Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Fairgrounds Have Been Invaded!

Thursday afternoon, after returning from that days appointments, we took a walk to see why there was so much activity around us all of a sudden. There seemed to be an inordinate number of motorhomes coming in and they did not seem to be affiliated with the fair. They continued to arrive Thursday evening and all day Friday so by this morning, this place was full! We have been invaded…by NC State fans and Florida State fans :) Their big game is tonight and because Carter-Findley Stadium, home of the NC State Wolfpack, is right across the street, this campground is THE place for the adult tailgaters. By this morning, there was one whole row of Florida Staters and about 4x as many NC State fans all set up with their regalia. There is food cooking, beer drinking, other football games being watched on outdoor TV’s, horseshoe games and a lot of camaraderie going on. They should be pretty baked by the time the game starts at 8:00 tonight :)

NC State Florida State Battle

While this is going on, the State Fair preparations are ongoing and in full force. They are putting up tents and dropping off banks of porta-johns all over the grounds.


Some of the rides are arriving for setup


Even the trash dumpsters have been given a paint job to freshen then up :)


Everywhere we turn, it seems we see one of these pickups with a couple people in them, just driving around. Guess there’s a lot of supervisors :)


This guy was actually working, mowing the grass :)

Well, we’ve had a full week of appointments and I’ve been poked and prodded plenty. On top of that I got a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, a shingles vaccine and a blood draw for routine tests. Both my arms want a break! But we’re not done yet…more to come this week. Wish me luck :)

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  1. Well you sure do have a ringside seat for all the big doin's. But all those shots....yuck. I have never done the flu or pneumonia or shingles. Had shingles back in my 20's, so "they" say I have immunity, have never had pneumonia and haven't had the flu in 10 years. Don't want to press my luck with live vaccines. Hope they all work great for you.

  2. Isn't it fun! We had so much going on around us last year, but we were trying to get mom settled and her apartment cleaned out. We got to the fairgrounds by the time everyone was going to the game. What fun!

    Get all the medical stuff done and go have some fun walking around.

  3. Good thing you got there when you did! Good luck with the rest of your appointments. Know you'll be glad when that's all over with!

  4. Sounds like fun if you can handle all that noise and partying:)

  5. bet it got rowdier after the upset...

  6. Hope all the medical stuff works out great!! Getting closer to the gathering time, can't wait!!!

  7. I can't say that I completely "get" being that big a fan of any one team or person or whatever, but it sure is fun to watch the extravagance of others.
    All those extra paint jobs must have kept a few people employed. There's always that aspect.

  8. Hang in there. Go to get all that stuff done. Hope you enjoyed some of the tailgaiting.

  9. Like heyduke 50 said...I know it got rowdier and louder after that upset. We are looking forward to visiting with you soon.

  10. Glad you got the shingles vaccine. I had the unpleasant experience of having shingles over the summer and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy! I am going to get the vaccine as I want to minimize the chances of getting shingles again (yes - it can reoccur)!! See you soon.

  11. Oh my ... all that partying!!! Maybe you should have gotten a shot to knock you out until they all leave :-))

  12. Nice to hear that they repainted the dumpster. Don't want to upset any of the drunks that fall into them... ;c)


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