Saturday, April 7, 2012

More of the Hill Country, Alamo, Riverwalk and Comments

Today completes our first week of two here at Potter’s Creek COE. We’ve mixed our week up  with down time interspersed with sight-seeing. There’s a lot to see in this area but we don’t like to just go, go, all the time. We need our down time :)

After our trip to Gruene on Monday (last post), we spent Wednesday in New Braunfels. There is a lot of German heritage in that area, so we couldn’t miss lunch in one of their German restaurants. We went to Friesenhaus. Schnitzel anyone?



We each chose a different “schnitzel” to try. It had been quite awhile since we’d had German food and enjoyed it.

Thursday and Friday were down days with just a run to the grocery and a couple of good walks around the campground. It’s really filled up around here for the Easter weekend but, surprisingly, everyone has been quiet. There are a lot of families here but everyone seems to be well-mannered, obey the rules, no rowdiness…wish that were always the case on holidays :)

This morning, we took off for downtown San Antonio to see the Alamo and enjoy the Riverwalk. We had the (misguided, I think) idea that it would be less busy downtown on a weekend than during the week :) If this was less busy, I’d hate to see it otherwise!

The Alamo grounds and buildings (there are only 2 left) are absolutely beautiful. I wasn’t expecting that. I had always heard that there wasn’t much to see, just an old deteriorating building and not much else. But this was a nicely landscaped property and I found it beautiful.


Script on the base of the memorial (click to enlarge)


The Alamo



A really big tree in the middle of one of the gardens :)


Rear of the Alamo building


More of the gardens


Daughters of the Republic of Texas LibraryP1010341

Sorry for all the photos but there are more coming :) Once we left the Alamo, we headed to the Riverwalk. There were several restaurants and shops/boutiques to check out.


There were tour boats…


and water taxis.


But we just walked


And walked.


Back and forth, taking it all in.


Until we finally pooped out


And decided to stop and get something to eat.


By that time, we were a bit warm and taking pictures of what we ate and drank was the furthest thing from my mind :)


But I can tell you we each had 2 huge glasses of ice water, a beer and chicken quesadillas :)

We headed home tired and full.  Next week we’ll take in a few more things.


On another note, I have changed my comments section to “embedded” after reading Erin’s post. This should allow me to respond to your comments in a thread-like format. We could even get some conversations going :)  It may not be necessary most of the time, but sometimes people ask questions or make comments, like Jeff and Stella did on my last post. It would be nice to be able to respond personally to you.  If you have a problem leaving a comment, please contact me, using the contact me link on the left-hand side of my Blogger Profile and let me know. I’m hoping this will make things easier for all of us.

Wishing each and everyone of you a very Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. We have fond memories of San Antonio. Visited there only once, but would love to go back. Enjoyed the river walk, and the Alamo, too. I was surprised that the grounds were so beautifully kept, too! Thanks for sharing.

  2. You can never have too many photos for me;o))

    What a wonderful day!! I was stationed near San Antonio back in the late 60's and it sure did not look like that. The Alamo was just a building and the Riverwalk was just a walk. Have to go back and see all the beautiful changes.

  3. Wonderful post. Neil and I were there in 2008, it is definitely on our list of places to return too! Have a blessed Easter.

  4. Thanks for the shout out. Mui had occasion to visit San Antonio and visit the Riverwalk and always mentions how much he enjoyed it. He has promised to take me there when we finally get to the area ... and I'm going to hold him to it! I've always enjoyed a good schnitzel ... perhaps because we have it so rarely. The best one to date was at a restaurant in Winnipeg that specialized in German cuisine.

    1. This is my first opportunity to "reply" since changing my settings. Thanks for the tip. I think I'm going to like this.

  5. Love German food! I'm keeping track of all the suggestions from everyone (but me) who's been to San Antonio. Not sure when I'll get there but I'll have them.

    I'm thinking of changing my comments to embedded too. But I wonder if folks ever come back to check and see if the poster replied? I have been just emailing folks who leave a question but it would be nice for others to be able to see the answer. Hmmmmm what to do, what to do. Life is full of such BIG decisions. :-)))))

  6. That German food looks delicious!

    We're looking forward to checking out the Alamo and Riverwalk as well. We'll let you know whether it's any less crowded during the week.

  7. Will we ever get to go to the River Walk? You betcha! Don't know when, but we will check it out when we finally get out there.

  8. San Antonio and River Walk have been on our bucket list forever. Can't wait to see one day. Thanks for the beautiful picures!

    Bruce and Laura

  9. I love your pictures. We will be there shortly and plan to visit the same places. It just makes me want to get there sooner.

    Safe travels.

    Ira and Vicky

  10. Hi Gail!
    I'm in San Antonio right now! My husband and I have a marriage retreat. We got to do the river walk and it's beautiful. We ate at Mi Tierra, great Mexican food. Loved your pictures!

    1. Nancy, thanks for taking the time to comment! Hope you're both enjoying your time here. We have enjoyed it very much. Please give our love to my Aunt Lu when you see her again. Take care and safe travels home.

  11. We love San Antonio!! It is a beautiful city with so much to see and do. We did the water taxi when we were last there and it was wonderful. Have fun!!


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