Monday, October 29, 2012

Before and After Evacuation

Hurricane Sandy sadly interrupted our visit to the NC coast, but before that happened, we had a wonderful time in a wonderful campground-Cedar Point. Although this National Park Service campground only has electric sites, it’s still a lovely campground with a very entertaining camp host :) There is water available at the dump station when you arrive and the dump station is conveniently located if you need to use it during your visit.

Mike and Terri joined us there on Wednesday, the 24th. I was sitting in my chair that afternoon, reading their blog, when they drove by on their way to their site :)  We had them over for happy hour and chili that night as we caught up on each others travels and lives in the last 6 months.

201210 Beaufort NC

Thursday, we joined them for a tour of Beaufort, NC. We walked the waterfront before stopping at Clawson’s for a very good lunch. My lunch was, apparently, so good that I couldn’t hold the camera steady to get a good picture :)

2012-10-25 13.16.06

After lunch, we spent part of the afternoon at the NC Maritime Museum in Beaufort where they were preparing for Fright Night 2012.


The biggest draw was the Blackbeard display and his ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge. There were numerous items on display.  In 1718, the notorious pirate Blackbeard lost his flagship,  the Queen Anne’s Revenge, when it ran aground in Beaufort Inlet. In 1996, the wreck was discovered and the museum has offered a small exhibit of them since 1997.

201210 NC Maritime Museum

We watched a movie about the  recovery operation of the Queen Anne’s Revenge. It’s a several year process and is ongoing. Very interesting. If you’d like to know more about Blackbeard and his pirate ship, go here.

We had a very nice cookout at Mike and Terri’s that night and made plans to visit Hammock Beach State Park the next day. We planned to take the ferry over to Bear Island where it is said the beach is the most pristine and unspoiled on the entire east coast. Rick and I had visited the main entrance to the park a few days earlier but at this time of year, the ferry only runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and this weekend, the last in October, would be the last of the season.

201210 Hammocks Beach State Park

Friday dawned cloudy but pleasant but everyone in the park was aware of the Hurricane Sandy issue hanging in the air. About 11:00 AM we were informed by the camp host that we had until noon the next day, Saturday, to leave the park. We made the decision to leave that day and avoid the rush. We enjoyed this area very much and will be back. We still have that ferry to take to Bear Island :)  Mike and Terri also left that day. Terri had a doctor appointment in Raleigh that day so we all left and headed to high land in Raleigh.

We met up with friends Gary and Peggy as well as Jim and Dee once we arrived in Raleigh. We had a nice reunion Friday night with all 8 of us cramming into Mike and Terri’s 5th wheel for some homemade blueberry pie thanks to Terri :) 

We’ve had a nice time here, although it’s gotten colder, windier and rainier as time progressed. We’ve dodged a huge bullet as Sandy has done a real number on the Northeast and we hope all our friends and family in that part of the country is safe and sound.

In the morning, we’ll head out to Myrtle Beach, SC to join more friends for the 2nd Annual Carolina Clan Gathering. We were 7 couples last year; up to 20+ couples this year. We will be watching Sandy closely and praying for those sadly affected by this horrible storm.

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  1. Bummer that Sandy cut our visit short at Cedar Point, but that didn't seem to put a damper on our fun in Raleigh. Looking forward to more fun at Huntington Beach SP! Travel safely tomorrow.

  2. Have a safe trip to SC today. I'm glad you went to Hammock's Beach State Park. The ferry ride is very nice but the walk from the ferry drop off to the beach area is kinda long and through some sandy areas. I have picked up some beautiful shells over there after storms.

  3. I have great memories of going over to Bear Island and camping when I was a young girl. Will have to tell you all about it at the Carolina Clan. See you soon!

  4. Safe travels folks...hopefully you won't run into many detours due to the destruction of Sandy...

  5. Safe travels and glad you were mostly out of Sandy's destructive path.

    Thanks for the info and link about Blackbeard - quite an interesting fellow. I'd love to see that place.

  6. Looks like you made the most of your time before and after the evacuation ... safe travels en route to Myrtle Beach.

  7. I'm so envious of all my friends getting together and doing such fun things. Black Beard - very cool and Bear Island - even better.

  8. Its a very nice area. We drove through Beaufort on our way to Hunting Island SP back in 03/2011. We were only there a few days, but have definite plans to spend some time there in the future. Enjoy the CC gathering.


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