Friday, May 31, 2013

It’s True. Time Really Does Fly When You’re Having Fun!

Seems we just arrived in North Carolina and it’s already time to leave.

We arrived in the Triangle after our weekend in the mountains with Laura and Bruce and got setup at Rolling View Campground on Falls Lake. It was a quick trip this time with just one doctor visit and we each got our teeth cleaned. That’s always exciting stuff :)

We also took a day to do some kayaking in Falls Lake with friends Tricia and Dan. We had a great time and lots of laughs. We didn’t get much of a workout on this outing though. Dan and Tricia have an electric motor on their Sea Eagle so we enjoyed their generosity as they towed us all over the lake! Thanks guys!

Tricia and Dan

This photo is for Bill and Nancy…I’m told it’s your favorite launching spot :)

Bill and Nancy's Private Launch Site

Our time there was short but I did manage to buy some new wheels. Check out my new ride!

New to me bike

With luck, I won’t break my neck Smile

I think I have successfully talked Rick into joining me but he wants to sell his Trikke before buying a bike. It’s hard to carry all this stuff :) If anyone wants a Trikke or knows someone that wants a Trikke, let us know. He’ll make you a good deal :)

So there is no misunderstanding, THIS is a Trikke.


We quickly moved on to the NC Coast where we spent 2 wonderful weeks. We stayed at the Cedar Point Campground in Swansboro. We always enjoy coming here. It’s right over the bridge from Emerald Isle and the area has everything we need or could want.

We met up with friends Cynthia and Ronnie who were staying across the road at their site in Page Place. They kindly invited us to join them and their neighbors for a Memorial Day Pot Luck. It was a great time. They had lots of wonderful food, a DJ, good music and lots of friendly people. I even met someone who reads my blog! It was nice meeting you Sharon!

Cynthia and Ronnie

Ronnie and Cynthia have a boat that they graciously invited us to enjoy with them while we were here.

Captain Ron

One day we headed down the Intra-coastal waterway to Buies Creek for lunch. We no sooner launched than we noticed the Coast Guard following us!

Oh oh.

They followed for quite some time before passing us and going on their way.

Coast Guard

It was a beautiful ride. We passed many beach “cottages”. Some of them were huge!

Beach Cottages

We arrived at the Riverview Café, a small repurposed house,

Riverview Cafe

docked the boat and enjoyed a great lunch of fried shrimp, hush puppies, rolls and our choice of 2 sides with dessert, all for under $8.00. It was home cooking and it was good!


On the way home, we were entertained by a school of dolphins. There must have been at least a dozen and they kept us entertained for quite awhile. I am not fast enough, nor is my camera capable of capturing their antics so I have no photos, but it was a treat for me. I have never seen so many dolphins all together.

When we docked, Ronnie said we had put on over 50 miles that day. We certainly enjoyed it.

A couple days later, they took us out once again to go fishing. We drove to Morehead City and launched the boat there, then motored out around Cape Lookout and Shackleford Island. I tried to get a good picture of the lighthouse and the wild horses on Shackleford but I only had my phone and we were quite a ways off shore.

Cape Lookout and Shackleford Island

Rick and Ronnie were the fishermen this day. Cynthia and I were content to relax and enjoy the sun.

Rick and Ronnie

Here’s a little one!

Too small to keep

Another little one!

Back in ocean for you

They weren’t biting much but the few they caught were too small to keep. Finally, just before we called it a day, Rick pulled in a keeper. It was a 16.5” flounder. It’ll be good for a taste :)

16.5 inch flounder-trying to get the hook out

We spent the entire day on the water and we were all beat by the time we got home. We were careful to use sunscreen but all that fresh air really pooped us out. We slept very well that night :)

Our time here is now over and it’s time to start our trek north. We’re heading to upstate NY to visit family and then on to Maine and some of the other New England states for the summer. It’s going to be fun!

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. You've got a lot of boating friends. There is nothing like a day out on the water for fun. I have been camping on Shackleford Island several times and it is just a beautiful place. Often there are lots of shelves. I love the part of the world you are in.

  2. Too funny, I just reread my comment and am I laughing at myself. SHELLS not shelves. I suppose maybe the island has a shelf, I don't really know. :-))

  3. Wow you have back a lot of activity into a few weeks...lots of fun!! Love your new ride and look forward to getting out on the carriage roads:o)) We will be visiting visiting, "The Rock" in a couple weeks with all the kids!!! See you in a month:o))

  4. Ronnie and I were thrilled that it worked out we were all finally here at the same time. We thank you for all your info, suggestions and advice as we made the transition to full-time RVing. We look forward to our paths crossing again one day soon and we wish you safe travels always.

  5. What a fun time! I love reading about your travels.

  6. How fun being able to go out on the inter coastal. So glad you got a bike!! Looking forward to some great bike riding!

  7. You'll enjoy the bike but it may take some time to get familiar with it. I love boat friends. :-)
    Did you know that Gin's parents were at Page Place on Memorial Day weekend? Small world, don'cha know.

  8. I can't believe Rick is selling his Trikke. Least now he can ride beside ya!

  9. I think that our outing on Falls Lake was a great preview of what is to come this summer! 4 weeks! :-) Travel safe.

  10. Looks like some fun weeks. You will love that Raliegh bike. We put a lot of miles on ours.

  11. Enjoy your summer and hope to see you again in Cedar Point or if I am really lucky down the road somewhere!!! Herman and I can't hardly wait until it is our time!! SAFE TRAVELS!

  12. Don't worry about that Coast Guard boat, they were probably looking at you because you looked so suspicious...or they were drooling over your boat trying to figure out how they could own one on their salaries! Ask me how I know this. ;c)

  13. Nice bike! Of course I would be remiss if I didn't urge you to please be careful. :-)

  14. Enjoy your new ride. We've not been where we could go trike riding for the past several weeks and are itching to get the wheels rolling again.

  15. Hi we are esta and hit n the road, friends of cydi and ron, and I enjoyed reading your blog. We started fulltiming last april and would love to be on your reading list, you never know where we might meet.


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