Monday, June 18, 2012

South Dakota Bound

We had no intention of driving all the way to the Black Hills today. But we did. We left Chappell, NE at 9:45 AM with a destination of Alliance, NE in mind. It was a midway point between Chappell and Hermosa, SD where we have reservations. Well, reservations starting on Thursday. Once we hit Alliance, it was still morning, so we just kept on going. The temperature was approaching 100º and we were searching for a cold front :)


The terrain north of Alliance on Hwy 385 was a little more interesting than the drive from Chappell which was mostly flat and dry; almost desert-like with a bumpy, rough highway.  385 soon became quite hilly with decent sized grades to climb and descend which Lucy handled with ease unless a big dump truck pulled out in front of her :(  Lucy has more oomph than our yellow friend and he slowed us down on this climb.


Luckily, the road was also much smoother than the first stretch so we just sailed on.

Much farm land and recently harvested straw bales.


As we traveled on, the terrain changed abruptly to green forested hills and rocky mini-mountains.


Signs warned us to watch for wildlife so, camera ready, I watched. And I watched. And I watched. As I watched, the terrain turned back into rolling prairie and cows, horses and beef cattle were as wild as it got :)


The next thing I knew, we were in South Dakota and I missed my state sign photo op!

The closer we got to our destination, the prettier the views became.


It was down to 89º when we pulled into Heartland RV Park at 2:00 PM-not necessarily a cold front, but it sure beats 105º! They, luckily, had a site for us even though we were a few days early. I had tried calling them several times on the way, but kept getting a fast "circuit"  busy. Turns out, they had a medical emergency in the park earlier and their phones were out of commission while that was going on.

We'll be here for 3 weeks while we explore all that the Black Hills have to offer. Stay tuned...

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Glad you got out of the terrible heat. It's not even 105 here but 92 is way too much for me. Looking forward to the Black Hills.

  2. Glad you made it aaaaallll the wwwaaaayyy to SD. Kind of a long trip for you two! Glad you found some cooler temps. Have fun in SD!!!

  3. I can't wait to see your adventures. We're hoping to spend a few days in the Black Hills Badlands as we pass through on our way to do Sugarbeets.

  4. We loved our short time in the Black Hills as we zoomed across America. Glad you will take us back at a SLOWER pace;o))

  5. Whew! You had me worried with the 100F temp there for a minute! Have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Dakotas; looking forward to seeing our future "home state" through your eyes.

  6. If it wasn't for that evil winter thing, I'd never leave the Balck Hills, probably my favorite place to visit in the whole country. Enjoy!

  7. Black Hills are definitely on our "places we must go" list! But a must in the summer months! Safe travels.

  8. Sounds like the excitement took over ' glad you had safe travel. Can't wait for the pics and adventure stories ..Enjoy life!!

  9. glad you arrived safe and sound...can't wait to see pics...and follow along..


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