Friday, March 9, 2012

New House Batteries for Lucy, Extending Our Stay

We have extended our stay here at Estes RV Resort to April 1st. We did this for several reasons. First, our original departure date was March 15, which is a Thursday. Our next destination is a COE park north of San Antonio. We don’t like going through large cities during the week, if we can avoid it. April 1st is a Sunday; the perfect time to drive right through San Antonio on our way :) Second, February was cool and rainy. March is warmer and we’re hoping to get in some good beach days before we leave. Our hope is to also get in some kayaking, but the wind is always rather brisk here making that difficult. But, you never know. Thirdly, we are very fond of March Madness and we have cable here :)

We also put down a deposit on a site here for next winter. Same park but a different site. Many of our friends have tried to talk us into Florida for next winter, but we really like this area. We are very close to the Gulf and the price is right. The temperatures are pleasant, not hot and humid like southern Florida. I like nice and warm, but not hot. We get nice and warm, but being right on the gulf, we get the breezes to make it more comfortable. So far, we’ve only used our air conditioning once this winter. I imagine we’ll have to use it more as March progresses but it’s been nice just opening windows and enjoying the breeze.

Now that we’re in our last month here, it’s time to start taking care of some of the things we planned to do while here and have been putting off :) One of those things was washing and waxing Lucy. She’s still waiting :) Another was to replace her 4 house batteries as they were on their last legs. That was done last Saturday.

Rick surveying the job at hand. Each battery weighs 63 pounds. Ouch!



It doesn’t sound like changing out 4 batteries would be a big deal, but when you look at all the wires and hoses, it looks like a spaghetti farm!


First thing he did was color code…everything!


Our friend Darrell was there to give a helping hand. I chose to stay out of the way and went grocery shopping :)


What makes this harder, is the fact that we do not have a battery tray and we cannot add a battery tray because there is no room. In fact, there is barely room for the batteries. They are in there tight! In order to get them in and out requires kneeling down and reaching into the bay. I was very afraid Rick would hurt his back, but he made it through fine.

The old batteries are finally out.


The new batteries waiting to be installed.


About this time, I got back from the store and watched for awhile but it was distracting to them so I went back inside after taking a couple more photos.  Everything must be carefully reconnected exactly the same way to avoid any major shorts and/or shocks.

And the new are in!


The only thing left to do was reload the old batteries and take them back to the store for disposal and return of the core deposit we were charged.

One thing crossed off our list. More to come. Thanks for stopping by.Turtle


  1. Hopefully next winter is much like this winter for you. I know in Florida it was warmer than normal. The manatees did not have to seek warm water this year, most winters they have to spend times at springs or power plants to warm up. We spent much of the winter in Port St. Lucie, Florida and had many days in the low 80s. But most days were not humid.

  2. Nice job on the batteries, Rick!!

    When you find a place you like, at a price you like, for the amount of time you like, it is a no-brainer!! At least we will see you in November, if not before!!

    Hope the winds die down and you get out to paddle:o)

  3. I had thought a lot about south Texas for this winter. But last year I watched the temperatures in Southern Florida, Texas and Arizona. Texas had the coldest temperatures.

    But the price for staying at Estes by the month is AMAZING and its location looks great so I may have to reconsider what's happening next winter.

    Of course all is dependent on how things go with treatment but plans make the future seem more certain.

  4. Now I know where my favorite food come from...the spaghetti farm! Not only are the batteries heavy, but they make the wallet so much lighter. Enjoy March Madness.

  5. I love the Rockport area, I felt very much at home there.

  6. Replacing the batteries is on our list too ... they still have plenty of life in them ... as long as we're not boondocking, but we want to try our hand at that at some point so we're thinking AGM batteries would be good thing to have. Thanks for the 'how to' post ... Mui's thinking he'll probably do the swap out himself and it's always useful to see how others have gone about getting the job done.

  7. We are still planning on Florida but we may come through in February.

  8. Glad you found a place you really like. This lifestyle is all about doing what's right for you!

    Bruce and Laura

  9. looks like a very nice place to hang out for a bit! But....still wish we could hang out in FL next winter! Oh well - 'tis what it is and at least we'll have plenty of time in November for the CC meeting!

  10. Glad to see you're "all juiced up" now! ;c)

  11. That sounds like a great place to winter and can understand why you'd like to return next year. Hope the wind eases up for you so you can get in some kayaking.


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