Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hello Wisconsin!

As much as I wanted to spend more time in Minnesota, we had to move on.  On our way to Wisconsin, we spent a little time at Barker’s Island in Superior.

201207 Wisconsin

Superior is the port that the Edmund Fitzgerald left on its final voyage in November 1975. All 29 crew members perished. The link will take you to the Wikipedia version of the event.

Our destination for this leg of the trip was the Apostle Islands. The “gateway” to the islands is Bayfield, WI but we scored a nice first come, first served site at West End Park in Washburn, 12 miles south. This is a wonderful city park that offers electric sites on the shore of Lake Superior. Awesome.

201207 Wisconsin1

The other thing that’s great about this park is that it’s fed by an Artesian well. The water tastes wonderful and people come from all around to fill buckets and jugs with the water. It’s free. What more could you ask for?


Something we’ve found is that in the northern Midwest, many of the campgrounds offer electric only. Water is usually available to take on before you park and there is usually a dump station for your convenience when you leave. After an initial adjustment period, we found that this works just as well as electric/water hookups. We are even more aware of our water usage and our tank levels (for you RVers). For the rest of you, feel free to ignore the “waste tank” comments. I’m sure that’s probably TMI for many of you :)

After we got set up, we took a walk through the campground on the shore of Lake Superior. Beautiful!

201207 Wisconsin2

The next morning, Rick took the top off the Jeep and we took a drive to Bayfield to check out the harbor and see what the town had to offer. What a treat to ride in the open air! It’s been so long since that top had been off and we didn’t want to miss this chance! 80º and sunny :)

Bayfield Harbor and Marina

Bayfield is a charming little town and I mean little. Population: 530 according to the 2010 census. The town is much larger than a population of 530 would indicate and it all appears to be based on the tourist trade. As the gateway to the Apostle Islands, it’s a world famous sailing, boating and kayaking destination on Lake Superior. We wandered the harbor area, took a few pictures and picked up some brochures to help plan the rest of our week.

On our way out of town, we apparently missed our turn and had to turn around when we realized our mistake. That is when we were greeted by this sign :) Guess we weren’t the only ones…or maybe we were :)


With the day young and the weather beautiful we launched our Sea Eagle and paddled beautiful Chequamegon Bay, an inlet of Lake Superior, in the afternoon. The water was crystal clear and surprisingly not too cold :) I was expecting frigid waters but they were, instead, merely refreshing :) It was a great paddle. The shore was lined with little beaches everywhere. There were even apple trees on the shore. You could paddle right up and pick a snack, but they weren’t ripe yet.

Kayaking Chequamegon Bay

We’ve booked a cruise through the Apostle Islands for tomorrow.  There should be plenty of photo ops on that cruise.

See you next time and thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. 80 degrees...we are soooo jealous!!!

    Enjoy the cruise and beautiful waters:o))

  2. It all looks so beautiful. And I'm jealous of your 80 degrees too. That sounds WONDERFUL!!!

  3. We so loved Bayfield but didn't get the chance to kayak there. It is on the list of a place to return someday. I want to kayak those islands! Laughed out loud at the sign, we missed that one. Have fun on the cruise.

  4. Sounds like a terrific place for sure! Have a great time tomorrow, looking forward to the pictures..

  5. Looking forward to your report on the cruise through the islands.

  6. It looks so beautiful there! Have fun on the cruise!

  7. We love that area. Last time we got a great waterfront campsite at the city park in Ashland, just down the road. Its the big city, it has a Wal-Mart.

  8. Nice camping spot in a very beautiful area.

    That cruise should be fantastic.

  9. I could get spoiled by days like that, doncha know.

  10. Looks like you finally found the cool weather. Enjoy!

  11. wonderful park, wish we could find more city and county parks on our travels..can't wait to see the Apostle Islands thru your eyes! We've never been there but I'm telling Eldy from what I've heard, we need to go there! Looking forward to hearing about the cruise!

  12. Wow just realized that I wasn't following your blog but I am now... So weird huh!!! We stayed at F J McClain State Park right on Lake Superior and love it too... I remember the city park and thought it was really nice also. I am definetly adding you guys to my favorites now ~ LOL LOL... When are you getting back to PA? We are going to go back there on the way home....
    Have fun & Travel safe!

  13. It is gorgeous there! Enjoy the beautiful weather!

    Bruce and Laura

  14. We were in Bayfield and the Apostle Islands on our way to Boundary Waters. Great paddling everywhere. Want to go back for sure and now I have some other great ideas for where to stay. Thanks to you!! Sign made me laugh....sounds like a great little town if they have that kind of sense of humor. And about my size doncha know. :-)


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