Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sometimes, Things Just Have a Way of Working Out

When we first arrived at the NC State Fairgrounds, we were told we had to leave on the 10th. We were certain we’d be done with our appointments by then and could, happily, be on our way. However, when you’re dealing with doctors and dentists, things don’t always go exactly as planned. Nothing super serious, but I did need a second appointment with my primary care doc and I needed more than another appointment with the dentist :(

Had it not been for those appointments, we would never have had the opportunity to spend some time with Gary and Peggy of Moorervfun! I was reading their blog one day when I realized that we were parked just a few spaces down the row from them! They were in town visiting family so we got in touch and made plans to get together. They were also getting “kicked out” of the Fairgrounds and we found that we were both headed out to Rolling View State Park on Falls Lake.

Having lived right off of Falls Lake for 14 years prior to becoming the Gypsy Turtles, we were very surprised that the campground was so close to our previous home and that it was so beautiful :) We had never been there before. Shame on us! We will definitely again though. It was a nicely wooded park on the lake and very quiet during the week. The weekend brought out the warriors and all their children but that was short-lived and we soon were back to our enjoyable peace and quiet. Because I follow Bill and Nancy’s blog, I already knew how much they enjoyed this park and that was one of the reasons we decided to try it. Gary and Peggy have also stayed here several times and loved it so how could we go wrong?

Falls Lake NC

We enjoyed walking the park. The beach and boat ramp were only a mile away so we would try to walk down there twice a day. It was a great hike. On our way, we passed a couple park bird houses. I’m not sure if they need to make a “site specific” reservation or it they are “first come, first served” :)

2012-10-14 11.02.22

We enjoyed a couple campfires with Gary and Peggy. Nothing like a fire and a nice glass of wine to finish off your day.

2012-10-13 19.53.17

We also had a great cookout at Gary and Peggy’s one night. Their friends Ron and Donna joined us. Gary grilled Italian sausages and we had a yummy feast!

Rick, Ron, Gary, Peggy and Donna

2012-10-14 19.31.08

Our hosts, Gary and Peggy

2012-10-14 19.31.40

Sometimes a nice cold beer is just as good as a nice glass of wine :) Thank you Gary and Peggy! We had a wonderful time.

Today, we left Falls Lake and headed east to the NC coast. We are now at Cedar Point for the next 2 weeks.

2012-10-16 15.05.04

It’s very nice to be back by the ocean even if it’s a couple miles away. We still have water right around the corner on the White Oak River and a salt marsh where salt water meets fresh water.

2012-10-16 16.14.42

We hope to take the Sea Eagle out and explore that salt/fresh water thing while we’re here.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Great to run in to Gary and Peggy! Falls Lake is much nicer than the Fairgrounds but it sure is convenient for doctors visits. Such nice memories of Cedar Point. Enjoy!
    Syl and Gin

  2. Nice place, both of them. Will keep them in mind :) It's so nice to be able to have sites near the water..I wish all of them could be that way!

  3. Glad you got everything taken care of there in the city. But those two campgrounds are both great looking. Have fun fun at Cedar Point. It's one of my favorites.

  4. At least some extra drilling has resulted in some more fun:)

  5. Funny how you discovered Gary and Peggy were parked near you at the fairgrounds by reading their blog. That was a nice surprise.

  6. Enjoy the Kayak when you go out. Neill and I have only managed two times out with our Sea Eagle. We may need some help in South Carolina. Less than ten day till we take off! Can't wait to visit with you again!

  7. This is one of my favorite posts:) I feel like I'm reading about "home".

  8. I wouldn't mind getting kicked out of one campground only to find another one maybe even better! That was a great looking campfire. Have fun kayaking.

  9. Have fun with the Sea Eagle, something that the fairgrounds couldn't offer. A silver lining. :c)

  10. Yea, we loved camping at Falls Lake, but wish they would change the gate access thing. Can make it a little difficult if you plan on being out in the evening. We loved Cedar Point also. Can't wait to see you in a couple weeks...Doncha'know!!!

  11. So glad you got to go to the Falls Lake campground! It looks beautiful :) I bet I could even find it if I was to come visit!!
    Love you!!!


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