Monday, April 23, 2012

Travel Day to Fort Stockton, TX-The Long and Lonesome Highway :)

We left Triple T RV Resort in Kerrville TX today and drove 252 miles on I-10 to Fort Stockton TX.


Shortly after leaving Kerrville and heading west on I-10 we saw a change in speed limit.


Lucy is very capable of driving that speed, but our pocket book told us to keep it at 65 :)


The road is long and there's not much traffic.

We went from the beautiful Hill Country to rocky terrain to a flatter, mostly colorless terrain.


It doesn’t matter the terrain, there’s still wildflowers everywhere :)



When there were no wildflowers, there were blooming cacti.



Wind is a major factor out here, although today, with the exception of an occasional gust, it wasn't bad.


We pulled into Fort Stockton RV Park at 2:20 PM.




I think we timed our arrival perfectly. There was no one waiting when we arrived. We checked in and got settled in our site.


Within 30 minutes, the RV's started arriving, one right after the other. Sometimes, there was 3 or 4 arriving at once. This has gone on all afternoon and now, into the evening. What was a fairly empty park when we arrived is quickly filling up. Quite the popular place. One of the reasons this place is so popular must be their onsite restaurant, the Roadrunner CafĂ©. They serve breakfast and dinner daily at very reasonable prices. That’s a nice perk after traveling several hours and we took advantage for dinner tonight. We both had the ribs and they were very good.

We'll head out tomorrow morning turning off of I-10 and going NW on US 285 into New Mexico. Our first destination will be the Carlsbad area. We’ll spend a few days there exploring the area before moving on. See you from there.

Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. you are pretty much going the same path I think we will end up on when we leave here in Canyon Lake... the heat dome headed our way may keep us here another day or two though...

    1. If it's comfortable there, I'd delay a few days. It's supposed to be 97 here tomorrow and 101 on Wednesday. Then it will cool a little :)

  2. Drove that same route about a month ago, I kept it at a lower speed, too. Carlsbad and Roswell and great areas to visit.

  3. Send some warm weather our way! Although not nearly as bad as the NE, we're chilly! Brrrr...we already know we need to stay in FL longer next year! Safe travels.

  4. We have spent most of our full timing driving back and forth on that long lonesome highway :). You can cool off in the caverns- remember it's a dry heat :)

  5. Aside from the impact on the pocketbook, I find the wheel handles best between 60 and 65. And that's my comfort range.

  6. I like those long empty roads. Can't imagine going that fast in a MH. Stay cool!

  7. Ouch....over 100. Now that's hot, dry or no dry. :-)

    Looks like you had a pretty easy drive and got to your spot at the exact right time. Those are the kinds of drives I like best.


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