Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Found a Little Piece of Heaven Very Close By…

When hitch itch hits, you know it's time to go on down the road. We really did not want to leave the area yet. We were enjoying Santa Fe and our next destination, Colorado, was still a bit too cold to our liking. And it was still snowing there! We had enjoyed our time at Santa Fe Skies, but we were looking for something a little less congested with a little more nature surrounding us instead of city. This is a big park and it's very popular, particularly on the weekends. It's friendly, well-cared for and they are very environmentally conscious. They have installed hundreds of solar panels and supply the majority of their own power. Impressive. Had it not been for the fact that I accidentally happened upon a COE park close by, we would have stayed at Santa Fe Skies another week.

How this park, Cochiti Lakes, escaped my radar earlier is beyond me. When I search for a campground, I normally search for state, federal, COE parks etc. first. If I have no success there, I go to Passport America. I use extensively looking for good places to stay. Full price, commercial parks are always the last on my list. It's not that I'm cheap. OK, I'm cheap, but we both really like the state and national parks much more than commercial parks. The sites are usually much larger and you're surrounded by nature instead of industry. Like I said, I don't know how I missed the fact that there was a COE park so close by but I did.

With our week at an end at Santa Fe Skies, we packed up Tuesday and headed down the road... for 25 miles.  Yup. You read that right. 25 miles :) This makes the trip our shortest yet. It was farther to the Freightliner shop back in March to get Lucy's annual oil change and maintenance done!

Cochiti Lakes is located between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, about 5 miles off of I-25 and within the boundaries of the Pueblo de Cochiti Indian Reservation. The location couldn't be more perfect. And the campground couldn't be more beautiful. There are 4 loops, 2 of which are primitive for tenting and boondocking. These sites are small. The other 2 loops are for RV's with the oldest, Juniper, designed mostly for smaller rigs. There are a couple sites that a 40' RV could probably make work. We are in the new loop, Buffalo Grove, which opened in 2010. The sites are all large, level, paved, 50 amp and water with unbelievable views. This loop stays full, especially weekends, all season. We just happened to luck out and someone cancelled, so we scooped up site 63 for 10 days. Using my newly acquired Senior Park Pass, the price was right, too, at $10/night! For you non-seniors, that would be $20 :) There are some definite advantages to age :)

(The arrow is pointing to Lucy)


Yes, once again, I think we're going to like it here :) Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. What a great find; we're anxious to be able to stay at COE parks and the like; none around our area now.

  2. Wow - looks like a very nice place to spend 10 days! Enjoy!!

  3. EXACTLY what you said about how you look for campsites and why you like COEs, Federal and State Parks more. We are the very SAME wave length. I'm writing this one down for sure sinceyou have made me more than aware of how much I'd like Santa Fe. Thanks!

  4. Wow...What a find. What's not to like:o))

    Can't wait to see what you find in the next 10 days!!

  5. Since you will be in the area -check out Bandelier National Monument, Taos is also a cool town beautiful scenic drive between there and SF. In ABQ check out Sadies for some NM food- used to be in a bowling alley

  6. Beautiful park. And the price is certainly right. Is electric include with the price or do you pay extra?

    1. Electric is included. All COE parks give a 50% discount to holders of the senior pass. Most do not have sewer though, so you have to conserve and/or go dump midway through your stay. They are some of the most beautiful parks we've ever stayed at and always on a lake :)

  7. Hope you rested up after your L-O-N-G journey to the COE. ;-)

    Looks like a nice place!


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