Monday, December 10, 2012

First Week Winter Park, Rockport Texas

We spent the week getting reacquainted with Rockport, Aransas Pass and Port Aransas. Not much has changed since we left last April 1st.


We got festive and put up a few Christmas decorations. We put our tree up outside this year. It fits better out there :) I substituted a nice Poinsettia for the inside.

201212 Texas

The day after our arrival, I did an HEB run, which to those who are not familiar is my preferred grocery store here and, in this case, the only grocery store here :) Well, almost. There is the IGA in Port Aransas which is very good and a Wal-Mart in Aransas Pass and Rockport.  I prefer to shop anywhere but Wal-Mart and HEB is a good choice.  Their prices are great and their HEB Plus stores, which are available in Corpus Christi, would give any Wal-Mart a run for their money. I came home with lots of goodies and we should be well fed for a few more days :)

We did our first beach drive. The weather has been in the 80's so heading to the beach is an excellent pastime here. This time of year, the beach is pretty empty except for a few fishermen. Just the way I like it! :)

2012-12-04 13.57.08

We met some of our new neighbors.  There are a few back from last year and a few more expected in the next couple of weeks. Everyone seems very nice and I think this will be a very nice group.

Rick purchased his Texas fishing license this year. He found a great deal on a salt water rod and reel when we were at Huntington Beach in SC  last month (thanks for the tip, Bill!) and thought he would try them out in the Gulf of Mexico. He’s gone out a couple times in the past week but so far, no luck. He did catch a bottom feeder one day that was a pretty good size, but he had no idea what it was. He said it was an ugly fish, but not a catfish, so he threw him back. I’m looking forward to a nice seafood dinner one of these days :)

I think the highlight of our first week was attending the annual Corpus Christi Holiday Boat Parade. Our park hosts, Jan and CJ, invited us and a few other couples to join them at CJ’s brother’s house in Corpus to watch the parade. It was awesome!

Our beautiful and very nice hostess, Cynthi


The back of their gorgeous home where we all congregated to watch the boats cruise the channel…


The group…

201212 Texas1

And last, but not least, some of the boats that entertained us…













What a treat! Another of those experiences we might have missed if we weren’t roaming this gorgeous country in Lucy :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. So glad you have settle in and that boat parade was awesome!!! It is a great life:o))

  2. Isn't it cool to have different customs (or decorations) for Christmas in different parts of the country?

  3. What a nice invitation. Your parade shots are great.

    Never heard of HEB but I agree, anywhere but Walmart

  4. Love a parade and a boat parade is icing on the cake!

  5. We plan on keeping a couple of our saltwater rod&reels just for that unexpected fishing opportunity. Just haven't figured out where we'll put them!

  6. The boat parade is awesome and what a great place to be for it. Our Lake Wylie boat parade is Dec. 15th. It's always a favorite event for us. Sounds like you are settled in. Enjoy!

    Bruce and Laura

  7. When I'm in Texas, it's HEB for me too. I've found Publix to be a close second here in Georgia. :)

  8. I like the boat parade. Good thing the Texas flag has red in it so it can be used as a Christmas decoration. :-)

  9. Never seen a boat parade before, but that would be awesome! Sounds like a fun time!

  10. Very neat boats ... all decked out for the holidays ... we saw something similar in San Diego the night we embarked our cruise ship for a Panama Canal transit back to Florida. The boats paraded by our cabin, so we got to enjoy the festivities from our veranda ... it was a neat send off from California.

  11. That's a whole lotta lights on those boats! Hope there were no dead batteries after the parade, it's hard to walk for help when you're on a boat.

    Good luck with that fishing gear, Rick!

  12. You got some great pictures of the boats. Much better than the ones I got last week in the Keys. Of course, I was getting them at a bar during happy hour....

  13. Loved the boat parade - your photos are fantastic, well done!


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