are given a royal send off in this “cemetery”.


Here are a few of my favorite gravestones :) Someone has a fantastic sense of humor! Can you find your old favorite?


Once we completed our Ben & Jerry’s pilgrimage, we drove a few blocks to the Cold Hollow Cider Mill. Along with cider, Cold Hollow is noted for their Apple Cider Donuts. We couldn’t resist trying just one :)

Cold Hollow Cider Mill

Our donut was hot off the presses and pretty darn good. In fact, we had to allow them to cool a bit before we could handle them :)

After a short grocery stop, we headed home for the day. With a lunch of ice cream and donuts for dessert, I wasn’t sure I’d even be hungry for the ribs I had in the crockpot for dinner. I was :)

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  1. I'm not a big fan of ice cream, but if I'm going to have a cone it has to be on one of those pointy crisp cones that you had...not those light colored cardboardy things. :)

  2. We've been (well, my son and I) to that place several times. Love it every time! Now I'm hungry for some B&J's :)

  3. Unlike Judy, we love, love, love ice cream!

  4. We all scream for ice cream!!! The death of Sweet Potato Pie just breaks my vegan heart;o)) Ice Cream and Donuts...what's not to love:o))

  5. I think I am really going to love Vermont!

  6. Oh boy ice cream!! That coconut flavor sounds fantastic. I'm off to map the distance between us and B&J. Loved their "politics" but wasn't the company bought out (perhaps hostile takeover) by a foreign concern??

  7. That ice cream sounds really great ... I bet it tastes even better. And the donuts ... yummm. Our visits to Vermont have always been short day trips from NH ... obviously we need to spend some time there to appreciate all that the state has to offer ;-)

  8. Vermont looks wonderful! Even I wouldn't be able to resist a B & J sample!

  9. We loved our time in Vermont but didn't know about B & J's or we probably would have been there. I think we like Baskins and Robbins better. I'm with Sherry.... give me coconut anything. mmmmgood

  10. That's a tour I'd love to take. I live ice cream and I could also go for a few of those donuts!

  11. Now that coconut flavor sounds like pure heaven to me. See ya soon!

  12. Both places added to our East Coast bucket list! Oh my. Sounds wonderful.

  13. I heard about the Flavor Graveyard on the Travel Channel once -- what a hoot! Cider donuts sure sound yummy.

  14. Thanks a lot! My cholesterol numbers just skyrocketed as I read your post... :cO


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