Friday, March 8, 2013

Houston, We Have a Problem!

Italy, here we come! Or so we thought. We were up and ready to head to Bush Intercontinental by 7:30 yesterday morning. The drive was uneventful. We stopped for fuel and breakfast and arrived at the satellite parking lot we had reserved around 11:30. The shuttle was johnny-on-the-spot and arrived to pick us up before we could even get out of the Jeep.

We arrived at the terminal having already checked in online and proceeded directly to Security. There was only a small line and we zipped through there in no time. When we reached our gate and sat down, it was barely noon. With flight time of 3:40 we had plenty of time on our hands and eventually wandered down to the closest restaurant/bar where we enjoyed a nice cold one and relaxed :)

Boarding began approximately an hour prior to flight time. This is a HUGE plane and it was full. As everyone got situated, we waited patiently for the air to be turned on. It was a little warm in the cabin. Finally, they announced that they had to turn the entire electric system off to try to reboot one of the navigation computers that had stopped working. After awhile, power was restored but no A/C. No navigation computer either. This plane has 2 but they were not allowed to fly with only one. The attempts to find another in Houston proved unsuccessful. Seriously? There must be a kajillion planes flying in and out of here every day. There wasn’t one to be had anywhere? Nor was there a repair facility/team in Houston. Finally, 2 hours after scheduled departure time, it was announced that a new computer had been located but it was in Chicago. Or was it Los Angeles? Or Seattle? Frankly, that was a moot point. It was somewhere else! Flight cancelled for today! Begin un-boarding hundreds of sweaty people.

Some of them were a little upset. Surprisingly, no one became loud and obnoxious and for the most part, things remained orderly. That is, if this many people being hoarded into a line, to stand for hours, to wait for hotel and food vouchers can be considered orderly :)





We were close to the front of the line and we still waited 2 hours. I imagine some of those poor people were there well into the night, still standing in line.

This morning, we are to  report back to the airport, stand in line again and find out when they were able to rebook our connecting flights. We were told yesterday, that this same plane, with a new computer, would fly out at 1 PM today. Amsterdam is a major hub and most everyone had connections from there. That was going to be the tricky part.

Everything will work out in the end. It always does. Hopefully, everyone will return to the ticket counter this morning with their sense of humor intact :) I hope so. Life is an adventure, right?  See you from Italy next time :)

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  1. Dag - when life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Great attitude guys! :-) safe travels

  2. Not a great way to start a vacation but you seem to be taking it calmly and rather well - that's the secret, I think. The problems will resolve themselves and soon you'll forget this little episode.

    Italy? Hopefully, you'll get there in time to be considered for Pope??

  3. One time while we were at an Escape park in Texas a very suite gentlemen was listening to our stories about flat tire, pieces of the RV blowing off etc. He looked at us and said, "just war stories"! Hope today goes better! Have fun...

  4. This is why I have come to dread flying. Anneke was to leave for Amsterdam Two weeks ago last Friday, but luckily they cancelled the flight before we left home. Rebooked for the next day, lost one day of the trip but the rest of the journey worked out as you mentioned:) I emailed the airlines politely asking about any compensation for the delay and loss of a day of the trip and they quickly responded with a $125 gift card with a number of choices:)

  5. Oh my what a mess. Sure hope you are long on your way by now. There are some new laws about stranded passengers and how long they can keep you on a plane etc. Hope the airline is treating you well. It will all be history in a few days.

  6. Been there, done that, no fun. At least you are, hopefully, far, far away by now. Enjoy your Italian trip. Are you on a package tour in Italy? If so, will they wait for you?

  7. I hope by the time I penned this, you are flying over the Atlantic. It is no fun flying anymore, I can attest. Have a blast!!

  8. Oh good grief! Isn't air travel fun??? NOT!! Well at least you've got another campfire story. Hope you're well on your way by now and the rest of the trip is a breeze.

  9. Oh my ... this isn't the post I was expecting to see. Keeping your humor intact isn't easy, but you seem to be doing well in that respect. Here's to a safe trip ... better late than never.

  10. oh wow so sorry..but nice to see you still travels...will be watching for your next post

  11. Sort of like wings. Every plane has two but they won't let you fly with just one... ;c)

  12. Since I am just seeing this post on 3/14, you obviously got your connections to Italy. What a mess, but what a great attitude!!!


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