Tuesday, May 14, 2013

North Carolina, Friends and Wine

We are currently back in the Triangle area of North Carolina (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) but only for this week. We leave on Sunday for the NC Coast for a couple weeks before beginning our northern trek to New England.

We took a full week to get here from Tennessee and I’m glad we did. We found 2 very nice campgrounds in the process. The first, Creekwood Farm RV Park, Waynesville, was close to Maggie Valley in the NC Mountains and a gem.


Family run, the grounds were beautiful and immaculate.


All sites were FHU with Cable TV


The views weren’t too shabby either :)


Had we known how nice this park was going to be, we would have planned our trip differently. As it was, we spent one night but we will definitely be back and plan to stay much longer. An added bonus, they accept Passport America for 3 nights, so that makes it an even better value.

The second park we really liked was Warrior Creek COE Park by Wilkesboro, NC. Also in the mountains, this park is beautiful in a forest-like setting.


It would be a great spot to spend a week or 2, especially if you were looking for peace and quiet. It was very quiet…even on the weekend.


We chose this campground as an easy spot to meet up with friends, Bruce and Laura, for the weekend. They arrived late Friday afternoon and after welcome hugs, we left them to get all setup without interruption :) Once that was accomplished, we sat around and caught up on each other’s lives.

Saturday morning dawned partly cloudy but with fingers crossed, we took off on a nice hike through the campground. We stuck to the asphalt; the trails were really muddy from all the rain in recent days. Here is their dog, Clem, greeting a couple other campers. It was pretty cute :)


Saturday afternoon, we did a little wine-ing. There are several wineries throughout the area and we chose a couple to visit. One we had visited  before and one we had not.

The first, Windsor Run Winery, had changed hands and names a couple years ago. It used to be called Buck Shoals Winery and when Laura mentioned that, they asked if we would be interested in a dry red table wine they were clearing out under the Buck Shoals label. They offered it to us at a price no one could turn down :) We each bought a case, then enjoyed a bottle of it on their deck to check out our impulse purchase. That turned out to be a good move and we each bought another case :) We did REAL good :)


The second winery, Shadow Springs, was right down the road from Windsor Run and has a really nice tasting room. We enjoyed a glass on the back patio after our tasting. The sun had come out and it was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.



We finished our day at the Mason Jar Grill with barbeque, burgers and ribs. Yum!

We went our separate ways on Sunday knowing we’d see each other “down the road”. There is nothing better than spending time with good friends.

Granddaughter Maggie drew me a picture when we were in TN. It was drawn on note paper that said “The best things in life are not things”. I couldn’t agree more!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. interesting NC parks. we just pulled into the Raleigh fairgrounds for 6 nights as we try to figure out where we will go form here... where are you staying?

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Seems you managed to "Wine Alot";o)) Safe travels and we'll see you in a few weeks!!

  3. Nothing better than finding a good wine at a great price!

  4. Those campgrounds look like a couple of gems.

    Always nice to catch up with good friends.

  5. We really like Creekwood as well. We had a site that backed up right to the creek and it was very peaceful. We did good at bingo there too :)

  6. We had the best time with you both! Can't wait to see you again! That wine purchase has turned out to be a gem! Chill it and open it to let it breathe, oh my gosh, it's great!!

    See you soon..... :)

  7. Maggie's got it right. Thanks for the two campground recommendations ... always good to have these tucked away for future trips.

  8. Even though I'm not a wine drinker, I love the sign. Thought the campground sounded good but bingo too. Now it sounds great!! :-))

  9. We're headed to Virginia now, just pulled out from Coats about 2 hours ago. We hate we missed you but maybe we'll catch up with you at the NC coast.

  10. You sure found a couple of nice looking campgrounds, thanks for the pics!

  11. Another great COE find. We love peace and quiet, too. But when Laura and Bruce are around, there isn't much because of all the laughter they cause... ;c)

  12. I thought that it was a bit ironic knowing that you were at Warrior Creek COE at the same time that we were at Gunter Hill COE near Montgomery since we each recommended the parks to each other. Good to hear that Bruce and Laura are doing well. Have fun on the lake with T and D! :-)

  13. I know that you had a great time with Bruce and Laura! Creekwood and Warrior Creek (minus the watchman!) sound like nice places to park! It was so good "paddling" with you guys on the lake yesterday! See you down the road....soon!!

  14. I was so happy to meet you both last evening! I look forward to reading your stories as you move on down the road. Enjoy your stay here in NC and time with Ron and Cynthia!

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  16. We were just at Creekwood Farm RV Park May 8-10. It was a beautiful and quiet park that we used as a base to explore the Cherokee, NC area.


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