Friday, June 15, 2012

A Stay in Nebraska and a Trip to Cabela’s

2012-06-13 12.28.29

We have been in Chappell, Nebraska for the last couple of days. Chappell is located in the northwestern part of the state. I have dubbed it "home of the 96 trains" because there are 4 trains coming through here every hour of every day. Honest! I counted them :) After these couple days, it's gotten pretty easy to tune them out :)

It's wheat harvest time here in this part of Nebraska.

2012-06-15 11.32.52

There are fields of golden wheat everywhere.

2012-06-15 12.37.37

2012-06-15 12.38.19

The harvesting company has begun to arrive. It's anticipated that once all the workers are here, they'll have all the wheat in this area harvested and stored/shipped (by train) in a couple weeks.

Yesterday, we took a drive 25 miles west of here to Sidney, Nebraska to visit Cabela's.


This is not just any Cabela's store, it is the World Headquarters. It is where it all began. It was our very first visit to a Cabela's store and it kept both of us occupied for a good couple hours.

I should have just come here to view wildlife! I could get up close and personal with several animals.

2012-06-14 13.32.52

2012-06-14 13.34.17

Rick ended up with a couple new must-have items but we left the pontoon boat for someone else to tote around the country :)

Interesting trivia tidbit: According to the locals, the Cabela brothers started out tying fishing flies and selling them here in Chappell. When they decided they wanted to expand their business, they went to the town of Chappell and asked for a loan. They were turned down. They then applied in the neighboring town of Sidney and that is why the "World Headquarters" of Cabela's is located in Sidney, Nebraska, not Chappell, Nebraska :)

Every little town seems to have a story :)  Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. How short-sighted of Chappell ... I bet they're kicking themselves for denying the brothers that loan way back when.

  2. I haven't counted, but there are a LOT of trains that go through this part of Nebraska too. We've also gotten so used to them that we just tune them out.

    Interesting story about Cabela's.

    1. Wish we were a bit closer together in Nebraska! We could count trains together :)

      I checked (twice) to see how far away we were...I thought the first time might be wrong :)

      It's a shame, but I hope you guys are doing well and Terri healing great and rehabbing even greater! If we don't run into each other before, we'll see you in SC in November. I can hardly wait! :)

  3. Trains are something I'm just never able to tune out. :)

  4. Just typed a comment and my internet connection died just when I went to post it. LOST. Too tired to redo it. Boy does that make me irritated. Oh well, it wasn't that interesting anyway.

  5. Glad to see you have moved away from the wild fires:o))

    Grew up with a train track in my backyard. With do learn to tune them out!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails......

  6. I like to listen to trains but that amount may be a bit much! Keep having fun!

  7. Every little town does have a story! I love hearing them! Take care then and travel safely. (By the way, I don't think I would enjoy the tracks much at all if they were busy with train traffic!)


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