Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Fun Afternoon With Friends

Since our foray into downtown San Antonio last Saturday, we’ve been quietly hanging close to home, doing “domestic” things like laundry, packing up and going to the dump station :) , grocery shopping, cooking etc. None of those things are very exciting, but somebody has to do them!

After a few days of that though, it’s time to have some fun! We had received word from our friends Mike and Terri, that they had arrived in the area last week and we made plans to get together on Wednesday.

We joined them at The Dodging Duck Brewhaus in downtown Boerne (pronounced Bernie) for some lunch and conversation. It was so good to see them! The last time we met was in Louisa, VA last May. They looked great. They are also full-time RVers and it’s apparent the lifestyle agrees with them :)

2012-04-11 13.12.00

We all ordered something different and everyone enjoyed their meals. Rick and Terri each had a different Panini, one with salad, one with soup. I had the turkey, bacon and avocado hoagie with a salad. It was wonderful!

2012-04-11 13.26.36

Mike was in the mood for sausage so ordered their sausage plate which came with sauerkraut, served cold, which we all found odd, but he said it was good. Along with wedges of cheese, he also got a big ole pretzel! Guess that was his bread portion :)

2012-04-11 13.28.01

Overall, I’d definitely eat here again!

Even better than the food was the company. We chatted long after we finished eating. We finally gave them back their table and took a walk through the quaint little downtown area. We stopped at a couple of shops and browsed but none of us had the burning desire to make a purchase :) We finally found a park bench and continued our visit, sharing stories of our travels, adventures and misadventures.

We ended our day together at the Boerne Grill for fresh homemade ice cream. YUM!

ice cream 

After a quick stop at the store for a couple of birthday cards, we made it home just in time for American Idol :) It was a great day! Thanks for stopping by. Turtle


  1. Bill would kill to have a lunch of soft pretzels;o))) It is his favorite food group!

    Fun to see RV-Dreamers meeting and having a good time!!

  2. Good food and good friends -- it was a wonderful day!! Hope we'll get to see you again before you leave the area.

  3. Hope so too! Will be in touch over the weekend :)

  4. It's always great to get together with RV buddies...and the food looks good too.

  5. looks like you had a great day with friends...always nice to get together with other rvers...

  6. What fun for the 4 of you. Wish we could have been along especially for the ice cream. Now that's MY favorite food group!

  7. Wow! The ingredients of your day were the same that make my day fastastic. Good food, especially ice cream, good friends, San Antonio and American Idol! What a day indeed!


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