Saturday, June 8, 2013

A New State, More Friends and Fun and Chocolate!

Our route north started in Wilson NC, continuing on to Glen Allen VA and Williamsport MD. Maryland was a new state for us. Not that we’d never been there before or that we’d ever travelled through there before. We had never spent the night there before…in Lucy. We took care of that on this trip when we spent the night at the Hagerstown/Antietam KOA in Williamsport.

Hagerstown KOA

This is a really nice campground right on the banks of Conococheague Creek, an offshoot of the Potomac. There are several seasonal campers onsite but, for the most part, it was well tended.

As we walked the park, we came upon  residents Lucy and Ethel :) They are locals and share their area with the goldfish and the chickens :)

Lucy and Ethel

The owner has decorated the little café with memorabilia he has collected over the years celebrating the life and career of Lucille Ball. As it was the beginning of the season, the café was only open on weekends but we were allowed to go in to check out the display. There were several dresses/clothing donated directly from Lucille Ball.

I Love Lucy Memorabilia

There were checks signed by Lucy, receipts signed by Lucy, all with documentation to verify authenticity…very cool.

When we left there, we headed to Mannheim PA to visit our friends Nancy and Neil!


We pulled into their park, PA Dutch Country RV Park in Mannheim, on Thursday afternoon and set up right across the street from them.

PA Dutch Country RV Park

We got together Thursday evening for a glass of wine and got caught up on each other’s lives.

The next morning (Friday) we met for coffee before going out to breakfast at the Kountry Kitchen Family Restaurant. I really wish I had remembered to take a photo, because Nancy and I had an excellent dish! We both had George’s Special which was Baby Spinach, Chopped Tomatoes & Bacon Tossed In Olive Oil Placed In a Casserole And Topped With Two Eggs Over Easy & Feta Cheese with homefries And Toast. I don’t know who George is, but he came up with a winner :) The guys both enjoyed their food too.

It had rained all night and it wasn’t going to give us a break. With Neil as our chauffeur, we managed a quick stop at Wilbur’s Chocolate in Lititz to stock up on their awesome Wilbur’s Buds and Triple coated Almonds. I’m a sucker for good chocolate :)


From there, we headed over to The Sturgis Pretzel Factory to pick up a supply of their wonderful freshly made pretzels. Of course, while we were there, we had to have one of the warm, soft pretzels too :)

Nancy and Neil have lived in this area their entire lives so they had fun being tourists for the day. We discovered these 2 gems when we were in this area 2 years ago and knew we couldn’t leave without a 2nd visit.

With no let up in the rain, we headed back home and took a small nap :)  Nancy was preparing dinner for us so we wanted to be well-rested :)We headed over there around 5:00.

Look who greeted us when we walked in the door! Tatum or Tater Tot as she’s also known, is 4 years old and absolutely adorable. I’m not normally a big dog person but I was crazy about this little cutie. Look at that face! :)

Tatum Cutie Pie

Dinner was wonderful! Nancy had fresh Guacamole and chips, plus Italian bread and dipping sauce for an appetizer. Dinner was homemade meatloaf, mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus with Apple Dumplings for dessert. It was fabulous and we ate way too much!

Dinner at Nancy and Neil's

The evening went by much too quickly and before we knew it, it was 10 PM and time to call it a night.

This morning, we got up early, for us, and after saying our good byes, pulled out at 9:00 to continue our northern trek. We drove as far as Bainbridge NY, a little over 200 miles. We are staying at the Riverside RV Campground on the bank of the Susquehanna River.

Susquehanna River in Bainbridge NY

This is a cute little town and a really nice small park. We’ll be here through tomorrow so maybe we’ll get some exploring done since the rain has finally stopped.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle



  1. Very cool that you got to spend time with N&N. They are grest people! Wilburs chocolate is the best :-)
    Be careful by that Susquehanna..she can be nasty!

  2. What a great day with Nancy and Neil!!! Hit our favorites-Wilbur's and Sturgis':o) Safe Travels......

  3. Yummm ... all those good recommendations for eats has made me hungry ;-)

  4. We also had an excellent meal from Nancy and Neil a couple years ago...great hosts!Tatum is adorable, but Chelsea has a thing or two to discuss about cuteness with you when you arrive :-)!

  5. We will feed and entertain all our friends who stop by and visit us in PA! It could be an event that helps us pass our time working here until retirement! So let's here it for visiting Neil & Nancy in PA! And Tatum - Tater Tot"s has kisses for all!

  6. By the way...we loved our visit with you! Great time!

  7. Chocolate, home cooked meals, a cute puppy to pat, sounds like you and Rick hit the jackpot as you traveled north. And just think, the best is yet to come! We're thinking of you and be safe as you travel too.

  8. The pretzel factory is what piqued my interest. :)

  9. Can't beat chocolate, pretzels then meat loaf and mashed potatoes - all favourites of mine for sure. Great post!

  10. You sure made tracks away from North Carolina. Riverside on the Susquehanna looks like a good place. I'm going to put that and those candy and pretzel places on my map. Thanks!

  11. Tatum is looking good. And, Lucy is looking good in her spot!

  12. Hook your horn as you head north! We'll keep an ear out for you!
    Looks like you had a great time with Neil and Nancy. See you in a few weeks. Can not wait!

  13. Chocolate?? Did I hear chocolate?? I'm there!

    Tatum sure is a cutie pie!

  14. So how long did it take for them to miss Tater Tot when you left? ;c)

  15. Gail, I so enjoy reading about your travels and, hopefully, Dick and I will be taking a few months off next summer to do the same. It will be worth taking a paying job for a few months to have a few months off Keep on keeping in touch and hope to catch up with y'all one day!


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