Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Golden Child!

*I interrupt my previously scheduled blog to dedicate this day to my baby brother Randy, who turns (heaven forbid!) 60 years old today. To my regular readers, if you do not wish to find out more about Randy than you ever wanted to know, you may stop reading now :) Before you go, however, I would really love it if you would leave a comment wishing him a Happy Birthday. I know he reads my blog regularly, so he will get your birthday wishes.*

A little birdie told me that Randy was not too happy to be turning 60. Can you imagine? I think he is feeling a little OLD. So, Randy, even though I can’t be there to wish you a Happy Birthday in person, I thought I’d remind you of what your 60 years have meant to all of us that know and love you :)

Randy was born on Friday, July 11, 1952 at 7:10 AM and the world has never been the same since :)  He was pretty cute as a youngster, though!


It wasn’t long before he graduated from high school. Somewhere in the following years, he misplaced his hair and hasn’t been able to find it :) Truth be known, his evil sisters hid it on him and we’re not telling!

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He became the proud father of 3 sons, Mathew, Levi and Randy. In the picture below UL, you can see those 3 sons all grown up, posing with my mom, their grandma. Notice their hairlines. The evil sisters are not at fault :)

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He also became an uncle. My girls adored their Uncle Randy when they were babies and continued to adore him as they became adults.

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He was son and brother. He made me crazy when we were growing up and I wonder how my mother put up with the 2 of us. We were always fighting about something. Always!  Luckily, we both got over that!


As the years went by, he took on another responsibility and became step-dad to Courtney, Tyler and Royce when he married their mother, Ree.


Now proud grandfather to Dominic, Zachary, Kaci, Emma and Liam.

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In the search for photos for this post, sister Sheila sent me this one. Mr. Fashion Plate! I know this photo was taken many years ago but I don’t know in what universe those shorts would have been popular!

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Son, Husband, Father, Grandfather. You have much to be proud of brother. What a handsome family you have!

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Before you think I’m done, though, I have one more photo to share. This is why you should never stick your tongue out at your sister when she’s holding a camera!


But, in your defense, I did find a picture of a famous person that shows a remarkable resemblance!


So, dear brother, you may not be an Einstein but we think you’re a pretty sharp cookie! Love you and Happy Birthday!


Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Happy Birthday, big brother! I, of course, had nothing to do with this even if Gail referenced me by name!!! Love you a bunch :)

  2. Happy Birthday...and 60 isn't old anymore! :-)

  3. Happy Birthday, Randy - 60 is just a youngster!

    Lots of great family photos Gail - nice job!!

  4. Happy 60th Birthday Randy!!!

    It just gets better and better...doncha' know;o)

  5. Aren't brothers grand? (most of the time!) Happy Birthday Randy! Make it a good one! Love the shorts ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday Randy. So, is he an older or younger brother? :)

    1. Judy, he's both. He's my younger brother and my sister's older brother :)

  7. Happy Birthday Randy!! Isn't 60 the new 50? If you find your hair, let me know. Maybe my husband's hair is hiding in the same place. :)

    Nice tribute Gail. Love all the family photos.

  8. Happy birthday Randy! I think sixty is the new 40 actually.

  9. Happy Birthday Randy!!! 60 is great but 70 is even better :)

  10. Happy Happy Birthday to my perennially cute Uncle Randy!!! I wish I could be there to help you celebrate! Much love,
    Carrie, Thomas and kids

  11. Happy birthday to Gail's brother! And Gail, I may have to "borrow" this idea when my brother (who also reads our blog) turns 65 next August 7th!!

  12. Happy birthday to Gail's brother! And Gail, I may have to "borrow" this idea when my brother (who also reads our blog) turns 65 next August 7th!!

  13. Nice quick trip through your life Randy. Happy Birthday! Love that last picture!!

  14. Gail, Thanks for the wonderful blog about me and my pal Einstein. You almost made me sad that I picked on you when we were younger. I love you lots. I think I probably still have those shorts stuck away someplace.

  15. Happy Birthday Randy! But lose the shorts. It's the right thing to do.

  16. Happy happy happy happy happy happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Uncle Randy! xoxoxoxoxo - Nicole

  17. Happy Birthday, Golden Boy, Randy! :) Yer just a kid.

  18. Happy Birthday to Golden Boy.
    Hahaha I laughed out loud on that photo of him sticking his tongue.
    He seems so bubbly and fun to be with...
    My best 60th birthday wishes to you Golden Boy. More birthdays to come...

    Cheers xxx


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