Thursday, December 20, 2012

Where Has December Gone?

It seems like just yesterday that we arrived here in Rockport TX for the winter. In reality, it’s been almost 3 weeks! Christmas is right around the corner and before we know it, we’ll be welcoming in 2013.


The biggest accomplishment in the last week or so has been installing my new microwave/convection oven. Hallelujah!  I have a working oven again! It's was a long 5 weeks, I can tell you that. When the old oven first died, we had no idea it would be such an issue to replace it. We chose to stick with the same model knowing that the dimensions would be right and the mounting plate was already there. No one, locally, carries this oven, a Sharp Carousel. Either Home Depot or Lowes, I forget which, has the oven on their website but only in black. We were replacing a stainless model and I wanted stainless again to match the other appliances.

I finally found the unit online at They carried it in stainless so I placed the order. I wanted to time it to arrive in TX about the same time as we did, so I ordered it on Black Friday. As a token of their appreciation for my spending a few hundred dollars with them on Black Friday, they gave me a whole $5.00 off! Wasn’t that nice of them?  I promptly took that $5.00 and spent it all in one place Winking smile

Fast forward 2 weeks, a week after I was hoping for delivery, and I’m notified that they won’t ship to my Texas address because that is not the address on my credit card. Aack!!! They couldn’t have told me that sooner?? A quick call to American Express added this address as an alternate shipping address and all was well once again. It took until the following Tuesday to finally arrive, but it made it all in one piece.

More importantly, it worked :) Rick and I managed to remove the old unit without killing ourselves…or each other. The sharp people even notched the packing box so once the screws were all removed, it would just tilt down and into the notched area of the box. Definitely a two man job though.


We managed to get it onto the floor and somewhat out of the way :)


Theoretically, the new oven was also supposed to sit in that notched box and then be tilted and lifted up. That’s when it became apparent that it was a 2 MAN job. I was next to useless lifting this thing. Our friend and camp host, CJ came to Rick’s rescue and the 2 of them completed the job. As I was just standing around not doing anything, you’d think I would have gotten a picture of the 2 of them hard at work, but I did not think about the camera until much too late. Sorry CJ.

Here is the old oven with a manufactured date of 2003. Tiffin must buy these things by the semi trailer load and keep them until they’re all used up as Lucy is a 2005 Bus.


Here’s the new oven with a manufacture date of 2012. They are absolutely identical. Wouldn’t you think something would have changed in 9 years? It doesn’t even look like we got a new oven :)


Guess I won’t complain. This one works :) I have to admit I missed being able to quickly defrost something and I really missed microwave popcorn! Also, it’s hard making Christmas cookies in a fry pan and/or crockpot :)

This week we’re just sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the season. Hope you are too. Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Well, that's good the oven and it WORKS!!! It really is the little things;o))

    We are enjoying our month here at Huntington Beach, but are ready to head south soon!!

    Hope you are no where need the nasty weather that has hit Texas!!

  2. Kudos to you for dealing without your oven for five weeks. That's a mighty LONG time!! Glad you're back in business. . . just in time to bake up a few Christmas cookies. :-)

  3. I'm with Mike, it's in time to make those Christmas cookies!. I'm glad you got it back. I'd be totally lost without a micro.

    I hope you're safe with the storms that are coming through. It's sure great here in the middle of Fla. I'm glad we didn't go to Texas this year.


  4. I salute you for managing for 5 weeks with no oven and no microwave. It is amazing that the oven seems no different at all. Guess you'll be doing this again in another 9 years.....oh dear, forget I said that.

  5. Say, could you send me some of those cookies you are now baking like crazy?? :)

  6. Sure would be hard to go without the big oven that long but you do what you have to! Merry Christmas!

  7. Yes, time if flying by so fast ... can't believe it's been three weeks since retiring. Your oven is just like ours, but ours is the black model ... which I prefer over stainless steel. Happy Baking!

  8. Nice job on installing that new microwave oven. I'm sure glad to see that Mr. Murphy wasn't there to 'help' with the install.

    I can't believe this is the last weekend before Christmas. Yikes!

  9. Glad you finally got it replaced. Must have been frustrating!

  10. That is one nice looking new oven! Congrats! Always a silver lining huh?! Merry Christmas you two and Happy New Year.

  11. great job on the install it may not look different but it you can put the frying pan away and make your cookies in the new oven...Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you...we are thoroughly enjoying our time here in Moore Haven Fl..seems like we just arrived yesterday too but have been here since Nov 16...

  12. With that new oven now you will have a Merry Christmas. I can smell those Christmas coolies from here (SC). ;c)

  13. Could have used a George Foreman grill. Sorry... I couldn't resist.


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