Saturday, November 17, 2012

When It Rains, It Pours…

Or, if it’s not one thing, it’s another!

Recently I’ve read a couple blogs saying that those of us full-timers with a blog tend to paint a rosy picture of things, never blogging about problems we have or bad things that happen. At the time, I thought that was probably true. We do tend to write blogs with a positive spin. I am very guilty of that. I do not like negativity and try to avoid it whenever possible. My motto: “It is what it is. Adapt”. With that in mind, the following post is an example that real life happens to all of us.

We left the Carolina Clan Gathering and headed to Raleigh for yet more additional dental appointments for me. Needless to say, that in itself was a very expensive proposition so we didn’t need any more things to surface and make that sucking sound in our wallet. But surface they did.

On our second day there, I put  biscuits in the oven at 350° for 17 minutes, just like the directions said. When the timer went off, I took them out, determined they weren’t quite done and put them back in for another 5 minutes. At the end of that time, they looked no different than they had the 5 minutes before. Huh? Seemed weird but I was doing other things at the time and blew it off. Blew it off until that evening when I took some fried rice I had made last week out of the freezer and put it in the microwave to defrost. I hit the defrost mode for 10 minutes. The fan started and it sounded like it was working but at the end of that 10 minutes, I still had a frozen brick of rice. NO difference at all. Further checking showed that I had lights and a fan but no heat on either microwave or convection. Bummer! I had 2 nice salmon fillets ready to go into the oven so I had to regroup quickly. Doing them in a frying pan actually works quite well and it only takes a third of the time :)


After much research, diagnosis: Dead. RIP Sharp Carousel. It appears we may have gotten a few more years out of it than the norm, so I shouldn’t complain. What I found, though, is that I used Mr. Sharp much more than I thought I did! When you have no oven and no microwave, it’s like cooking with one hand tied behind your back. Out comes the crockpot and I quickly learned how to heat leftovers of all kinds in a frying pan :) The repair is going to cost almost as much as a new unit, so we decided to replace the unit once we get to Texas where we’ll be in one place for awhile and can have a new one shipped to us. Amazingly, they still make this exact same model. Unfortunately, no one seems to carry it locally…anywhere, so we’ll have to have it shipped.

A couple days after the convection/microwave died, Rick took our Jeep Wrangler in for it’s regular oil change. He came home with new front brakes! Apparently they were on the hairy edge and in a very short time would have required new rotors as well.

jeep logo

We both felt fortunate they were caught in time, saving us even bigger bucks! Neither of us noticed the brakes being soft and they seemed to work as they always had but the pads were down to 1 mm. so guess it’s a good thing we needed an oil change :)

Fast forward to today. With any luck, I will pass my post-op checkup on Monday morning and we will be on our way South that afternoon! When we are parked for more than a week, we hook up our Battery Minder to the chassis batteries to maintain their charge. We have a parasitic draw on the chassis batteries due to several things needing juice while we are sitting still such as the smoke detectors, CO2 monitor etc. The Battery Minder guarantees we will start when that ignition key is turned :)

Battery Minder

So, back to today, right? It died. The Battery Minder flat out died. I checked our credit card statement on Quicken and found that we had purchased this unit 2 years ago minus 1 week. These units have a 5 year warrantee though. Great right? All we need to do it box it up and send it to the manufacturer along with proof of purchase and they will either repair or replace the unit free of charge. One problem. We cannot find the receipt anywhere!  Anyone know how to repair a Battery Minder that no longer charges?

They say these things happen in 3’s. If that’s the case, we should be good for a month or so :) In spite of these things and the extra expense they created, we still feel like this is the best life we could have chosen. Things are not always rosy in a full timers life, but what a wonderful life it is!


Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I feel your pain :) I keep telling George that this too shall pass..and if we were in a sticks n bricks it would be even more things breaking :) Hope all gets fixed!

  2. Oh no!! Had no idea that even more was added to your plate besides the dental appts. Hope this is the end of the problems for a while and everything is resolved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. REALLY good thing that Rick stocked up on the Captain Morgan!

  3. So sorry for all the problems, but this Life Still Is Great!!! Stuff is gonna break, just a shame it all happended at once:o(( But we know you and your attitude is the's all stuff that can be fixed. At least you get to leave this crappy weather...doncha' know;o))

  4. Crap happens but it's all about how you handle it! Positive people we are, doncha know?!

  5. The way we look at it ... things happen at the stix & brix; they are bound to happen when we're on the road. You just say sh*t and deal with it. Sorry it all happened at the same time, but now that the three events are out of the way, here's hoping for smooth sailing

  6. Great attitude Gail. It does seem like a lot all we once though. I admit I'd probably cry the blues just a little.

    I'd love to hear more about your battery minder since we tend to stay 2-4 weeks in one place. 2 years out of five seems pretty short. Have you called them to see if there is a way around the receipt problem. Obviously you own their product. I doubt I would ever have a 4 or 5 year old receipt around. There is only so much room for "papers" in Winnona. Customer service might bend a tad if they hear your story.

  7. It is always something. I need to learn to be more like you and roll with it, but I get frustrated. It seems like we can't go more than a month without having to fix something.

  8. So sorry to hear all three things happened at once. You're right it can happen in a stix and brix too. I hope you get further south. It's been almost 80 here but cloudy all but yesterday.

    Hang in there, this too will pass. You can't beat the lifestyle, it's the greatest.

  9. Stuff happens no matter what your lifestyle. I agree with others who say that it's not so important what happens to you, but rather how you handle it. Cheers to ya!

  10. now that is all out of the way....onward and upward..:)

  11. Not only does stuff break, too often I help it along! :c(


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