Friday, May 25, 2012

First Impressions of La Veta, Colorado

We had a beautiful drive to Colorado yesterday.


The highlight of the trip was going through La Veta Pass. Well, at least it was for me :) Rick said “Thank God for the engine brake!” :) Gorgeous but steep!


We arrived at the I Love Lucy RV Park in La Veta, CO yesterday afternoon.


After having spent the past month in COE and State parks, we took a chance on this small little park right on the edge of  town in La Veta. While researching parks in this area, I just couldn't resist taking Lucy to Lucy's :) The park is small and the sites are close together but the owners are warm and friendly, the view is excellent and we were made to feel right at home.


Rick was looking forward to having TV again as we'd gone without for the previous week at Abiquiu Lake. Well, we do have TV signal here...4 channels...all in Spanish :) Nothing against PBS. They have some excellent programming. It's just not what he had in mind :) We have not been able to justify the expense of satellite since the majority of the time (95%+) we either have free cable or can pull in several off air stations. Of course, we haven't spent any time in the west until now either. If this continues, I imagine we'll justify it one way or another :)

Poppy growning on the side of the street downtown

One of the first things we noticed here at Lucy's were the 2 deer grazing on the lawn of the house across the street. We were told to expect them to come graze by us also and to keep and eye out for the bears that also like to come visit :) Fine with me as long as I'm inside when the bears show up!


After setting up and getting a bite to eat, we took a walk around town. La Veta is only around 1000 people, so you can walk to anything. This is a very cute little town, artsy and friendly.


We were told that if we wanted to check out a book or video at the library to just come on in, pick out what we wanted and give them our name. That was about it...pretty easy :)

We checked out Main Street and then some of the side streets, many of which are not even paved. The locals call it "character" :)  We eventually spotted a cute little building across the street that said "Wine" and "Open" so we walked over to check it out. Imagine that :)

I borrowed this picture from their website as I neglected to take one of my own. No, there is no longer snow here. It's 75 and sunny!

It was a little place, Deerprint  Wine and Bistro,  that served wine by the bottle or glass along with a short menu of cheese plates, hummus and chocolate. It was small and cozy inside but because it was gorgeous outside, the owner led us around back to a charming patio area. We visited with him for awhile and shared a really good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. It was a wonderful way to wind down on travel day. We may just have to go back another day while we're here :)


The park is filling up with Memorial Day Weekenders. Soon we’ll be sitting pretty tight in here :) Today, we are staying close to home. I have a weeks worth of laundry to do and Rick has a project of his own in progress.


He has the dash of the Jeep torn apart so he can replace our radio/CD player. The CD player on the old one no longer worked so when he found a good deal on one online, he had it shipped here to Lucy’s so he could install it while we were here. It was waiting for him when we arrived. Looks like it’s going to be a ‘most of the day’ job :)

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Looks like a neat place to explore! I agree you needed to take Lucy to Lucy's! How fun!!

  2. Sounds like a nice little town except for the lack of TV:)

  3. I love Lucy at I Love Lucy RV Park. What fun!! Sounds like they do love her. Cute town. Good choice for flying blind.

  4. Lucy at Lucy's...of course. I think the bear in the park will keep the snakes away. :-)

    1. The only way those bears will keep the snakes away is if Nancy comes and helps! :)

  5. Nancy will be right there!!! Just need to wait until the bears eat the snakes;o))

    Have fun and report back...we are loving your trip!!

  6. Get used to dirt roads in me! Its all fun though, and love your pictures. Memorial Day here is busy too...just finished checking in over 40 campsites this afternoon!

  7. Well it's only fitting that Lucy should check into the I Love Lucy RV Park. Be careful of the bears -- yikes!

  8. You guys are having a blast. Sounds wonderful. I would love to visit that little town. Have a fun weekend.

  9. It won't be long we'll follow in your tracks. We'll be headed that direction June 14. Sounds like fun at Lucy's. We'll stay tuned.

  10. All you need to complete your stay at the "I Love Lucy" RV Park is a DVD of the "Long, Long Trailer" to watch :-)))

  11. Nice that you could toast the fine workings of the exhaust brake. They sure make driving easier.

    Interesting area, and what better name for the park than Lucy?


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