Thursday, September 27, 2012

No, I Haven’t Fallen Off The Face Of The Earth!

But, it may seem that way :)

I got an email notice this morning that I had a new comment on my post Back in the 90's... Again. I was rather surprised at that because it has been 5 weeks since that post, so I was expecting it to be a spam comment. The commenter simply said “I like to read your blog was wondering what happen to you”. It was an anonymous comment so I didn’t know who to respond to. After thinking about it, I realized that I needed to make some time to catch everyone up. I follow several blogs myself and always become concerned when someone just stops posting for a period of time. So to you, Anonymous, and the rest of  you out there that faithfully follow our comings and goings, I apologize. I’ll try to do better.

Time just seems to get in the way of blogging when you’re busy living. I don’t mean exciting living, I don’t mean exploring and I don’t mean boring living. Just living and enjoying family. Which is what we have continued to do on our travels south. My last post we had left family in Wisconsin and were headed to Indiana. We arrived at the White River Campground in Cicero IN on Friday, August 24. This is a very nice, county maintained park just north of Indianapolis. It was a perfect spot for us, close to everything we needed and yet, off the beaten path. The sites were all nicely paved and landscaped and the staff helpful and welcoming. We would definitely stay there again and intend to do just that the next time we’re in the area. Like most parks, there are always spots available during the week but the weekends book up quick so call ahead if you think you might want to stay there. We stayed for a week.

White River Campground

We met Rick’s sister, Louise and BIL, Glenn at Cooper's Hawk Winery for lunch that Sunday. The food was wonderful and the company even better :) We enjoyed a long leisurely lunch and caught up with each other’s lives. The restaurant was not particularly busy, so they didn’t seem to mind the fact that we dawdled for a few hours :) Louise and Glenn were kind enough to pick up the tab. Thank you again! Next time is our turn.

2012-08-26 Glenn_Louise

Another day, we drove to nearby New Castle to have lunch with our good friends, Wanda and Darrell, whom we met last winter at our park in Rockport TX. Wanda and Darrell live in Richmond IN so we were meeting somewhere in the middle. After we finished eating, Wanda and I left the guys to have a beer while we did a little shopping close by. We weren’t gone long but we did both manage to spend some money :)

Here’s Wanda giving me the evil eye for taking her picture :)


From Cicero, we proceeded to the Nashville area. Daughter, Carrie and SIL, Thomas and the 4 grandkids live in Franklin, just south of Nashville. On our previous visits, we always tried to get into one of the two COE parks in Nashville but the drive from there to Franklin was always an hour+ in heavy traffic. There are commercial parks on the north side of Nashville but we wanted to find something on the south side so we could be a little closer. We finally happened upon Nashville I-24 Campground in Smyrna TN. This is an old KOA location with tight spaces and many permanent residents, but it serves our purpose fine. It’s not fancy but the management is friendly and helpful, our site is shaded and level and we got a decent monthly rate. Can’t ask for much more than that to be only 18 miles from Carrie and be able to get there on back roads avoiding much of the Nashville traffic gridlock.

Lily, Patrick, Sabrina (who hates clothes :), Rick and Maggie

2012-09-01 17.01.59

We get to see the kids a couple times a week after school and then they come to us on Friday nights for a sleepover. It’s worked out nicely. This is our longest visit to date and it’s gone very well. We’re not trying to cram all our time together into a week or two. It’s almost like we live in the area; we see each other enough, but not too much :)

Maggie and Sabrina (this time with clothes :) feeding the ducks at Centennial Park

201209 Maggie_Sabrina

We will be leaving them this weekend and heading back to North Carolina. We have annual doctor and dental appointments lined up with our previous providers. I just can’t seem to cut that string yet. It might be more convenient to have these things done elsewhere, but for now, we continue to go back.

While there, we will be staying at the NC State Fairgrounds…hopefully. It’s the most convenient park for the area but they do not take reservations and the State Fair starts on October 11th. Hopefully it won’t be full with workers coming in early. If it is, we’ll go to plan B, a spot out at Jordan Lake :) We should be finished up there within a couple weeks and then intend to head for the beach!

Till next time…thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. I do understand how time-consuming it is to organize your photos and write the story. But we do so love hearing and seeing it!

  2. Wanda looks like she's had experience giving that evil eye! :)

  3. Yep...understand about family time. We have been up to the same things and time just seems to slip by. Glad all is well and can't wait to see you two soon:o)))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  4. Yeah - see you very soon! Can't wait to catch up! I can see more good times ahead!

  5. If not for your comments on my blogs, I'd have wondered if all was well, too. :-)) Glad to hear you;ve been enjoying family time.

  6. I'm so glad you blogged. Now we know we'll might be able to meet up with you at the NC fairgrounds. I can't give up my eye appt with the guy that knows my eyes so well he can predict the perfect lenses for good sight. We'll see you there hopefully. We're going in the fairgrounds Oct 23, after the fair.

    We stay at Circeo, IN every time we go thru Indy. We have friends real close. It's very convenient. I'm so glad you're having fun with family. See you soon.

  7. Good luck with the fairgrounds. The older part is all reserved for the fair workers but you might still be able to get in to the new part. I wish they had more camping options there. See ya soon!

  8. Been thinking of you and glad to hear you're having some good family time. Nice that you were able to find a campground closer to your kids so you can avoid too much traffic.

  9. Glad to hear your doing well. Looks like your having fun with family.

  10. You've clearly been having a great time with family and friends. Too busy to post is a good thing I guess. Sorry we can't make it to the gathering AGAIN! Have fun for me, OK?

  11. Glad to see your blog pop-up again. Thanks for the update.

  12. Ron and I are always glad to hear from you and we're glad you and Rick are doing well. We have always enjoyed your blog and we are excited when you post. I read so many fulltimer blogs that I can't get to all of them everyday. Yours is the only one I have on email notice so I know when you post. Thanks again for taking the time to continue to enlighten all those who dream and hope for the RV fulltime lifestyle one day.

  13. We knew you were okay because of the comments you've left on our blog, (thank you, BTW).

    It's understandable how you can get caught up in "life" and a blog post falls on the back burner, especially when you're spending time with your family.

    Bottom line: No apology is required. :c)


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