Sunday, October 21, 2012

Cedar Point Recreation Area, Exercise and Friends

We’ve settled in quite nicely here at Cedar Point Recreation Area on the NC coast. The week has pretty much flown by and we haven’t accomplished much of anything except for laundry :) That became a priority when we started running out of clothes :) You see, we didn’t have a sewer hookup out at Falls Lake and we don’t have one here either. Without that, it’s difficult to use the washer in the rig. The grey water tank would fill up quickly and we’d be pulling out to go to the dump station often. That’s more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s not often that I need to use a Laundromat but this was one of those times. I’m so glad I have my own washer/dryer that I’m able to use the majority of the time because the prices I paid to wash the clothes this week were shocking to me. Now, maybe they are normal. You full timers that use Laundromats regularly can tell me. Maybe I’m just living in the past. They had 3 sizes of washers. The small washers were $3 per load. The medium washers were $4.50 per load and the large washers were $6.25! The dryers were 25¢ for 5 minutes. It was $20 to do our wash that day and I didn’t even dry everything there. Seems a bit pricey to me but it had to be done and, it was the only one in town :) Guess I need to get over it because I’ll have to do it again before we leave :)

We have spent the rest of our week just enjoying the campground and the surrounding area…beach!!! :) Rick is thrilled that the campground is all paved and he can take his Trikke out for daily rides.


It’s a great workout but if you don’t have a paved surface, you can’t use it, so he’s taking advantage. While he’s doing that, I’ve been walking. Those of you who know me well or know what a klutz I am, know that it’s better for me to keep my 2 feet on the ground or I’m likely to hurt myself :) The weather has been perfect for walking this week. I’ve done most of my walking on the asphalt also, but have spent a little time walking in the sand :)

There is a public beach access just a couple miles from here in Emerald Isle.

2012-10-19 13.12.48

The sun was shining and there was a nice breeze off the ocean.

2012-10-19 13.13.22

We almost had the whole place to ourselves!

2012-10-19 13.13.37

This is my favorite time of year to be at the beach. The weather is still nice but vacation time is over and it’s peaceful and beautiful.

2012-10-19 13.40.23

We also spent an afternoon with new friends Cynthia and Ronnie. We met them last year when we were back in NC doing the doctor/dentist thing. They were dreaming of joining the ranks of full timers back then and this year, it looks like their dream will come true. They have an offer on their home with the closing scheduled for mid-November. They are so excited!

2012-10-18 18.07.10

They were staying in a park right across the street from us. Quite convenient for a little get together :) We had an excellent “Linner” at Jordan’s House of Seafood in Emerald Isle, then came back to our place, sat around and visited while we enjoyed some adult beverages. They picked our brain about motorhome things and we shared what we knew. It’s a constant learning experience and after 2 years, we are still having “lightbulb” Light bulbmoments on occasion.  After awhile, the sun started to set and the mosquitoes came to visit so we called it a day and said our good-byes.

We still have over a week left to our stay here, so I imagine we’ll find something to get into before we leave :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Love your picture of the ocean through the grasses. Lakes are beautiful, but looking forward to the ocean again! Enjoy your stay and wish everyone well at the clan gathering.

  2. I am not the laundry person, but we always used either a campground or regular laundromat and I never remember it being that high:(

  3. Did you go to the laundry-mat in Swansboro? If so, I should have warned you that that place is over-priced (not to mention run by people who seem to be rather unfriendly!) We're used to $1 wash; $1 dryer (for 45 minutes). Sometimes it will be more but that's typically what we've seen. See you soon!

  4. that beach photo reminds me of our time at Edisto SP in South Carolina. I just love those beaches so much. I am always shocked at the cost of doing laundry on the road, but your prices seem higher even than I encountered in Alaska. Whew!

  5. Love Cedar Point! Lucky you guys to be there.

    That sounds VERY high to me for laundry. I just looked back over our laundry expenses since January 2012 and found that the most I ever paid was $9 for 3 loads. Normally it's $1.50 or $1.75 to wash and varying prices from $.25 to $1.25 depending on how they calculate the time to dry.

    We have washer/dryer hookups but I prefer the laundry so I can just throw them all in at one time and be done with it. I only do it every 2 or 3 weeks. Yes we have lots of underwear. LOL

  6. WOW, that was high for laundry. We find all different prices but never that high;o(( We opted out of the washer/dryer in favor of storage space. Also like to get it all done in a couple hours!!

    We were at that beach and it is beautiful!!! Check out the ferry to Hammocks Beach State Park and Bear Island. It was really beautiful.

  7. I remember doing a couple of loads at that laundry mat in Swansboro about a year ago and paid $13. Yes it seems high to me also but you don't have much choice around there. I just did a couple of loads today while at Lazy Days for $7. We don't have FHU in this service bay.
    Glad to hear that Cynthia and Ron have an offer on the house! We've met and I think they will be great fulltimers. See ya soon.

  8. Thats very high for laundry. Jim does the laundry but very seldom goes over $5.00 for 3 loads both wash and dry. Our budget is $25 a month and have never gone over that. That's a very high priced place.

    We're just 30 min from you, but leaving Tues for Raleigh. We'll see you in SC. We'll be late coming in on the 30th, we're getting our slide fixed that morning.

    See ya soon!

  9. With laundry prices that high, have you considered becoming nudists?? :)

  10. Yikes, that's high for laundry. I'm not a fan of laundromats either, and love our Splendide when we have FHU. I can get by over a week without having to wash anyway.
    That beach scene looks heavenly as well. See you guys soon, and we can see the beach then!

  11. Count us in as agreeing that those laundry prices are pretty high. Love Judy's comment -- LOL!!

    We love this time of year at the beach as well. No crowds!

  12. No, Ron and I do not like that laundry mat but it's the only one in Swansboro. Yes, we'll be using that place until we get our motorhome..that will have a washer/dryer. To say we're excited about becoming full-timers is an understatement.

  13. I love the beaches in the NC area...myrtle beach is one of my favs...looks like you are definitely enjoying the area...

  14. Beautiful looking beaches - nice photos! I'm no laundromat expert but even to me those prices seem ridiculously high.

  15. Haven't had to use a laundromat yet -- but I sure hope the prices aren't anywhere near that when we do need to use one. The beach in the fall ... yes --- perfect!

  16. Beautiful really! Life sounds so relaxed and wonderful!

    You know that laundramats are some of my favorite places!

    May I share with you what's been keeping me from reading and commenting on blogs lately?

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  17. You are absolutely right. That laundromat is the most expensive I've heard of in our year of full-timing. Second most expensive $2.00 per load.

    Our "normal" is $1.25 per load to wash and $1.25 for 45 minutes to dry. 45 minutes usually gets the load dry.

    The ocean pictures are beautiful.


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